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Why aren’t rooftop bars/patios a thing in Vancouver (above 2-3 floor level)?

Travelled to Melbourne and a few other cities that had a culture of proper rooftop bars - ones on the top floor of large hotels (Brisbane), or other elevator-access rooftop bars with views.
It made me realize I’ve never seen anything like this in Vancouver, the closest example I can think of is Black + Blue’s “rooftop” patio (4th floor) on Alberni, and Guu Garden on Hornby.
Edit: More examples pointed out: Parq casino (restaurant/bar on 6th floor), Reflections at Hotel Georgia, Joe Fortes.
Is there a reason we don’t have more of these here, with proper views?
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The International 8 Pubstomps Thread

View this thread for the most up to date pubstomp list! This thread is updated everyday! Organizers, you can create an account and publish your event on if you plan to sell tickets, $0 fees promo for organizers
I tried to look for a pubstomp thread but couldn't find one so here it is! Usually Reservoir_cat creates this one but I haven't been able to get in touch with him/her. Here's the old TI7 and TI6 pubstomp threads.
There are a couple of threads made to ask for surveys/feedback/how-tos about pubstomps, feel free to PM me because I've organized several pubstomps in the past and partnered with sponsors such as RedBull, Logitech, GameVox, AMD, etc. as well and can offer a few tips and tricks!
Comment below with the country, city and description for your pubstomp, it helps a lot to include a link for additional details.
Country City Description
Australia Brisbane Event Link - Tickets $20 before 18/08, $25 after. Food and Drinks provided, giveaways and 1v1 tournament as well. luberk
Australia Melbourne Event Link - One amazing guy has rented a cinema in Melbourne, Australia if you feel like joining us at 3am! priorax
Australia Sydney Event Link - The same amazing guy that rented out a cinema in Melbourne, Australia has also rented out a cinema in Sydney, Australia if you feel like joining us at 3am.
Austria Vienna Event Link - HurghtRS
Belarus Minsk Event Link Official Secret Shop, bars , cosplay & sponspors giveaway. Velcom Cinema & Galileo Silver Screen RestorKa
Brazil Belo Horizonte Event Link - We will broadcast every game, including group stages, at WASD eSports Bar in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. For the finals we are planning a big event with giveaways and x1 with pros and semi-pros. The tickets are R$ 10,00 and you can check it out here. Urso_WASD
Brazil Porto Alegre Event Link - Venha assistir a final do The International 2018 ao vivo, em um telão, na Lends Club! Teremos comida, chopp e premios! Come watch The International 2018 finals on a big screen, at Lends Club! We'll have food, draft beer and prizes for atendees! esportsPOA
Canada London Event Link - We will once again host @ The Squire Pub & Grill in London, ON, CAD. RGBKnights
Canada Ottawa Event Link - At Click eSports Sat, 25 August 2018 12:00 PM – 8:00 PM EDT. Ticket types to only watch or to also use gaming PCs at same time (note that I am not the organizer) Cote-de-Bone
Canada Toronto - Join us again this year at the Cineplex Yonge and Dundas! We’ve always sold out every year for the pubstomp and the crowd is always awesome! Need more information? Information and tickets are on our event page and you can join the Canada Dota 2 group. Some ticket packages are limited in quantities, so if you can't purchase a specific ticket, it means that it has been sold out. chibista
Denmark Copenhagen Event Link - Cinema viewing party for the Lower Bracket Final and Grand Final of TI8 on 25. august 2018. 17:45-04:00 CET (or whenever it ends) with competitions, giveaways, free Coca-Cola at entrance, hosts, entertainment and a great atmosphere. Panel, interviews, and ceremony will all be broadcasted as well. OlLi_-
Estonia Tartu - Hey! I'm organising a pubstomp in Tartu, Estonia. No ticket and proper pub food at the pub Illegaard. More info can be found at our FB event. dekamano
Finland Helsinki - in co-operation with Aalto Gamers are organizing a viewing party in the Helsinki metropolitan area (Espoo, Otaniemi to be precise). You can get there very easily by metro from Helsinki. Come enjoy the final day of TI8 with us! There's gonna be pizza & soft drinks available for free + there's a grocery store and a grill close by to the venue phzgames
Finland Jyväskylä Event Link - There's one here organized by JeSSe Ry: Jyväskylä, Finland. Ilokivi onstage. Facebook link for the event: This is 18+ event. Hallunder
Germany Karlsruhe Event Link - Since we have successfully hosted Germany’s biggest Dota 2 public viewing for a couple of years now, we want to try meet the expectations this year once again. We will be broadcasting the grand finals on August 25th on the AKK tribune starting at 7pm. There, we want to collectively experience the biggest spectacle in this Dota 2 year with all the fans from near and far. Not only Dota 2 players but also DotA veterans, Dota 2 newbies and everyone who wants to get to know the phenomenon Dota are welcome to join us. spcemarine
Germany Regensburg Event Link - The 4th year in a row we are organizing the Dota TI finals public viewing in the old town of Regensburg. The event will take place at Picasso Regensburg. Starting time is 18:00 at the 25th of august. Like the last years the entrance is free, we have a pubquiz and MEGA Dota related drink specials. This year we also organized a Fotobox (thanks to the Gamerverein Regensburg) were you can take fotos with your favourite Dota heroes or even become one yourself! For further details you can look up the event page or contact us via facebook. Kryptondifluorid
Hong Kong Hong Kong Event Link - Location is still to be determined. Dota2 HK is hosting one on Grand Finals Day. Aug 25, 10pm HK Time. cybuster2
India Delhi NCR Event Link - Dota 2 Delhi pubstomp is back sunnydiv
Ireland Dublin Event Link - It's in the same pub as previous years. Strictly 18+ unfortunately. Hopefully can get added to the list. KC252
Netherlands Amsterdam Event Link - Confirmed to broadcast as many of the games as possible, even after official closing times. No Facebook event yet. Razorya
