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Looking to buy Silver strike casino collector tokens. These are the ones with a silver center and brass outer ring.
If you have any you would like to sell, place a comment here with your offer in doge.
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[WTT]3 El Dorado Silver Strikes for other silver Casino tokens

El Dorado silver strikes (x3):
I am mainly looking to trade for other Silver Casino Gaming tokens but will consider other offers.
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silver strike tokens from casinos worth more as price of silver rises

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Bronze and Silvers review

So, kinda wanted to group all my thoughts on all the newly revealed bronze and silver cards, as well as look at some of the old silvers and bronzes in context. And talk about thematically cause some of the non story classes got cool thematically.
Ill be keeping it simple, rating the class’s support 1 for amazing, 2 for wait and see, 3 for awful, as well as giving a basic description
Class rating: 3
Only few remotely good and synergistic (if you can even call them that) cards, and the rest are trash. Except Carmine. She’s not trash. She’s a flaming heap of toxic nuclear waste.
Cactus Cowboy 1
The only 1 in the set for forest, and it’s just solid all around.
Forest Patroller 2
Payoff for rides, but isn’t really necessary imo especially since Forest doesn’t have too many good generators to not spend on Loxis or Sukuna
Lookout elf 3
Meh. Fairy support but not good at it.
Hornet strike 2
Not bad removal option, 3pp for 1 removal, 5pp for 2, and 8 pp for 3 and maybe keeping some on board, but does look a bit over costed, and doing nothing but removal isn’t amazing in the current meta.
Varmint Hunter 2
More reasonable ride payoff card, can be a better BKB on 4 with ride, but kinda not the best outside of it maybe.
Corrosive Thorns 2
I guess it works as both Fairy Dragon support but also a fine control tool against tokens, but that’s not really enough to warrant too much of an inclusion. Also sucks the brambles effect is fairies only tho.
Carmine 5 463 782
siiiiiigh I’m not even going to dignify this abomination it’s full name. Can’t wait for all the BTC clips of Chipper Skipper dying to it. But I think the worst thing about it is the main body. Why, oh WHY can she destroy herself, possibly wasting 6+pp to do one accelerate?! Calling her trash is an insult to trash.
Class rating: 2
Sword doesn’t look too bad, nothing extremely outstanding but also nothing too terrible.
Naht’s boytoys 2 I mean what
2pp 3/3 that gives later follower 1/1, but gives 2/2 to the opponent. Can be used to screw with enemy rides though.
Shinobi Tanuki 1
Ambush makes it easier to buff, cheap, and against foes without proper hard removal can spiral out of control ala Sarissa.
Frontline Instructor 2
Better OG fencer from Standard, and contains a board buff later on with Rally. But whether it’s better than Stroke of conviction is another story.
Bandit Raid 2.5
Good take two card, where you’re not guaranteed multiple Amelia. Otherwise it’s pretty meh.
Outlaw Gunner 2
3/3/3 isn’t bad, but fitting her into some of your later turns might be kinda hard, but she could see play since rally 5 is pretty low.
Dramatic Retreat 2
Better soul conversion jokes aside, this can’t really be used on Tokens to not pollute the deck, and banishing a big boi that isn’t the world or Arriet or some weird combo isn’t good tempo. Still basically soul conversion tho.
Stalwart Slinger 2.5
Natural 5/5/6 that deals 3 isn’t a bad deal at all, but lacks synergies or all around power to warrant Constructive play. Great T2 card.
Class rating: 1
Rune not only got a good amount of synergistic support, but the other archetypes supported got some great support as well. Few outliers though.
Rivaylian Deputy 1
2/1/2 that draws a card and sets up your Vincent/Maiser plays, or just higher tempo later. Also Curves pretty disgustingly into [Passionate Potioneer]
Crystal Fencer 1
While it doesn’t draw, it’s great for tempo in the early game being a 3/3/3 that spellboosts, but the card keeps you in the game in the late game by making your top decked Kuons and newly duped runies much more easily playable.
Mirror witch 2.7453?
I have absolutely no idea how to judge this card. 4/3/7 unconditional storm is absolutely disgusting, especially with All the buff amulets rune got. But giving your opponent their own 4/3/7 that she can’t deal with on her own is... atrociously horrible.
Terra Nova 1.5
4/4/4 worth of stats on 2 bodies with partial wars while also buffing the entire board by 1 atk each without any cost at all, especially not 10 shadows isnt bad at all if board rune works, but the real nasty part is if 1 other follower is on board, you get 3 procs of Vincent’s effect, meaning 3 AOE to all enemies.
Scorching blast 1
On one hand, could be meh Spellboost support, 1pp deal 5 in that deck is pretty good, but the REAL use is Item shop- early game removal that costs 0 during shop chains meaning more pings going face is EXTREMELY good for that deck.
Artistic Arcanist 1
A possible 5/6/5 if he’s the only one on board, or possibly giving that 6 attack to a follower going face. Also gives an amulet that doesn’t leave when a follower enters play, as well as a 1pp Add a Vincent spell to your hand at the end of your turn effect, giving you 3 Vincent spells, meaning 3 AOE. Oh, and did I tell you his fanfare gives ANOTHER 3 Vincent Spells, meaning 3 more AOE, including Face? Pretty good.
