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Music by Nick Rattigan

Current Joys is the music project of Nick Rattigan


I'm in a Indie style band, we play mostly stuff like The Strokes, Franz Ferdinand, Beatles, Oasis, The Kooks, etc. I'm buying a new guitar and i really dont know wich one should i buy, i was thinking about an Epiphone Casino, or maybe a Telecaster or a strat, but not really sure, i also have a terrible strat from yamaha and a good metal guitar from ESP (wich is in no way appropriate for this kind of music) I'm not looking for something really expensive, but i can spend some money (500-600 bucks)
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Internet tele-casinos may be newest bet for yakuza groups

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/r/worldnews [removed] Internet tele-casinos may be newest bet for yakuza groups.

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[QUESTION] What Should I Buy Next After A Fender 65’ Deluxe Reverb

I have a Deluxe Reverb Reissue that I’ve been using as my only amp for about 2 years , and I’m ready to get another amp, I’m not looking for a replacement but rather something to contrast it that could serve a different and useful purpose. I mainly play a Tele, Casino and Les Paul, usually all bright clean tone , sometimes doing medium/ heavy overdrive and fuzz but never any super high distortion. I gig but I will also be playing quite a lot at bedroom levels. Open to any suggestions around £1000 (I’m preferably looking for a combo)
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Epiphone Casino or Fender Tele?

Trying to round out my collection, I have room for one more on my wish list.
What should it be? A Tele or a Casino?
I already have:
Les Paul Custom American Strat Vintage 345 Paul Reed Smith + Acoustics.
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[QUESTION] Why are 99% of guitars, regardless of brand, the same familiar shapes? (Strat, Tele, Les Paul, or Casino/335)

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31 People at Casino Night right now - Tele to Virtue Oasis

Bunny races, raffle, craps, musical chairs and more all going on right now.
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The ladies are finally resting and looking good! From left to right: Epi les Paul cherry burst, epi les Paul standard, Epi Casino Coupe, Fender modern player Tele (5way pickup switch), and Squier tele Custom HH with Gibson humbuckers.

The ladies are finally resting and looking good! From left to right: Epi les Paul cherry burst, epi les Paul standard, Epi Casino Coupe, Fender modern player Tele (5way pickup switch), and Squier tele Custom HH with Gibson humbuckers. submitted by geraguti to guitars [link] [comments]

[GEAR][QUESTION] Trade MIM Tele for Epi Casino/ Bigsby?

Hey all,
I recently saved up and bought a used MIM telecaster this past summer. It is my only electric. I sometimes check my local craigslist hoping to catch some steals.
I came across someone looking to trade their Epiphone Casino w/Bigsby for a Fender.
Now I love my new tele, don't get me wrong, but I haven't fallen in love with it. It's useful and really well built. Maybe I just haven't had enough jam time with it.
However, I've always been interested in Casino style guitars. I'm a big Beatles fan and other bands with similar sounds like Dr. Dog, etc. Should I consider this trade for the long run? Or at least go play his guitar and see how it feels?
Or would the tele just be more versatile for me for now, having only one electric? Are MIM Fenders regarded as higher quality guitars than Epiphones?
Sorry for all the questions haha
Here is the craigslist post w/pic:
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What’s a good guitar to compliment a Jazzmaster?

Just wondering since the Jazzmaster is my all time favourite guitar, what are some guitars than compliment it for rhythm?
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My divorce drained me

I’m a 42f whose divorce was just finalized in October. It started in April 2018. When it first started, I couldn’t wait to move on. I moved out in June 2018, got my own apartment, furnished it how I wanted, and absolutely loved being on my own. As the divorce dragged on though, I became increasingly depressed. I was forced to jump through hoops to prove I was overcoming my drinking problem. I was in school getting my bachelors degree when it started and graduated in September 2018. I make more money than my ex (he is on disability) so I have to pay him child support and spousal support, plus a large chunk of my 401k. This especially upsets me because he spent my tuition reimbursement from my employer at the casino. He also spent his 2 year retro payment at the casino. I am now 50k in debt for student loans, I’m still on the mortgage for the house I don’t live in (he has 6 months to refi) and I have my own rent and utilities to pay for. The courts let him win because we were married for 21 years. I haven’t been the breadwinner for that long but they only care about the last 6 years or so. I have to pay him $57k + gains from my 401 so he can sit on his ass and continue to gamble my money away. I have lost interest in nearly everything I loved before. I was waiting for the divorce to make me feel better but it’s only gotten worse. And to top things off my pay was cut recently because I apparently was getting shift differential when I shouldn’t have been (which I had no way of knowing, it’s not broken out on my check), and I wasn’t even told (not just me, half the plant , ~200 people). I am struggling to make myself do simple things like the dishes, which haven’t been done in months. I was going to discuss my medication levels with my doctor at my appointment in October, but she rescheduled it to February. It was rescheduled the week before, even though she knew she wasn’t going to be there that day due to Covid when I had a tele-visit with her in September. I am beyond stressed and I don’t know how to cope. My boyfriend’s sons are coming in from out of town for Christmas and my place is a wreck. I’ve decided I’m taking tomorrow off so I can catch up on sleep and work on my apartment, but I probably won’t make a big enough dent. I just don’t know what to do any more.
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Cara Main Super Bull Agen SentanaPoker