Netherlands Rotterdam Event Link - Pretty sure there is one in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. I'm not sure it's a "pubstomp" but they're supposed to be hosting something. justanothrunistudent
Russia Saint-Petersburg - Organizing pubstomp 6th time in awesome theatre with lounge zone, secret shop, 1x1 tournament and other stuff. Come to us on 25th of august finargot
Singapore Singapore Event Link - Singapore's one's at SAFRA Yishun, main atrium. Minimum spending of S$5 as per the post, for snacks pass. Cannot go because i booked a hotel somewhere else. nekosake2
Singapore Singapore Event Link - 2nd one is at Singtel Comcentre, with PMS nekosake2
South Africa Cape Town Event Link I think there's something happening in Cape Town (South Africa), I'm definitely gonna attend it :D meeposki
South Africa Johannesburg Event Link - Sparky_Naartjie
Sweden Stockholm - I'm not entirely sure, but I believe it's an 18+ event. burger_stand
Thailand Bangkok Event Link - Not sure if this counted as pubstomp but we are having one in Bangkok, Thailand. Sponsored by Lenovo Thailand. It will be hosted at Siam Pavalai Theatre on the 6th floor of Siam Paragon shopping mall. Aug 25-26 10pm-10 am local time. Rawinza555
Thailand Bangkok Event Link - Another BIGGEST PUBSTOMP in BKK THAILAND is held by INVATE, Esport Specialist in Thailand (The best Live Broadcasting), who will bring the best experience to all Dota 2 fans!! discotechssss
Ukraine Odessa Event Link - there is pubstomp in Odessa, Ukraine if anyone even cares
United Kingdom London Event Link - This event is pending and not finalized JawnisBritish
United Kingdom London - We are having one at the Carlsberg Esports bar in central London with free entry, food and drinks available and more to be announced. BanKseSports
United Kingdom Manchester Event Link - Over 18s only (they are Casino venues) epicWinbar
United Kingdom Newcastle-upon-Tyne Event Link - Over 18s only (they are Casino venues) epicWinbar
United Kingdom Reading South Event Link - Over 18s only (they are Casino venues) epicWinbar
USA Acton - Considering doing deals on pizza, apps, and Beer if we can get anyone out there. 85" TV and 6 TV'ss total in the sports bar. Pictures on Facebook. At this point its just me and my one friend. renorhino88
USA Baltimore Event Link - Hey, representing the Baltimore one as well! This event is 21+, food specials. It's the fourth year we've participated! Seanbiscuit
USA Chicago Event Link - If you're 18+ in Chicago and want to watch Grand Finals surrounded by fellow fans, come out to a FanHome hosted International watch party at Hi-Point, the gaming lounge of Highline in River North on Saturday, August 25th. Tickets are sold above, each ticket provides you entrance to the bar, food, giveaways from FanHome's beverage partner, and enters you into a raffle. Jayhawk2b
USA Cincinnati Event Link - I’m proud to announce the official TI8 Pubstomp this year in Cincinnati! I’ve been working with the owners of 16-Bit Bar+Arcade. We have a great venue setup, with our own reserved seating to accommodate however many people show up. We'll even have a signature drink just for the occasion! Please be sure to tell your friends and family (even those who haven’t watched or played DotA – they might leave a fan!).This event is for guests 21 and over, so please keep that in mind. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions and please RSVP if you plan on attending. Banana___Hammock
USA Houston Event Link - The International 8 Watch Party on August 25th In Houston, TX! Whether you love Dota, or have never seen a game this is going to be a great party for all gamers! We will have special guests, vendors, raffles, drink specials, food, hookah stands and much more! We will be raffling off a Hyper X gamer setup including a Mechanical Keyboard, Mouse, and Headset! LotharThrowaway
USA Medina Event Link - Welcome to the 6th year of me hosting Dota pubstomps in Medina Ohio. Last year was a great turnout but after many people saying that it was too small i looked for a new place again. Luckily the place i hosted in 2016 is back and that's where we are this year. As always the event is open to anyone of any age and no cover charge! I just strongly encourage anyone who attends to Eat and Drink there as they are giving us the place for the whole day for free. theaxel11
USA Oakland Cafe el Patio - In Oakland, California is going be showing everything from the group stages to the Main event finals! Address is 4030 International Blvd, Oakland CA. There is limited seating but there are three TVs. typicalhonduran
USA Sacramento Event Link - Come watch The International 8 at my house! Join us for our second annual Pubstomp! We host Friday and Saturday and setup a LAN party in the dining room to play between matches. Fairfield is located directly between San Francisco and Sacramento (North-East bay). Last year we had six viewers. Please RSVP so we can plan for food and message you the exact address. Amenities include: 75" 4k UltraHD stream with Pioneer 5.1 Surround Sound, Pizza, Beer, Nachos and More, Couches, Enthusiasm, Fast Internet, 420 Friendly josher777
USA Seattle Event Link - If you're over 21 and are in the Seattle area during TI, @FollowMe has organized a pubstomp in Capitol Hill for Saturday, August 25th. Sketches_Stuff_Maybe
USA Washington Event Link - Join us at Tenley Bar and Grill to watch the finals on their projection screen. This event is ALL AGES and cosplay is encouraged. There will be giveaways throughout the day of some Dota2 swag as well as 3 full event tickets for GEXCon ( coming up at the end of the month. dmr83457
Vietnam Hanoi Pending details from 23 Creative VN ptaqll5
Vietnam Hai Phong City Event Link - Time 21:00 , day 25 / 08 , location : 21 Trần Hưng Đạo Street - Vườn Xuân Coffee butchimau_hp_95
Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City Event Link - Watch their full HD video for the event: ptaqll5
Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City Event Link - Time: 21 h00 day 25/8-10 h00 day 26/8, location: Restaurant 68 lộc shots, number 213 to theme, Ward 15, District 10, TP. Ho Chi Minh. All details, please contact MEGA esports gaming house at 0909791809 ptaqll5
--- --- ----
PS: Also still hoping Valve would ship this merch out to us pubstomp organizers :D
PS: Discount on ticket fees on, pm me for details.