Golem Marshal 1
First off, great Accel, both in Vince/Maiser rune and just for Spellboost, cause 1pp spell that buffs incoming shikigami is goood, it’s also just a spell that gives a Steed without summoning anything can be really useful for setting up Maiser chains, but a 7/9/15 with 2 wards, added value over multiple turns, AND gives you 2 Vincent spells and/or 2 Maiser Spells is really freaking good.
Class rating: 2
Has some good support, but between a lack of a game plan other than buff Reggie ramp play big dudes and 1 or 2 good supports dragon got nothing too big at all this expansion.
BTW the Artisan/Blacksmith thematic is a nice touch.
Wyrmfire Engineer 1.75
Hard to judge, but you can curve this into bike into Reggie on curve to ramp, and it can be used as a better Pyne in overflow, or to buff storm Reggie/Erntz, but does seem clunky outside overflow
thunderous Roar 1
2pp deal 3 outside overflow, 2pp deal 7 and draw a card in overflow is amazing. Does have anti synergy with DJD, but he’s not in rota forever.
Mermaid Guide 2
3/3/3 storm is not to be taken lightly, as seen previously by mechaclaw Elf, but at the same time, is this really what discard wants or needs? Or just has room for?
pumpkin dragon 3
Basically a dragon’s nest with less healing, but more immediate effects, and a shitty body.
Dragonic Counsel 1
3pp Graceful Charity aside, this card is 2pp draw 2 in the early game, while also adding a 4th through 6th copies of Scalebound Plight into your hand, which is easily one of the best disco cards. Fantastic card.
Dragonfolk Artificer 1.5
You can buff it... to get more buffs? Outside this in overflow, nobody in dragon benefits from buff chains, and you can’t use its buffs in overflow anyway. You can set up for Reggie buffs or chef buffs with this card... but you’re using cards which can buff Reggie/chef anyway to do it. Overflow effect seems nice for clearing board tho, I do like it, but we’ll see
Azureflame Dragonewt 3
Uhhhhhh board clear maybe I guess?
Class rating: 1
Shadow seems to have a solid gameplan this expansion with it’s Silvers and Bronzes, and most of it’s cards fit an aggressive gameplan to burn the opponent down.
Great theme with miners and how utterly fatal those were back in the day, especially with all the gold rushes.
Bone Fanatic 1
1pp [Orator of the Bones], except on turn 1, but still having a 1 drop is great. Enhance is better than OG skull lord, but pretty sure it’s not what you wanna be doing.
Cursed Coin 1.25
Amazing draw option for Shadow for decks which don’t mind shadows and board space. Only reason it’s not a 1 is because fitting it in decks with deck space issues or shadow hunger isn’t the wisest idea.
Skeleton Dreamer 1
Buffs a stormer that comes down next turn, or maybe even a Sarc wraith to actually contest board. More attack on stormers basically. And more value on 3 drops.
Grudge Teller 1
Key component of new Shadow burn decks. You reanimate 3 a bunch of times, summon this, and burn bunch of your opponent’s Hp, and profit.
Abysmal Wraith 1
Basically almost an unconditional Dark General. Even on Curve. Even on Reanimate. Also synergistic with billet bikes and rides.
Necroimpulse 1
While this might seem more expensive than it’s cousin Terra Nova, you have to remember this is 8 face damage for 4 in a vacuum, ignoring the 5th follower on board or any rides buffing the ghosts. And unlike [Phantom Howl], these ghosts are unconditional.
Gold Mine Necromancer 2
Base form is kinda expensive, and condition on accel are meh, but turning a 1/1 into a 3/3 and dealing 2 face damage isn’t bad at all for 1pp. Not too sure about base form though.
Class rating: 1
Blood got a very synergistic set in terms of bronzes and silvers, and many are quite strong as well.
BTW, best aesthetic in the entire set- GAMBLERS! And old Wild West casinos! Really cool stuff.
Spiderweb Array 1
Basically a 3/3/4 ward that gives an opponent’s follower the inability to attack. Great control tool.
roulette Vampire 1
It repairs your Midgame on 6 when it pops, it gives 3 amulets total for Ruinous Spider, and it curves extremely well into Ravening Corruption. Did I mention overstatted, Rush, and 2APC’s?
Fulminating Berserker 1
Accel first off is great. 2pp deal 3 draw 1 with no downsides other than needing an amulet on your side is amazing. Especially in a class with Avarice. Body is also good, with 6/6 storm unconditionally, and you can buff with rides.
Scrappy Werewolf 1
Brings you to wrath when not in it, and is a 2/3/3 storm in wrath amazing card in a deck that needs more finishing power
Bloodfall 2
While it seems like amazing card economy at first glance, remove 3pp worth of value for 1pp, it’s inability to help in more lethal situations is a major minus.
redcap 1
This thing can spiral out of control. With just a single APC, this guy becomes a 3/5/7. And the axe is a minor benefit as more discard fodder for showdown. Amazing pull from Volteo too.