Juragan99 - Cara Main Super Bull Agen SentanaPoker - Ad beberapa cr yg di perguna kan utk bermain Niu-Niu Pkr. Krt Jtu akn mencoba membahas game in sblm rilis di tahun ini, 2019. Game bru yg akn. Dpt di main kan olh slrh pemain aktif IDNPlay kli in mmng sudah menarik minat sejumlah pemain besar.
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Cara Main Super Bull Agen SentanaPoker

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[Question] semi-hollow/Hollowbody shopping advice

Hey folks. I’ve been playing guitar casually for 10+ years but recently settled back into it during quarantine. Playing an MIM strat right now and looking to purchase a semi hollow or Hollowbody for myself. Willing to spend up to 2k on the guitar, although it almost seems like 1500-2000 is a no-Man’s land in terms of value.
I like phish/Trey Anastasio a lot and definitely would love to have a languedoc (out of my price range) or languedoc style guitar. It seems that no mainstream production guitars have quite the same fully hollow construction as the languedoc, but I’ll settle for any sort of semi or Hollowbody. For whatever reason I don’t love the look of Gretsch guitars, and don’t need or particularly want a Bigsby/trem. Planning on going to play them in person soon before I buy anything. With that said here are the guitars I’ve seen online and liked and some thoughts.
Squier Classic vibe Starcaster- way under what I was prepared to spend but feels closest to the spirit of the guitar I want within price range (without going custom). Great reviews and it looks cool. Dual volume/tone knobs is a nice thing to have for me -$400
Guild starfire- a bit hesitant about the full ES-335 shape for comfort, but we’ll see when I play it - $1150
PRS SE Hollowbody II: would love if it had 4 knobs like the more expensive version does. Otherwise seems like a pretty ideal guitar in terms of quality and comfort (I like the belly cut)- $1200
Eastman t386 and t486- another ES-335 shape, will have to see how comfortable it is. The sub seems to love them. - $1250-1450
PRS S2 custom 22 semi hollow- idk about this one but it’s within the price range and sort of fits my specs. Can anybody speak to what differences I’d see between this guitar and the SE Hollowbody that justify the price leap? Should I just stick with the SE if I want the PRS? ~$1800
Im aware of the RM Olson Ollandoc, but I’m a bit hesitant to go for the custom route. I’ve seen the revered semi hollows and the Godin 5th ave as well but don’t love the look of those. I’ve also thought about fender Thinline Tele but I’m not sure it’s quite what I want.
So does anybody have brand/model recommendations or thoughts on the models I’ve currently listed? The models I like the most are the Starcaster and the PRS SE HB. How much “better” of a guitar do I get in the PRS and will I be annoyed that it doesn’t have 4 knobs? What should I pay attention to when I play the guitars in person? Would love to hear what people think or waste some time exploring new options. Thank you!
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Vanilla Network - staking / P2P betting dApps

During my usual uniswap listing scope, I come across an interesting project, that for once I liked the look of. If you're partial to the uniswap 'gem' hunting, then like myself and the rest of the frogs and apes on CT. You'd know there are a lot of potential scams, frauds and copy pasta's. So, here i was looking at a well developed UI and .... a NON ANON team, well "defi me sideways and call me sally". That in itself is a rarity.
The main functionality of the project is a staking / rewards metric for investors that stake into the ecosystem.
There is also a release to come in December. The release of the betting platform. Where you can use tele/discord to bet on the price of other assets between community members. Also a platform on the UI containing somewhat of a casino approach. With divs going back to stakers.
Fascinating project with a lot of upside potential.
All runs on a Deflationary model. Circulating supply is 450k burning down to 100k
twitter review unicrypt liq-lock staking platform
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Trying to find Les Paul but they feel weird to me?