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**THE** List of things to do on the Gold Coast.

Hello Everyone,
I frequently see questions about what to do around the coast, in here I will attempt to keep a running list of ideas. Some things are in multiple areas e.g. Fresh food markets/live music so I haven't listed every individual item, if you see something that that interests you try googling to see if there's one in your area!
Starting from North GC then moving south you have:
Mt. Tamborine:
Inland from Robina/Nerang area:
Surfers Paradise:
Further South:
(Note: This is techincally venturing away from "The GC", but if your near currumbin then these might also be within range)
Special thanks to Veritasfides, Katastrophe87, Nebo64, Sipc, shadesofgray029, and verifiedpain for their suggestions!
Updated 05-10-2019
To do: (Ignore this, or don't. Meh)
-Bounce inc moved, airfactory gone
-elvis museum
-alpaca farm
-herb cottage
-gold coast clay target club
-Order it so it's actually geographically correct north to south. Duh.
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I feel like my character wpud have had an incredibly fulfilling life. Lived to 103, kept his stats up nearly all the time, got rich.

Age: 0 years I was born a male in Ottawa, Canada. I was a product of morning sex.
My name is Arthur Smart. My father is Samuel Smart, an insurance agent (age 51). My mother is Alexandra Smart, a photographer (age 39).
Age: 1 year Residents of China have largely converted to pig bone marrow-based protein as their main source of nutrients.
Age: 2 years I am suffering from the flu.
Age: 4 years I am suffering from the chicken pox.
Age: 5 years An unforseen tsunami devastates a surfing competition in Japan, killing 29 people and causing irreversible damage to surrounding areas.
Age: 6 years I started elementary school.
I broke my parents's camera and then lied about it.
Age: 7 years I reprimanded my mother for trying to take me to play tennis.
Age: 11 years I told the cool kids at school I wasn't interested in going to see Michele's Dragon with them.
Age: 12 years I am being bullied at school. I assaulted the bully! I flattened his cheek. I loosened his ear.
Age: 13 years I started high school.
Age: 14 years My father retired.
I chose to be gothic at school.
Age: 15 years I have been diagnosed with tonsillitis.
Age: 16 years I graduated from high school.
I am cured of tonsillitis. I applied to university and was accepted. My application for a scholarship to university was rejected. My parents refused to pay my university tuition. I took out a student loan to pay for my university tuition. I started university.
Age: 17 years I passed my driving test and got a driving license.
Age: 18 years I tried PCP.
Age: 20 years I graduated from university with an undergraduate degree in mathematics. I have to start paying back my student loan for university.
I applied to business school and was accepted. My application for a scholarship to business school was rejected. My parents refused to pay my business school tuition. I took out a student loan to pay for my business school tuition. I started business school.
Age: 22 years I graduated from business school. I have to start paying back my student loan for business school.
I was hired for the position of Business Analyst for Kayak Systems with a salary of $62,730.
Age: 23 years I kept a money clip that I found. It contained $375.
Age: 24 years Laughter yoga sanctuaries are all the rage in Sweden.
Age: 25 years Violent oceanic storms combine to spawn a deadly hurricane off the shore of Mexico. While many manage to evacuate, 103 people are injured and 70 more die.
My best friend, Francois, confessed that he was the perpetrator of a hit & run accident. I offered him my unconditional support.
Age: 26 years My mother retired.
Age: 27 years I complained to the manager after receiving bad service at a restaurant.
Age: 28 years I have been diagnosed with migraines.
Age: 29 years I fully paid off my student loan for university.
I went to a basketball game with my company on a team building exercise. Dr. Benjamin Reid said I am suffering from migraines. My migraines was treated by Dr. Benjamin Reid. I am cured of migraines.
Age: 31 years I fully paid off my student loan for business school.
My father died of complications from old age. I paid my respects at his funeral.
Age: 32 years I took my mother strolling around town.
Age: 34 years I went with some friends to Ottawa Nation Casino. I won $5,000 in a hand of blackjack at Ottawa Nation Casino.
Age: 35 years I decided not to complain after the chef botched my steak dinner at a restaurant.
Age: 36 years I refused to join social media.
Age: 39 years A major typhoon terrorizes the citizens of South Korea and floods the streets of Daegu.
I went clubbing at The Lincoln. I tried reefer.
Age: 40 years I was fired from my job as Business Analyst for Kayak Systems after failing a drug test. I called my supervisor a bitch on my way out. I applied for the position of Jr. Business Analyst at Titanium Technologies but was rejected because I failed a drug test. I applied for the position of Jr. Business Analyst at Family Motors but was rejected because I failed a drug test.
Age: 41 years I was hired for the position of Business Analyst for Willow Designs with a salary of $81,545.
Age: 43 years I tried to take a a wallet that I found but the owner started arguing with me. Someone started arguing with me after I took his wallet. I walked away from the situation.