Craps Demon 1
First off, bane is great in combination with ward and/or rush, especially on a cheap 2pp follower. The fact that it heals some damage on top of it is great. The fact that it heAls often a lot (6) when you need it is great as well. this is also thematically the coolest card in the set- you gamble your buff on him to roll his dice, and get defender back based on the result, but in a pinch he rigs the game highly in your favour also a great Volteo target.
Class rating: 1
Haven got a lot of synergistic support for Amulet and/or Ward, with almost no pack filler.
benevolent Blight 2
With Kel gone, Haven is starved for AOE. And although the lack of body is highly noticeable, the heal, draw, clear, and enhance for more of the above later on may be a decent tech option for later on.
Revolver Eagle 1
Better divine birdsong, or that other card that maybe rotated out getting APC + an ordinary divine birdsong for the same price is splendid. Body isn’t bad, 2 bodies one with rush the other a 3atk storm isn’t the worst for 9pp if finishing the game
enchanted Knight 1
2/1/2 that draws a card. Can draw more pretty easily. Basically an Earth sorceress that has 1 less defenders but draws off itself. Ward Haven is already starved for draw, and losing Golden bells will hurt like a bi-
Sacred Stone Apostle 1
Enhance for possibly 5/7/6 stats all with ward and most targeting protection isn’t bad, but being able to put a 1/1 ward not only to contest board but also to get more use out of Wilbert and Sarissa is also really useful. Did I mention she is a 1/2/2 outside turn 1?
pure metamorphosis 1
2pp transform anything into a 2/1. Remember Presto? That card balances giving a 3/4 that drew your opponent a card on evo by being 2pp. And this one gives a 2/1. Only problem is you can’t get rid of it on your turn.
Shady Priest 1
1pp banish anything lmao. Another amulet to get destroyed, 1pp too. And the body isn’t bad either, tutoring an amulet to use with him and being able to possibly banish multiple things in the midgame is a ton of value.
Set 1
Amazing card. Accel is amazing for heal decks like Elena or new 4pp amulet, or just for procing Lorena. But the body on this thing is so good. Healing, Targeting protection, high defense, AND Bane?! Amazing. And then you remember that you can res this thing with Sarissa for massive tempo swings.
Class Rating: 2
Portal has some good cards, but lack a cohesive game plan outside float, which lacks synergy with the legends.
mechanical designs 1
Draw engine for float. With all the combos of very chap cards which don’t self replace, resources run out fast, so an extra card a turn could really help.
Wretch 2
What carries this to 2 is him being good going first, and him making a bullet bike to enable Zel to a 1 for 1. Otherwise, meh
Stringmaster 1
Amazing puppet support, cheap puppet generator, and generates lots of dead followers.
Yo Yo girl 3
Very underwhelming, clunky, and hard to play. Better to just play the artifact than her and why pay 3pp to lower a single pshift by 1, when a 1pp artifacts lowers them all by 1?
Scavenge 2
Very interesting card that can gain massive advantage the later the game goes on. Reusing many portal followers is a massive blessing. Kinda expensive and can be clunky though.
Railmender Coyote 3
Portal has little to no ride support- not many buffs and no other payoffs for buffs, other than trading with puppets using additional attack.
capsule Homunculus 1
0pp heal basically. Just stick it in a float combo. Heal is always welcome in this deck .Face damage doesn’t matter cause your win con is Vesha Zel
Class Rating: 1
Neutral just has a a lot of solid support now. Almost all of them do something to help Ride game plans
Spice Showers 3
A gingerbread house that doesnt leave an earth sigil. Need I say more?
“Quixotic adventurer” 1
Solid ride support. Not much else to say
rivaylian Bandit 1
Ride payoff card. How effective it is at that depends on the deck. Doubt the enhance is good though
vagabond Lizard 1
Again, plain old solid ride support
supercharged Guitarist 2
Ride payoff card, but it’s trash without them. Relies on ride consistency to be efffective.
And that’s the full list. Love to here other’s thoughts on this expansion.
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[WTS] Gov't Silver, Silver strikes, Generic Silver, others (at or around spot)

Verification & pics
Was going through my stack and didn't see this fitting anywhere
Please PM me if interested, I am on mobile so can't respond to chats as easily.
Going to sleep.. will answer all PMs in order received
Item Name Qty Price (ea) Comments
Lot - Casinos of the world Sterling Silver tokens 1 Make me an offer I'll entertain trades for this one
'SGS MS 70' rosie 1 $spot Free holder
2014 O Canada - 'Down by the old maple tree' OOS Make me an offer I'll entertain trades for this one
Lot of 10 Silver Strikes OOS $pot 6toz of .999 Silver
Lot of 6 Govt Silver Rounds OOS $pot + $1 6.0toz of .999 silver. Croc,3 turtles, a wolf, noah's ark
Happy birthday bar OOS $spot + $1 1toz
Shipping Shipping will be at cost.