Posted a thread a few weeks ago about my next guitar, but need some help. I was deciding whether to focus on adding a Strat, Tele, or Les Paul. Went to Guitar Center and tried a few of each. The Strats weren't really right for me -- I didn't really like the feel or the tone. I didn't think I'd like the Teles as much as I did, but I really liked the way it felt. Simple and tough and fun. However, I liked the tones I got from the Les Pauls more. (All into a Fender Pro Jr.)
BUT all the Les Pauls I tried felt weird. I tried a Standard, a Traditional, and a 50s Standard. Didn't like the Standard; didn't mind the non-weight relieved models from a weight perspective. What I didn't like were the ergonomics. The damn things just felt weird to me. I didn't realize how small the body would be, and even though I'm used to Gibson scale length, the neck also felt smaller than the SG or Casino I have. It just felt awkward to me, in a way the Tele and Strat didn't, even though it took some adjusting to play those too. I played the Traditional for a while, and it didn't feel "right."
I know everyone's different, but I feel like I must be missing something if I can't even get comfortable playing a Les Paul. Anyone else experienced this? I'm wondering if I'd be happier with an ES model if I want that vintage PAF sound, but that feels like it could be too similar to the Casino. Or I wonder if I should go for a Tele since I liked that. I'm worried that the scale length will hold me back as I have only normal-sized hands.
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On her majesty's cardiology service: or, how I learned to stop worrying and love the poisoning scene in "Casino Royale" (2006)

The recent post about medical inaccuracies in film inspired me to share my favorite bad medical movie scene: the poisoning sequence from Casino Royale. Watch it here.
I love this scene so much because unlike most movie-medicine that is not even reality-adjacent, this one has a bunch of details that reflect a sincere attempt at research, yet the end result is still ludicrous/bad. It is as if the screenwriters excitedly mined Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine for "realistic" ideas, but then didn't run their script past a medical consultant. Let's break it down:
Again, this is a true classic that I encourage everyone to watch soon.
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prediksi raja toto88

prediksi raja toto88 adalah situs bandar togel dan casino online terbaik dan terjamin. proses cepat dan tanpa bertele tele. pembayaran aman dan terjamin
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bandar togel terbaik

Rajatoto88 adalah situs bandar togel terbaik dan casino online terbaik dan terjamin. proses cepat dan tanpa bertele tele. pembayaran aman dan terjamin
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Friday 3/27 - Notes: Rhode Island - COVID-19 Press Conf. w/ Gov. Raimondo

*** Notes from Friday, March 27 - 1:00pm ***

Governor Raimondo

Dr. Alexander-Scott

press conference is complete and notes updated 2:14pm

COVID-19 Hotline: 401-222-8022


COVID-19 Recovery Fund



Disclaimer: I am not a journalist nor am I a health professional. I am simply a citizen attempting to break down the Governor's and RIDOH daily press briefing the best I can and make it easily digestible.
I am not affiliated with the state or any of the corporations or non-profit organizations that may be linked in this posting.
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Question: Which Electric to add to Casino, SG w/P90s, and Rickenbacker 360/12?

The guitars listed in the title are the three I have, all bought used. I find that the SG is surprisingly versatile and that the Casino sounds great as a lead guitar with some amp distortion. (I have an AC15.) I record with my drummer far more often than I gig, so I’m looking for something that adds a little more color to the palette for recording. You can probably guess from the guitars, but I love the sounds of Revolver, late 60s Stones, Live at Leeds, early Heartbreakers records, as well as The Beach Boys and Dylan’s first electric albums. I feel like I have great options for distortion and midrange sneer in the SG and Casino, and am looking at the following for my purchase. (Budget is about 3500):
70th Anniversary Broadcaster Reissue - I love the tones on this and feel like I should have a Fender on hand. But I’m also worried the tones I like are too similar to the ones I have, and that I won’t use the “clean twang” that much. Maybe I would if it’s there? Have played regular Teles and thought they were fun, honest guitars.
1960s American Original Strat - I love the sound and the vibe. It produces a lot more sounds than the Broadcaster. On the other hand, I’m so happy with the Casino and SG for lead work; they suit my abilities (think somewhere between Keith Richards and the McCartney Taxman solo). I’m not sure where I’d use a Strat in recording, and for gigs, I’d more likely use the SG.
Used 58/59/60/57 Les Paul: Visually, this is the guitar I’ve always wanted, and if I get one, I want one of the historic reissues. I’ve played these before and I loved the feel. It felt worth the price. I also love the sounds. But, again, I’m worried that an SG or Casino, appropriately dialed in, will get me really close to LP with PAFs.
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Unknown links are censored to prevent spreading illicit content.
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[GEAR], [DISCUSSION] You find out quarantine will last forever. You're given 3 guitars. You can choose the 4th