Age: 44 years My mother died of cirrhosis of the liver. I paid my respects at her funeral. I inherited $1,271. I went clubbing at Illumina Lounge. I said no to magic mushrooms. Dr. Benjamin Reid said I am in good health. A witch doctor offered me toad. I used the dating app. The dating app paired me with an architect named Camille Poulin. I bought 10 lottery tickets. I didn't win the $26,713,358 lottery jackpot. I went to Ottawa Public Library. I meditated. I worked out at Allegiance Fitness.
Age: 45 years I decided to have a one night stand with Myriam Cox. I practiced safe sex. I am now dating Jenna Buble. I took Jenna to hold up signs outside the TV network studio.
Age: 46 years I argued with a call girl who was hollaring at me and she walked off. I took Jenna to dinner. I took Jenna to build a pillow fort. I took Jenna to pick flowers. I proposed to Jenna and she accepted!
Age: 47 years I saw someone call Jenna a slunt! I called her a jumpoff. I married Jenna at a drive thru wedding chapel. Jenna and I went to Brisbane, Australia, for our honeymoon. Jenna decided to keep her name. I took Jenna to catch butterflies. Jenna and I tried to have a baby but failed to get pregnant. Jenna and I tried to have a baby but failed to get pregnant. Jenna and I tried to have a baby but failed to get pregnant.
Age: 48 years Jenna and I tried to have a baby but failed to get pregnant. Jenna and I tried to have a baby but failed to get pregnant. I bought a townhome for $220,774! I adopted a 4-year old boy named Adam Lee. I changed his name to Adam Smart.
Age: 49 years I took my adopted son, Adam, canoeing.
Age: 50 years My adopted son, Adam, started elementary school.
I asked for a promotion but was rejected. I stopped showing up to work for my old position as Business Analyst for Willow Designs. I was hired for the position of Business Analyst for Kayak Systems with a salary of $96,833.
Age: 52 years I gave my adopted son, Adam, $13 to buy a football. I took my adopted son, Adam, for a swim.
Age: 53 years I saw a man threatening a bank clerk at gunpoint. I looked the other way.
Age: 54 years Dr. Benjamin Reid said I am in good health. A witch doctor offered me dill weed. I had colon hydrotherapy. I worked out at Allegiance Fitness. I am suffering from E. coli. Dr. Benjamin Reid said I am suffering from E. coli. My E. coli was treated by Dr. Benjamin Reid. I am cured of E. coli. I took Jenna and my child, Adam, on a business class vacation to the United Kingdom.
Age: 55 years I went to a hot dog eating contest with my company on a team building exercise. I took Jenna to watch sumo wrestling. I took my adopted son, Adam, to troll people on the internet.
Age: 56 years The first ever gaming Olympics have been organized in Turkey.
I took my adopted son, Adam, to a soccer match. My adopted son, Adam, and I had a heart-to-heart about our least favorite word. I took Jenna to an arcade. I took Jenna to play paintball. Jenna and I tried to have a baby but failed to get pregnant. I took Jenna to blow bubbles.
Age: 57 years Jenna and I have been married for 10 years. My adopted son, Adam, started high school.
I took Jenna longboarding. I took Jenna to watch toy unboxing videos.
Age: 58 years I took Jenna to rake leaves into piles and jump into them. I took my adopted son, Adam, to an indoor trampoline park. I asked for a promotion but was rejected. I applied for a car loan to buy a 5-year old blue Subaru Outback. My application was accepted. I bought a 5-year old blue Subaru Outback for $20,381!
Age: 59 years I took my adopted son, Adam, to the movies. My adopted son, Adam, and I had a conversation about whether or not students should wear uniforms.
Age: 60 years My adopted son, Adam, graduated from high school.
I agreed to pay for my adopted son, Adam's, college education.
Age: 61 years My adopted son, Adam, began studying psychology at university.
I have been diagnosed with ulcers. Dr. Benjamin Reid said I am suffering from ulcers. My ulcers was treated by Dr. Benjamin Reid. I am cured of ulcers.
Age: 62 years My adopted son, Adam, moved out.
I went with some friends to the horse races.
Age: 63 years I fully paid off the car loan on my Subaru Outback.
Age: 64 years Jenna retired.
I saw someone call my son, Adam, a little bitch! I called him a pansy.
Age: 65 years My adopted son, Adam, graduated from university with an undergraduate degree in psychology. He started a new position as School Psychologist for Ottawa Public Schools.
Jenna and I discussed our least favorite word. Jenna and I talked about whether or not frosting a muffin makes it a cupcake. Jenna and I had a conversation about the best place to have sex. We got into an argument but I apologized. I took Jenna rollerblading. I took my adopted son, Adam, to watch figure skating. I took Jenna to the library. I took Jenna to a concert. I took Jenna to do some gardening.
Age: 66 years I turned down a chance to take a package to Argentina for $11,300.
Age: 67 years Jenna and I have been married for 20 years.
Jenna cheated on me. I forgave her. I took Jenna swimming.
Age: 68 years I took Jenna to watch Bad Bunny music videos. I took Jenna to the water park. I took Jenna shopping.
Age: 70 years 262 people lose their lives as China's quest to drill deep tunnels results in a magnitude 5.3 earthquake.
I said no to opium. Dr. Benjamin Reid said I am in good health. I meditated. I bought 10 lottery tickets. I didn't win the $262,196 lottery jackpot. I worked out at Allegiance Fitness. I worked out at Allegiance Fitness. I went to Ottawa Public Library. I meditated.
Age: 71 years I took Jenna to a baseball game.
Age: 72 years Jenna and I had a chat about why some BitLife players haven't turned off the ads since it only costs $2. I took my adopted son, Adam, to a baseball game.
Age: 74 years I saw someone call my son, Adam, a sucker! I called him a bozo.