Want insurance? At cost from u-pic
Payment Methods
Zelle / Google Pay (no comments) / PPFF (No comments plz) / PP G&S (+3.5% fee, trusted members only)
As you can tell from my feedback, I pack discretely and securely with loads of tape! That being said, although I will try my best to help you find any lost packages, I cannot be held responsible for USPS screwups.
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Mixing hobbies

Does anyone else try and mix your stacking hobby and any other hobby you have? Wether it’s trading for silver or using it to progress it in some way? I keep aquariums in my house and plan on getting a vacuum sealer to put some of my silver bars in deep storage in the substrate
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Stopped by a coin shop for the first time today...

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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure OC Tournament #5: Match 4 Jacob VS Richard

The results are in for Match 2. The winner is…
Peter “Treagon” Bequasimodo, with a score of 68 to Markus Ness Mathison’s 60!
Category Winner Point Totals Comments
Popularity Baker Street Rat Pack 16-14 Popularity was fairly even throughout the match, ultimately resolving just barely in Treagon’s favor.
Quality Baker Street Rat Pack 20-18 Reasoning
JoJolity Baker Street Rat Pack 22-18 Reasoning
Conduct Tie 10-10
The Heartache Casino had been trashed. A mixture of water and soda syrup seemed to leak out of most of the machinery, the vast majority of screens in the building had been slashed open, and the air was hazy with smoke. It was almost unbearably hot due to the air conditioning having been down for quite a while. Over all of the damage and chaos stood Peter Bequasimodo, Markus having been forcibly escorted out by security at what the hacktivist had thought to be the deadline for some horrible event. Treagon was pretty sure the fish guy wasn’t the one who had lured him here, but by all means, it seemed the only disaster that had come of this place had been what they did to it.
As casino patrons continued to stream out of the front doors and employees frantically ran around, Peter noticed a garish gold mess in the shape of a thin, middle-aged white dude approaching him from the VIP stairs. He was sharp-faced and red-eyed, with neat but longish black hair, wearing a gold-yellow checker-patterned suit over white, and everything about the way he carried himself suggested that he was the kind of guy who wouldn’t go anywhere unless he were the constant center of attention. He looked like he wasn’t hot at all, despite what had happened to the air systems (maybe they had a separate one upstairs..?), and carried under his arm a sort of envelope, clapping as he did.
“Well done, Treagon, well done… That was absolute chaos, and my premiums are probably gonna go up, but hell, my guests loved the show, and that’s what really matters, yeah?” He held out his hand. “Tigran Sins, ‘Golden’ to friends, owner of this place you trashed, and you, I think, could make a wonderful friend.”
Peter raised an eye and looked over him, realizing what had come as a woman dressed like some kind of pirate was also forcibly escorted from the upstairs and tossed out on the streets, shouting all the while, “my best customer fucking ruined meeeeeeee!” For some reason, Peter presumed that may have been who that fish guy was trying to flush out, but paid it no mind.
Tigran rolled his eyes, chuckling and brushing her off. “I swear, upstarts get a taste of the good life, and then they always do this as soon as it all comes crashing down. Never gets old…” He sighed with some amusement, then moved to pull free the envelope. “Anyway, I have something one of my clients has asked to give to the w-”
A fist connected with the casino owner’s face, which quickly turned into a grasp at his hair, yanking him down to knee him into the dirtied floor, Peter following through by smoothly dusting off the new letter. “Endangering your customers and screwing with me to entertain a bunch of high-rollers while you sit in comfort and laugh at their misfortunes… You’re my least favorite kind of scumbag.”
“My face! My faaace!” Covering it and panicking, the owner ran away in alarm, and now it was Peter’s turn to give security the slip. When he was somewhere safer, he carefully opened the unmarked, finely-sealed envelope’s contents, finding the quality of the writing to be the same as the last, but this time, rather than an unsigned threat, the handwritten note had been much stranger, most curiously reading at the bottom:
For the Institute,
Oh No
Enjoy M2? Looking forward to M4 and beyond? In the meantime, when this goes live, you still have over a day to vote in M3, the bout featuring an Octopus-headed youth, a thief, a shapeshifter, and a child who controls ants, all duking it out over weird gross fish.
Downtown Los Fortuna - North Island: Within Sight of the Waterfront statues, Triskele and Cocytus.
Not quite evening.
The streets were busier than usual in the area for a variety of reasons. Roadwork was underway in more convenient places, for one thing. For another, people had been curious about a plane which performed a miracle landing just up North, and a local small-time reporter was trying yet again to cover some facets of the incident and reach another fleeting effort towards a big break, workers all the while meanwhile toiling to fish the plane out from between two art installations. Thirdly, and most significantly, an old man was delivering a speech before a canal dock, the campaign van he stood atop flanked by two large and unfurled Los Fortuna flags and a private security detail.
This man was Wedding March, and despite being a somewhat overweight, balding, middle-height man whose well-tailored white suit was soaked in sweat from the day’s sun, any who paid local politics attention could identify him as the chairman of the Los Fortuna Metropolitan Council -- little more than a ceremonial upgrade over a standard councilor position on paper, but becoming the popularly-elected face of the city council had perks of its own nonetheless.