Let's say you find out you never get to leave the house again. That's too depressing. Instead, you're being sent to the desert isle people are always hypothetically sent to. You have a Stratocaster, a Telecaster, and a Gibson Les Paul. These are models you like and can afford, whether that means the original David Gilmour Strat that you paid a zillion dollars for, or the entry level Squier Bullet. Whatever the case, you have a Strat, a Tele, and an LP that you like.
What 4th electric guitar would you bring to the island to round out your guitar collection? Let's stipulate that you're not into shredding, and that you may or may not have notions of learning a little jazz guitar one of these days, and maybe a little fingerpicking. What would fill in the gaps left by the other 3 guitars? For that matter, what are the gaps? The reason I'm posting is that I'm in this situation. I'm itching to get another guitar. I do love the 3 electric guitars that I have, just not sure what to get next. The 335 (and knockoffs) would seem like an obvious answer, but that body just looks huge (and I also can't afford Gibson's price).
Bonus wish: the guitars I do have retail new in the $1500-$2000 range. It would be really awesome to find #4 at something closer to $600-$800. Thanks, gear aficionados.
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Casino (eredeti szinkron) A sivatag tele van lyukakkal ... Des OGM à CASINO JT Radio Télé Nouvelle Calédonie - YouTube Tele Cartagena Informativos - Noticia Teatralización ... La nonna sta facendo un casino pk il nonno non risponde a tele EXCLUSIVE: Crown Casino exposed. Sex trafficking, drugs ... Fender Vintera Teles - All The Models in One Review! - YouTube DES JEUX CASINO GRATUITS SANS TELECHARGEMENT SUR CASINO ... The Casinos - Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye (Long Version ...

Normalerweise spiele ich im Online Casino und ich wollte es eigentlich nur einmal ausprobieren in der DrückGlück Online Spielothek zu spielen. Ich habe es nicht erwartet gleich so mega-mäßig abzuräumen. Das wird heute mit einem Sekt gefeiert! Die Online Spielautomaten finde ich echt klasse.“ Jaqii121995, Gewinner des, Facebook-Freeroll-Turnier „Ich freue mich sehr über diesen Gewinn ... TeleVega Casino Review. TeleVega is an exciting online casino that opened its virtual doors in 2019. With a great selection of games, a modern website and a unique loyalty program with cashback and free spins, this brand new casino has a lot to offer. Join us as we take a closer look at TeleVega in our comprehensive casino review! A great welcome bonus and exclusive VIP rewards. As a new ... Casino Guru erblickte das Licht der Welt, als sich zwei in der Glücksspielbranche angestellte Programmierer dazu entschieden hatten, die beste und umfangreichste Casino-Bewertungsseite zu erstellen. Und um dieses Vorhaben auch zu verwirklichen, mussten ausschließlich Glücksspielexperten und Vollprofis in das Projekt eingebunden werden. Kurz gesagt: Wir wissen wirklich, wie Glücksspiele ... Our casino is jam-packed with hundreds of slots from top game providers. Scroll through our games lobby and discover the latest video slots from leading providers such as NetEnt, Pragmatic Play, Quickspin and many more. Whether you like high volatility slots with thrilling bonus features or classic slots with bars and bells, you can choose from a vast array of high-quality casino games. If you ... Auszahlung von Guthaben mit Tele2. Vollständige Liste von Live Casino, die Tele2 akzeptieren Tele2 ist sicher & geschützt Schnell & einfach [Aktualisiert am September 2020] Promo Géant Casino Télévision Dernier arrivage ⇒ Découvrez vite les meilleurs prix et réductions dans les prospectus Géant Casino. Telecasino LIVE aus dem Studio Zürich Eine Sendung von www.schweizer­web­fern­ Nächste Sendung: Telecasino am 08.01.2021 um 12:30 Uhr Aktuelle Telekom Angebote für Mobilfunk (5G/LTE), Festnetz und Internet, TV & mehr. Alles aus einer Hand: für zuhause & unterwegs. Erleben was verbindet! Manche Casino Betreiber bieten zwei unterschiedliche Methoden an: Das Bezahlen über die Handyrechnung oder/und das Bezahlen per Telefonrechnung. Der Unterschied ist hierbei simpel: Wenn Sie sich dazu entschieden, per Handyrechnung einzuzahlen, wird der Betrag über Ihre Handyrechnung verbucht. Entschieden Sie sich für die Telefonrechnung, wird es über Ihr normales Haustelefon, also Ihren ...

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