Age: 75 years I said no to appletinis. I retired from my job as Business Analyst for Kayak Systems.
Age: 77 years Jenna and I have been married for 30 years.
Age: 79 years I took my adopted son, Adam, to watch a play. I took my adopted son, Adam, gambling. I took my adopted son, Adam, bungee jumping. My adopted son, Adam, and I had a chat about whether or not duck faces are sexy. I took my adopted son, Adam, to hold up signs outside the TV network studio.
Age: 80 years California’s geological land mass has split from the United States. The body of water between the two is now known as the American Strait.
Age: 81 years Explosives testing in Chile loosens underlying earth, producing a magnitude 6.7 earthquake, killing 207 people and injuring 4,081 more.
Age: 84 years Jenna cheated on me. I forgave her. I took Jenna to a food festival. I took my adopted son, Adam, grocery shopping.
Age: 85 years I had to scrap my Subaru Outback. I bought a 1-year old burgundy Volkswagen Jetta for $17,480!
Age: 86 years Jenna called me a freak! I forgave her. I took my adopted son, Adam, to the museum. I took my adopted son, Adam, to a baseball game. I took Jenna canoeing. I took my adopted son, Adam, to pick flowers. I took my adopted son, Adam, canoeing.
Age: 87 years Jenna and I have been married for 40 years.
I took my adopted son, Adam, to play in the rain.
Age: 88 years Dr. Benjamin Reid said I am in good health.
Age: 89 years Egypt's space program has successfully begun to colonize the moon.
Age: 90 years My adopted son, Adam, married Andrea Moore, a 52-year old trucker.
I said no to horse meat sashimi. I took my adopted son, Adam, to post BitLife screenshots on Instagram. I took my adopted son, Adam, to write poems. I took Jenna to the symphony.
Age: 91 years My adopted son, Adam, and his wife, Andrea, have adopted a 5-year old girl named Evangeline Grant. My granddaughter, Evangeline, started elementary school.
Age: 92 years My adopted son, Adam, was widowed after Andrea Moore died.
I took my granddaughter, Evangeline, to watch a play. I took my adopted son, Adam, to the amusement park.
Age: 93 years Jenna and I had a conversation about the dark net.
Age: 95 years A data breach in Sweden has caused the personal information of 389,365 residents to be leaked onto the dark web.
I took my adopted son, Adam, kayaking. I took my adopted son, Adam, to a basketball game.
Age: 96 years My Volkswagen Jetta has a broken ignition coil. I repaired the broken ignition coil on my Volkswagen Jetta.
Age: 97 years Jenna and I have been married for 50 years.
Age: 98 years My granddaughter, Evangeline, started high school.
I said no to valium. I took my granddaughter, Evangeline, gambling. I took my granddaughter, Evangeline, tire swinging. I took my granddaughter, Evangeline, for a walk. I took my adopted son, Adam, to a boxing match. I took my adopted son, Adam, to the library.
Age: 100 years My Volkswagen Jetta has a busted windshield wiper. I repaired the busted windshield wiper on my Volkswagen Jetta. I took my adopted son, Adam, to a yoga class. I took my adopted son, Adam, to fly a drone. I took my adopted son, Adam, to do Keith Urban karaoke. I took my adopted son, Adam, to dinner. I took my adopted son, Adam, to do some gardening. My adopted son, Adam, and I had a heart-to-heart about good versus evil.
Age: 101 years My granddaughter, Evangeline, graduated from high school.
Jenna died of cirrhosis of the liver. I paid my respects at her funeral. I inherited $729,102.
Age: 102 years My granddaughter, Evangeline, began studying political science at university.
I have been diagnosed with hearing loss. I took my adopted son, Adam, to write poems. I took my adopted son, Adam, to rake leaves into piles and jump into them. Dr. Benjamin Reid said I am suffering from hearing loss. My hearing loss was treated by Dr. Benjamin Reid. I am cured of hearing loss.
Age: 103 years I died of complications from old age. My net worth at the time of my death was $2,585,357.
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Studying in Australia - c'mon, be friendly with your newcomer

Hi, everyone. I'm planning, with a friend and his GF, to study English in your beloved country. We're trying to fix a permanent budget, seeing how to get our visas, but we're bugged with some things that the internet doesn't answer well. If anyone can help, I would be delighted (I saw the indian student's thread, so, some doubts were solved there):
1) I read everywhere that Sydney is very, very expensive. A friend of my friend, currently living there, said so, as well. We're planning to go the 1st month to Sydney, to adapt, and then check where to go. We'll study, but we're also looking to work (and, if that's a taboo, considering how the world's reacting to foreigners working in their countries, I'm really sorry), and, to be honest, we 3 fell in love with different cities: I wanted Brisbane, my friend wants Gold Coast and his GF wants to stay in Sydney. So, if anyone can answer, is there a city with a better job market than the other two?. We'll split bills, so we can't really afford go to a different city. I read that Brisbane's expanding, the Gold Coast has lots of parks, hotels and casinos (which I assume it's a good place to find work) and Sydney is the economic heart of Australia, but the internet can never be fully trusted (except Reddit)
2) Last time I tested my English (a TOEFL 3 years ago), I scored a B2 equivalent. I'm a little rusty now, specially with oral skills, but I can return to that B2 level in 1 month, I think. My friend and his GF speaks basic English (B1 at best), and they're counting on finding jobs as cleaners, or au pair on the GF scenario. If I manage to revalidate my degree (I have an undergraduate degree in Business) and with my current English level, can I hope to find a job in an office (be with telesales, or something administrative)? Or I should expect to work in a restaurant, which is what I'm planning, anyway?