“My fellow citizens of Los Fortuna,” March began, a certain commanding aura to the way he articulated, gestured, and generally carried himself, “we are living in interesting times once more, I am afraid to say. In recent months, all number of bizarre crimes have surged to a greater extent than ever before, and once again, it is only the efforts of the ordinary heroes of this city that have kept us from collapsing… This Metropolis’ wonderful police force, its defense forces, from the volunteer organizations of Aurelio to the men and women of Valkyrie, yes, but also, our rescue workers, doctors, the journalists who keep people like me honest, never letting me have a wink of sleep…”
The crowd which had gathered around him laughed at that final point, March giving a self-deprecating smile. From there, he segued into further praise. “And too many other persons to possibly list! Yet in the strange incidents of this city, the danger these persons face is unique as well! A dear friend of mine, one who drew the very flags I stand for, who thirty years ago aided this city in its hour of tragedy even as he mourned his flesh and blood, said that in times like these, the people need more than ever to know that there is a place to simply be good, to be inspiring, to be forthright and demonstrate agency! You may be quiet, Los Fortuna, but I can hear you calling! I will work myself to an early grave if it means my fellow councilors and I can do right by the safety and comfort every last one of you deserves!”
The man continued postulating about the safety of the city, and the crowd didn’t seem to be processing all of it, yet they cheered anyway when he paused or gestured to.
It all felt so smotheringly fake to Jacob Brown, having gotten curious about the crowd while on a stroll through the city, having before then been idly people-watching.
You use his name like a tool to make the people cheer… You say you were friends, but I sure never heard him talk about you! I think you might be lying and lying and peppering in platitudes, just like every other politician, Councilor!
For a brief, flashing moment, Jacob called the semi-tangible form of ‘Megalo Strike Back,’ only to stop himself, remembering.
“You all seem a good lot, creative, constructive, well of intent, so I must ask you all personally... Help me make this inevitable into something that is not a tragedy, when the time comes."
That Andrew Tiffany had asked that of them all, and Jacob had promised his help with all the rest. He had seemed so happy, so relieved, to know that he had allies in this fool’s errand of his, and even though he was dead, Jacob Brown was never one to defy a promise.
The speaker would live, and Megalo Strike Back would recede. Still, to calm his nerves, he walked away, trying to deftly make his way somewhere away from all the lies.
Maybe he could find his fun for the day somewhere quieter.
In an alleyway, South of the rally…
Richard Stone was thinking to himself, having had much the same people-watching plans as a youth not half his age, though his walk was a shorter one, himself more winded by what had come, not to mention what had distracted him.
This Downtown in particular, it had interested him… He remembered the words of that young woman who spoke of the place, how apparently it had once been devastated by an earthquake, and then from there rebuilt… A bit of a museum trek confirmed as such to him, too. Was this, then, the history of the city’s canals?
It truly was amazing, the decades of stories that could be told by just walking around.
There were a lot of police in the area, and earlier, a man had been trying to avoid them, but also looking quite nervous in his own right… He’d a feeling that he should paint the man, perhaps, but he had only seen him briefly enough to get a quick sketch, and had since become preoccupied by searching for that guy, whatever trouble he had gotten up to, instead of checking out that rally up by the water.
It was a pretty damn nice drawing for a sketch of a man at a glance, by any standards bar Richard’s own.
All this going around looking for some guy… I really need to do more cardio. At least it’s an absolutely lovely day, and being this far from that district locals call ‘The Earth,’ I’m bound to find some excitement just by walking around a bit! And if it’s the wrong kind, it’s nothing that my ‘Heavens’ can’t get me out of!
Not long after expressing that, Richard did, in fact, find some company; a teenager, by the looks of things, had entered the alley, looking as though he were hurriedly shuffling away from something.
“Good day!” Richard spoke, waving at the youth with a raised hand. Already, he could see dark energies from this young man, but this was hardly something to phase him, simply standing where he was, holding onto what he was. “You don’t happen to have seen a man who looks vaguely like this, have you?”
As he held out his sketch, the newcomer gave him a curious look, then began to close the distance between them quickly. Stopping a few meters away, then, he looked at the thing, then at the man, shaking his head. “I’m afraid not… Would this be a friend of yours?”
Richard shook his head, which seemed to satisfy the boy. “No, a complete stranger… He caught my eye, as people do sometimes. I’m not sure if you’re aware, but there’s many people with strange abilities in this place, and I’ve developed, I think, a knack for feeling out where they’re active. I was hoping to track him down and paint him.”
“Most of our kind don’t speak so bluntly about Stands like that with total strangers,” this kid said, cutting through all the slight inclinations that he might be somewhat normal, then smiling, getting a little closer. “Someone with that layer of fearless honesty has some respect from me… You may not be so bad, Mister…”
“Stone,” he answered, “Richard Stone. I just wasn’t sure if you were one as well, so I didn’t want to confuse you, but I can see that’s not necessary! Tell me, though, what’s your name, since you now have mine?”
“Jacob Brown… I’m new here, you could say, and so I was people-watching… Happened to make my way here when the lies of that councilman became too much to bear.” The boy retracted a bit, then held his hands behind his back… Richard could tell he was up to something. “Tell me, though, Richard, do you think it’s dangerous to accost strangers in alleys?”