3) Like I said, the world's quite hostile when it comes to foreigners working in their countries, immigration being a hotly debated issue. Either in Sydney or Brisbane, can I expect hostility in a working place for me not being australian?
Really appreciate any help here, friends.
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Visiting from Brisbane hello!

Hello /melbourne from /Brisbane,
So my beautiful partner and I will be visiting you guys from the 20-23 of Feb. this year.
Originally I wanted to go to the Lion King, turns out that shit is booked far in advance, but I digress...
Anyways, I'd like some advice on your amazing city:
Anyways, I did some searching but found some places far out from the CBD etc. so got a little confused. Anyways, thanks for your time and see you soon :).
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2017 AFL Premiership Season Early Ladder Astrological Predictions Thread

Adelaide: Good blend of air and earth signs. Might be hit with injuries early in the season, but should pan out well during August when Mercury is retrograde. Top 4 finish.
Brisbane: New coach is in for a good year… at the Casino. Bottom 4 again.
Carlton: Too many fire signs means Carlton will have trouble keeping their cool next season. 14-16.
Collingwood: The pies were disappointing in 2016, mainly because the stars said they would make the finals. How they managed to fuck that up is anyone’s guess. 2017 will see the stars have their revenge, with significant injuries to players and fans alike. 12-15.
Essendon: Jobe Watson is an Aquarius, which explains why he acted like such a bitch over the Brownlow thing. Now that the bombers have overcome the significant block to their progress provided by ASADA having lots of Taurus among their board; and with Hibberd, Brown and Zaharakis all coming into their Saturn return in 2018; 2017 is do or die for the bombers. They won’t have stars like this again until 2021. 6-8.
Fremantle: Ross Lyon is such a Scorpio. All promise and no return. Never trust a fucking Scorpio, they appear all whimsical and adventurous but at the last minute they’ll leave you at the restaurant by yourself on Valentines day looking like a fool. FUCK YOU TANYA.
Geelong: Tom Hawkins is a Cancer, and I mean that in the nicest possible way. His birthday is July 21, and had he been born two days later he’d be a Brisbane Lion. Together with the heavy hitting combo of Aries/Gemini found in Dangerwood, the Cats should be on track for another decent year. Top 4.
Gold Coast: Despite having the actual son of God in their side, GCS are pretty shit. This is easily explained by Rodney Eade being an Aries while the side are mainly water signs. 12-16
GWS: It takes a significant weather event for there to even be stars visible in western Sydney. That event happened in 2016, and 2017 will be a different story. No easy ride to the finals this year for the youngest AFL side. 8-10.
Hawthorn: The hawk’s star fell in 2016, but a phoenix rises from the ashes to glory. Too bad they are not the Hawthorn Phoenixes. Best thing we can say about next season is nobody appears to be Cancer. 5-8.
Melbourne: The demons need to change their symbol from the cartoonish demigod to a fully fledged Baphomet. And then perform some blood sacrifice rituals. Seriously, their stars are up the shite. 9-13.
North Melbourne: The Kangaroo is a strong graceful creature which doesn’t get too old. Because it dies. But a new generation emerges from the pouch to eat your lawn. Maybe 2018 will be better. 9-13.
Port Adelaide: Howya garn maaaate? Fucken stars are heaps good ay. Fucken make the 8 bro. See youse in fucken Chinar ay!!!
Richmond: For some reason, the planets have aligned in Richmond’s favour this year after a dreadful 2016. They will finish very comfortably somewhere between 8th and 10th.
St Kilda: Not even the Saints themselves could help the Saints in 2016. Next year’s stars are a little kinder, although Reiwoldt appears to have some big changes coming his way late in the year. That could mean a retirement, or it could mean a premiership, or maybe he is just going to buy a new house. The stars tend to be kind of obscure like that, so that you can point to pretty much anything and say that was true. 5-8.
Sydney: With a strong portfolio focusing on diverse real estate and commodities, Sydney is poised to have a big year provided the ASX200 remains steady. Top 4.
WCE: Sam Mitchell brings Libra to the eagles, which is a good fit with NicNat being a Taurean. Sadly though, NicNat isn’t playing next year; and with too many Geminis on board Mitchell will struggle to fit into the side, and won’t give them that boost they need to finish on top. 4-8.
Western Bulldogs: The stars knew that the Bulldogs would win in 2016, but they kept it a secret. They wanted at least one nice surprise given the whole Trump thing was about to happen. Anyway 2017 will not be kind to the bulldogs, although that didn’t stop them this year. There’ll be a wedding, a funeral and something exciting happening in September. Sorry, the stars aren’t being any more specific this year. 1-12.
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The beginning
Hey Matthew,
Just wanted to run you an update of where & what I've been up to so far. Try hit you up each week and keep you up with everything i'm doing.
I've been in the hospitality industry for 10 years now and if there is one thing I have learnt; it would be that the goal posts you are aiming for are like the end of a rainbow. No matter how close you think you are getting they keep finding a way to move further away.
It's easy to think then, What's the point? Why do I keep at it? Why do I put up with the unsociable hours? Why do I continue to deal with delusional customers? Why do I endure the painful conversations with difficult or emotional staff? And the list could go on and on.
I think the answer to these questions is very surprising when I truly think about it. It's not because I love alcohol and food. I mean I do love both of those things.... very much. And it’s not because I love interactions with people. I mean this one time I did an introvert/extrovert test at university and scored the highest in a class of 300 or so on the introvert scale, I was one score away from being as introverted as one person could be. So interactions with people exhaust me, especially those I have trouble relating to.
No, why I do it is because of the challenge. It's just so complete as a problem. Almost all facets of life are encompassed by this industry. Ok almost everyone could say that about their own industry and find ways of proving the statement they have made. But hear me out, let me start with where I have come from and what has bought me to where I am today.