“I’ve been told,” he answered, “but sometimes, that’s where you meet the most interesting people, and I won’t flinch from that… Not all of the best stories parade through the streets, yeah?”
“I understand, and agree completely! That said, a fair warning, Richard, since you seem alright… you caught me in a really bad mood, and I just want to rip something open!”
Like that, he leapt forward, a knife now in his hands, bringing it with alarming speed towards his conversational partner. Richard, to his end… Simply stood and watched, and then, just before the blade could contact skin, stopped itself, Jacob pulling back and tilting his head. “You really aren’t afraid at all, then… Didn’t try to get away, nor summon up your own Stand to stop me.”
“You like to unnerve people and see how they react, is that it?” Richard asked, his answer implying the point of his inaction. “You’re honest, to a fault… If you were going through the trouble of announcing your bloodlust like that, I think you’d have told me you meant to gut me like a fish, or something else flavorful like that. Yet all you said was you wanted to do that to something. Not a lie, but a test. And lucky thing, too… If you’d actually meant to kill me, Jacob, right now you would certainly be dead.”
Jacob Brown started cracking up, then, hand moving to his forehead as he laughed and laughed, in a better mood than he had been since hearing that infernal speech. “You’re good… You really are good, Richard Stone! If you had recoiled or tried to run, acted afraid, that wouldn’t have reflected very well on your claimed interests in all kinds of people, and then maybe you would have become the ‘something’ after all. Talking to you has put me in such a better mood already… Is there some way I can repay you?”
“One,” Richard said, producing his art supplies once again with a nod, looking over his form. “Let me paint you?”
Not much later, that same day, that same alley…
The two fast acquaintances, not yet aware that they would soon come to blows, had a good time simply talking as the drawing ensued, and there was much to talk about… Both had quite dark, storied histories, and though both did value being forthright, some of what they got into utterly forbade it in function. It was nice, then, to frankly discuss matters such as the taking of lives and witnessing of violent, gruesome scenes.
All good things were bound to come to an end, though, as not long after the drawing had been complete, the hand of fate tossed with all its might something which would surely come between their new bond.
A violent crashing sound, followed by a mess of crimson liquid dancing in the air, surrounding the slumped, launching form of a man’s body, a flickering humanoid figure trying and failing to grasp at anything and everything before fading from existence, even Richard not quite able to make out what the mysterious person’s Stand was. Before either person could process anything, this anonymous Stand User had entered their eyesight by smashing headfirst against the brick wall of the alley directly between where they were standing.
“That’s…” Richard raised an eyebrow, noting the outfit and hair of what was once a man before them, now cut to shit and crushed up to boot. “I’m sure of it, that’s the man I was trying to follow.”
“Well,” Jacob said, moving to ineffectually, almost tongue-in-cheekily check the corpse’s pulse. “You’ve found him, I suppose. Might not be as easy to paint his face now, but…” He leaned in hard, squinting before pulling away. “The resemblance of your sketch seems to have been uncanny to what his face might have looked like unsmashed!”
“I’ll have to remember him, then… When I see a Stand User die, you know, I can always paint them perfectly from memory.”
Their conversation was interrupted by the chatter of a man on a radio, “yeah, got two men in an alleyway, right in front of a John Doe. Now approaching, over.”
“Oh…” Jacob said, slightly disappointed, “the police are here.”
“Looks like it,” Richard answered in a whisper, “play it cool, yeah? ”
Of course, both Richard and Jacob knew how horrible this looked right away, what with the officer drawing closer with a cold look on his lips, brow tensed and hands on his hips as he walked over to the scene, what he would be saying clear before he even came close.
Jacob, for a moment, was glanced at by the man, before he turned his head to Richard, getting closer to him. “Would either of you mind answering some questions for me?”
“Certainly, officer,” Jacob said, already feeling exhausted, “what about? Social studies? Pre-calculus? Ooh, I was always graded well in physical education, would that help?”
“You know that’s not what I meant…” That, then, earned an eyebrow raising from him, his tone growing concerned, rather than frustrated as he looked at Jacob and pointed at Richard. “Is he threatening you not to answer or something? You can trust me, young man, it’s like Councilor March said… It’s not just all these security companies, or those college boys in their ivory tower, or that fuckin’ Black Angel; police officers like me are doing our part too, and I say we’re doing the biggest part of all!”
That put Jacob in a bad mood, and Richard, noticing his new friend stiffen up, opted wisely to take over, “if I may, officer, I assure you this body literally just flew in out of nowhere while my friend and I were just talking here. We’re as confused as you are about this whole-”
“You expect me to believe that? Don’t make fun of me! North Island PD aren’t stupid, buddy!” Suddenly, the officer seized Richard’s hand, hard enough to actually make the weak older man wince, dropping the canvas upon which had been the sketch of the dead man - and immediately, the officer caught that. “If you’re not gonna cooperate, we’ll just have to bring you to the station and hear what you really know!”