So I moved out of home at 19, the only job I had ever had was working with dad during school holidays helping him flip houses. So when I found myself living in a shoe-box apartment in the middle of Auckland City I was stumped as to what to start doing to pay my rent. Across the road from where I lived was the Sky City Casino and they were looking for staff in a bunch of the outlets and gaming floor. As I was still 19 I was too young to work on the gaming floor, but because I was a guy I was given an interview with one of the restaurants who were looking for more men to balance out the team. This was my first dip in. Now I admit, I was a joke when I first started. I was one of "those" workers, you know the ones. The ones that call in sick all the time, ask to go home early and just have an overall lack of effort. As time went on I slowly learned the trade and got better and better, learned how to make coffees and a few basic cocktails. I also gained confidence in talking to random strangers as I asked them what they would like to drink with their buffet dinner. But at no point in this 12-month experience did I ever think that I was now a hospitality worker. It was a means to an end.
Then in 2008, I moved to the Gold Coast in Australia, quit university, ran away from debts, ex-girlfriends, and just general life struggles. At the time I thought it was a great idea and it would solve all my problems. Instead I was young, dumb and well you know the rest. I was unemployed for 3 months. In that time all I achieved was to learn how to solve a Rubix cube in less than a minute and a half. Don’t get me wrong I still pull out that trick at parties but it didn’t exactly help me eat or pay rent. Instead I bludged heavily on other people and ruined friendships because of my incompetence. I managed to find a job at a factory that lasted a month before getting fired for not showing up enough. Then along came Holiday Inn Surfers Paradise. I remember when I took this job I felt like I was getting desperate and this was my job to keep me afloat not actually start a career in. I mean, it was hospitality. People only work in hospitality while studying for their real job right?
Well 12 months went by and I found myself standing with an eventual very good friend who at the time was my big boss. My F&B Manager. He asked me if I wanted to make something of my career and take this job seriously for once. After a few days I came back and told him I was in. I was going to do whatever it took to become the best F&B Attendant at the hotel. And within 6 months I was promoted to a team leader. I spent the summer as this team leader and by the end of it the timing was perfect and I managed to land an F&B Supervisor job. My career had really started. I was now a salaried worker for the first time in my life, I had responsibility and I guess I still felt I had nothing better going for me so I would stick at it and not screw it up.
Of course I almost screwed it up a number of times. What can I say? I get bored and when I'm bored I do dumb stuff. After a couple of secondments at other properties around the country I landed the Meetings & Events Manager at Holiday Inn Brisbane. It was now 2011 and I had a 12-month contract. I had already decided with my partner at the time that at the end of the contract we would go travelling and head to London to live. So after 12 months of intense personal growth that is just what I did. I had really become an adult at this point and my career was no longer something that I did because nothing else was going to pay the bills. I was doing it because I just overcome the hardest 12 months of work in my life and I loved it. I grew leaps and bounds as a leader and enjoyed the rush. It is hard to explain but I started to feel satisfaction for overcoming all the challenges being thrown at me.
So 2012, I just finished 3 months of travelling Asia and landed in London, the next day I had a job interview for a little restaurant called Charlotte’s Place. The day after I was at a two-day trial and then I was hired as the Assistant Restaurant Manager. I was now running one of the most successful independent restaurants in London. We ended up winning Top Restaurant in London in the Good Food Guide awards while I was there.
7 months after arriving in London I had to head home due to family reasons and I found myself back at the Holiday Inn Surfers Paradise, but it was now called the Outrigger Surfers Paradise and I was the Restaurant & Bar Manager. I lasted here 9 months and although I had the worst General Manager ever, I learned so much here. I learned how to earn a pay cheque. This job was tough! I once served 700 customers for breakfast with 2 chefs and 6 wait staff, and the funny part was that I felt it was an easy day because of all the help that I had. I was used to doing 100-150 covers with one chef and one other staff member. That was my typical day. I never ran so much in a job ever. But what it taught me is efficiency and how to still offer a great customer experience with absolutely no staff. I had to think outside the box so often. I had to find ways of being prepared for everything. And I did. I was so good at it. We hardly ever had complaints at breakfast and we were getting smashed every day.
September 2013 I had had enough and I needed something else. I took on a role of Assistant Bar Manager at Palazzo Versace which lasted 6 weeks before being offered the role of Four Winds Restaurant Manager at the Crowne Plaza in Surfers Paradise, which evolved into the Assistant F&B Manager. And during these 13 or so months I learned more about leadership than ever before. My boss had a way of opening my eyes up to it and it all started to click. I started to realise why I was doing this. Why I was putting up with the unsociable hours, Why I continued to deal with delusional customers, Why I endured painful conversations with difficult or emotional staff. The concept hadn't completely formed in my head but it was starting to take shape and with success after success the picture started to become clearer and clearer.
And then December 2014, I got a transfer to Crowne Plaza Terrigal as the F&B Manager. This was it, I had reached department head level and this was kind of the pinnacle of my F&B career. Yeah I will go on to bigger roles with more revenue and more outlets and bigger teams but essentially it is all the same thing, just the stakes are higher. I am the authority on F&B in this hotel reporting directly to the General Manger and until I make the jump to a General Manager the dynamic of the role is never going to really change much from this. I will always report to the General Manager and I will from now on always be in charge of everything F&B. It’s been 16 months in this role now and I am on the verge of my next step. I have started applying for other roles and this time I am looking to Asia, specifically South East Asia.