And then, he held up the sketch of this person, glancing at it and chuckling, looking at the corpse. “Not a bad resemblance at all… You’re a half-decent artist, but a damned shitty liar. That’s settled now, you’re coming with me.”
The officer, then, dropped the canvas before reaching down for his handcuffs, occupied hand loosening in its grip on Richard without his notice, only for him to realize as he brought his arm back up that it wasn’t holding them… And that both of his wrists ended in grotesquely bleeding stumps, both of what they once connected to dropping uselessly to the floor.
Turning, slowly, in too much shock as he held up his stumps, he looked towards the boy off to the side, grinning with his mouth but looking at him with utter malice, hand formed as if it was holding something, but nothing appearing visible in the officer’s eyes.
“That’s not a term to toss around lightly, officer… I was in a wonderful mood until you went and ruined it, you know!” Jacob’s grin grew wider, then, and he stepped again and again on the lifeless fingers of the severed hand, the officer hearing them crack apart. There was almost a quality of laughter in his voice. “So run away now, little piggy, while I satisfy myself with this! This is one hundred percent your fault, you know, for trying to arrest an innocent man for telling the whole truth!”
Finally, the pain registered, and as he turned and ran with a look of utter inelegance, the officer screamed pathetically and bolted away, his expensive blue pants moist with an absolute sign of his fear as he tried and failed, again and again, to radio for help.
“I, uh… Appreciate the save.” Richard sighed, relieved on one hand, but otherwise, frowning with further thoughts as he picked up his canvases. “We need to get out of here, though… He’ll get help eventually, and then we are in serious trouble.”
“I concur… This way!”
The nearby streets, minutes later…
Jacob and Richard ran off, but sirens wailed in the distance, and both could see it with utter certainty… The officers in the area had been looking for an excuse to flex on someone, they had been in the wrong place at the wrong time, and now, the situation had escalated even further.
Panting to catch their breaths, Richard looked to the younger criminal, speaking quite frankly to him. “You know, Jacob… There’s no way the cops are gonna stop until they have someone to pin this crime on, and we just gave them all the reason to make it one of us on a silver platter. There’s no reason for both of us to go down.”
“Yes I agree,” Jacob answered, bouncing from foot to foot, looking around, “much as I’ve enjoyed our chat, and don’t at all regret helping you back there, I don’t intend to actually go to jail for your sake. There’s far too much police could find if they looked into me, and I’ve made a promise to someone which would be in danger if I were ever in that hot water.”
“So we’re on the same page, then… I have every intent of being the one of us who walks away from this, even if it means they take you in. No hard feelings, yeah?”
Jacob, again, found the situation amusing, seeming to agree if only for the sheer honesty of saying that… It isn’t a deception or a betrayal if they totally understand where they are. “No hard feelings… If you survive this, though, I might save you a second time after all! I have connections at the Academy, yes, and I’m sure they won’t abide by an innocent Stand User facing charges, no! So try to live, and may the best man win!”
Without another word, Jacob bolted off, then, leaving Richard standing there, stretching, and shaking his head with bemusement. “‘If I survive this…’ This a game to him?” A sigh, shaking his head, then followed. “What a kid… Alright, then! Not gonna let myself get shown up here! I’ve been through worse scrapes than this before he was even alive, so it’s time to show him how it’s done!”
Open the Game!
Location: The streets in Downtown Los Fortuna’s north island. Fleeing from the police has forced the players away from all the art and history towards one of its more… Commercial subsections.
The area is shown here with each tile being 7.5 by 7.5 meters with a total length of 90 meters and width of 150 meters. The dark grey are each two lane roads, cars are parked and driving as normal here at around 30 miles per hour and the crosswalks are denoted by double white lines. The arrows show the direction of traffic. The players are represented by their respective tokens on the center crosswalks with Richard on the left and Jacob on the right side of the map.
The yellow circles represent cops, which focus on the character to whom they are closer in proximity. Though not marked on the map, there is steady foot traffic through the area and a regular flow of motorists, miraculously not killing anybody. At the start of the match, the flow of motor traffic is cutting the police off from the players’ initial positions.
The cream-colored tiles surrounding sets of buildings are sidewalks with general foot traffic, but not too busy. The inner light grey tiles are alleyways with the rectangles around them being various buildings or lots. The Orange rectangles (labeled “R”) are restaurants, the Blue rectangles are convenience stores (“C”), the Red rectangles (“F”) are fast food places, and the Grey rectangles are empty concrete lots that are fenced off by 2.5 meter tall fences (“L). The doors to each building are denoted by the yellow rectangles and the doors that lead to the alleyways are locked from the outside.
All of the above are currently open, and the things one might expect to find within them are, indeed, generally all there. They’re a little bit crowded in all of their cases, minus the empty lots, but easy enough for anyone to navigate. The paths from the sidewalk to the alleyways are blocked by 2.5 meter fences that are denoted by the bolded lines.
The top center area is a parking lot with the magenta being the entrance and the purple rectangles being the cars. The bottom center is a grassy park with trees denoted by the green circles.