So now I am in a position to explain my love for this industry, the challenges I face and the reason I keep asking for more, every time I think I have it all figured out and have taken my department or hotel to new heights I realise that the goal posts have picked up and run away from me. Maybe only last year did I really realise there is no perfect hotel or perfect restaurant. You can always be better, you can always improve. And that goes for everything in life. Don't just accept mediocrity.
I now wake up each morning and ask myself "What can I do today to improve on yesterday?"
Talk to you next week bro.
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Brisbane: Australia's New World City - YouTube How A Brazilian Steakhouse Serves 1000 People per Night ... Vị Ngọt Đôi Môi Queen Street Mall, Brisbane Australia - YouTube MISS KAY'S BURGER CHALLENGE IN BRISBANE!! - YouTube The Sketchy Truth About All-You-Can-Eat Seafood Buffets ... Pacific Aria Tour - all areas incl restaurants - YouTube Brisbane Casino Towers Investment Apartments South Brisbane Queensland Star Casino $15 All You Can Eat Buffet Review - Gold Coast ... Terraces Restaurant at Sheraton Grand Mirage Resort, Gold ...

Looking for the best restaurants in Brisbane? From fine dining to budget bites, Must Do Brisbane has the most comprehensive hand-picked guide* to hundreds of Brisbane’s best restaurants, including those hidden gems, from the CBD and inner city to north, south, east, west and bayside neighbourhoods.. Want to know where to find the best Indian, Italian, Chinese or Thai restaurants in Brisbane? Restaurants near Treasury Casino, Brisbane on Tripadvisor: Find traveller reviews and candid photos of dining near Treasury Casino in Brisbane, Queensland. Die Nacht zum Tage machen kann man in den diversen Galerien, Pubs und Restaurants. Nightlife: U.a. im Treasury Casino - eine der jüngsten Attraktionen der Stadt. Aktivitäten. Inmitten von Brisbane, gegenüber des Hauptgeschäftszentruims, befindet sich auf dem Gelände der South Bank Parklands, dem ehem. Ausstellungsgelände der EXPO 88 ein künstlicher Strand mit Salzwassserlagune. Ein ... Restaurants in Treasury Casino. Menus, Address, Photos, Reviews for Restaurants in Treasury Casino, Brisbane. Zomato is the best way to discover great places to eat in your city. Our easy-to-use app shows you all the restaurants and nightlife options in your city, along with menus, photos, and reviews. Share your food journey with the world, Checkin at Restaurants, Bars & Cafes and follow ... Treasury Casino: BITE RESTAURANT - See 477 traveler reviews, 95 candid photos, and great deals for Brisbane, Australia, at Tripadvisor. Reinterpreting traditional family recipes through fresh Australian produce has been a winning recipe for Vietnamese celebrity chef Luke Nguyen, whose Asian-fusion dining hall Fat Noodle is one of Treasury Brisbane's crowning jewels. Treasury Brisbane is open every day from 10am – 6am, operating under our approved Covid Safe Site Specific Plan. Please be advised that access to the casino floor may, at certain times, be limited to members and their guests. Click here for more details and conditions of entry. Treasury Casino Brisbane Restaurants, crown casino perth chinese restaurant, classic casino parties, great africa slot machine. Wager. Read our full review. 100%. 50 Free Spins Bonus on Fat Cat. Bonus. 18+, T&C Apply,, New Customers Only. 894. Montenegro. Gamble Responsibly Gamble Responsibly Cookie Settings. 40x-Gamble Responsibly ... Brisbane's best restaurants right now. The top restaurants in Brisbane, as featured in our 2020 Restaurant Guide, sway between artful fine dining to top-notch interpretations of French, Middle Eastern and Italian cuisine. Aug 29, 2019 10:00pm. The dining room at Arc Dining. Arc Dining. Chic Anna Spiro-designed interiors. Widescreen waterfront views. Confident, original dishes. From every angle ... Brisbane’s warm climate lends itself to lots of outdoor wining and dining. There are plenty of lovely rooftop terrace restaurants dotted throughout the CBD itself where diners can enjoy a wine and watch everyone go about their day from up on high. For a more casual vibe, there are Asian restaurants and steakhouse options, to name a few. Petrie Terrace has a party vibe, full of brew pubs ...

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Brisbane: Australia's New World City - YouTube

Dạ Vũ Christmas JUST DANCE at Maxim restaurant Darra Queensland AUSTRALIA. Ca sĩ Hoàng Minh & Mây Hồng - Vị Ngọt Đôi Môi. Keyboards - Hoàng Lang Music (One M... Renowned on the Gold Coast for its mouthwatering seafood buffet, dining at Terraces Restaurant is an experience not to be missed. Expect a tantalising array ... There are plenty of people who have no problem with a seafood smorgasbord in the middle of America. But what are some underground facts about seafood buffets... Brisbane Casino Towers Investment Apartments South Brisbane Queensland ... Southbank and the vibrant West End lifestyle of cafes, bars, restaurants, shops and transport, including rail, bus and ... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Tour of all areas onboard the Pacific Aria, Including all restaurants, sport decks, kids area and many more. Check out my other videos below for Food/ Drink ... Queen Street Mall: over 700 retailers and 6 major shopping centres, about 500 metres in the CBD. Brisbane City, Queensland. Australia Vlog 24. Facebook https... Today l visited the Star Casino on the Gold Coast to try out their $15 all you can eat buffet, lets take a look at what is on the menu! Greg's Kitchen Store ... A&Z #526 - Atlas vs The Big Kay's Burger Challenge at Miss Kay's in Brisbane, QLD, Australia (Day #47 / Challenge #47). Hey everybody!! It's day #47 of our 2... On today's episode of How to Make It, chef Katie Pickens is at the Brazilian steakhouse, Fogo de Chão, learning what goes into their endless skewers of meat....