Goal: Do not get caught by the police! The player that gets caught by the police first will be charged with Resisting Arrest, with more charges to come as the officers think them up, getting Retired as a result. Until one of them is, the police will literally stop at nothing to make it happen. No tactic is outright off-limits, but every possible course of action will have immediate consequences on the behavior of NPCs towards both characters. See below for details.
Additional Information:
Though it’s possible to leave any side of the map, these city streets all look so similar in this unfamiliar place… You get turned around way too easily! The map will effectively loop, in short. If you leave from the left side, like in a game of ‘Pac Man,’ you will find yourself on the right side, and so on. No NPC is capable of understanding or exploiting this phenomenon.
None of the police officers involved in this match are Stand Users, nor can they see Stand phenomena unless it’s a case where everyone can anyway.
The cops have 333 physicals, 3 in Cop (a competent enough but not particularly great shot with a standard-issue handgun, reasonably physically acute, can generally press civilians into showing them where they want to go), 5 in Slighted; basically, these guys are tenacious to a fault and will chase after players, but are also somewhat overconfident in their ability to handle this. They are armed with a baton, taser and pistol, and have hand-cuffs and a radio on their belt.
Police will chase the players they are following as best they can, and will not take their focus off their pursuit until someone they can arrest is sitting in police custody… In which case they will literally just sort of drop it instantly to focus on keeping him that way.
Officers will start off completely clueless to how both of you operate, but gradually learn the tactics of the player characters as the match goes on, so mixing up methods is important for outlasting them on a long-term basis.
The cops will not fire their guns on players unless they have a clear shot, and players have tried attacking them or committed any violent crimes during the match; that one dickhead in the writeup was a freebie. That said, the more aggressive players get with them, the more aggressive in turn the already disproportionate response will grow.
The longer the match goes on, the more cops will be chasing after each player; with each 5 minutes, a new cop will be on each player’s trail. One will also appear immediately from the opposite side of the map from the player if an officer is ever slain.
The civilians (222s with no relevant skills) will usually give you away to the cops if they know what direction you went or where you generally are, but being as indifferent as the average JoJo civilian, they need to be questioned for this to trigger.
Once 30 minutes have passed, each player will have a police helicopter begin to focus on them, relaying the player’s location information to the other cops if they can find them. If a player seems to be moving too quickly for cops to pin down, they will start coming in cop cars to chase them.
Team Combatant JoJolity
Masters of Funky Action Jacob Brown “Go ahead, shoot me! But prepare yourself; the moment you pull that trigger, I’m going to break your finger like a matchstick!” These officers are really quite vexing, and you need to vent more. While completing your objective, find creative ways to antagonize your pursuers!
Black Hill Estate Richard Stone “Hm? You think I’m just running around not knowing where I’m going? I ran here so I can kill you!” These damned cops may have ruined your day and forced you out of one of the cooler parts of North Island, but you still have a day to seize. Make the most you can out of the places you visit on the map in your strategy!
Link to the Official Player Spreadsheet
Link to Match Schedule
As always, if you would like to interact with the tournament community and be among the first to get updates for the tournament, please feel free to PM a member of our Judge staff for an invite to our Official Discord Server!
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Casino silver strikes: what's everybody's opinion?

Gamblers can be rewarded with these metallic tokens by specific one arm bandits at casinos, mostly in Nevada.
Officially most $10 silver strikes have "about" .60 OZT of fine silver at the center, surrounded by a brass ring on the outside. $7 tokens seem to be pure silver.
I am not sure if we can really trust the casino world when it comes to honoring their promises but there seems to be a market for these as well, with dedicated clubs and web sites. Some are collectibles and sought after.
Personally, I'm just looking at the silver, so any cheap source of silver with a small premium is always good for me, especially if the silver part is fine silver.
I will take any information and comment regarding this topic. I personally find these things somewhat fascinating.
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A simple guide and questions to p2w (for beginners)

There are some really well put together guides that break down a lot of specific points. A lot of them are much more focused on those one or two components. This guide is a more of thought process actual execution up to brutal campaign. I’ll be adding to it and adding links to some of the other guides already posted. Also I’ll be adding team comps and gear builds at a later date.

Link to megathread: Mega beginners guide thread
Low tier - Entry level play, learning basics, basic principles of game mechanics
Mid Tier - Middle of the road, close to clearing brutal or close to it. Have some understanding of core mechanics and sets. Have some variety in heroes to make different compositions.
High Tier - Cleared brutal, high silvegold in arena, have multiple 6 star ascended heroes, understand main mechanics and sub mechanics of games
RR = Rare
EP = Epic
LG = Legendary
ST/AS = Staascended

So to scratch on this game it actually has a pretty intricate design and layout to how it operates. Understanding every component of the game when you first start will be tough. Mainly because you’ll have so many choices and so many options and optimizing and testing take quite a bit of time, silver and energy. So to break it down as listed above I’ll list kind of my guide to how and what to prioritize, as well as how to plan for events, and even give a cost benefit analysis to help answer those “is it worth it” questions when spending real money.
***stars so you know its important - This guide will be relatively long and as such will not be perfected or completed on first posting. I will edit to add mid/high tier stuff, but to make sure I do justice to the influx of new players, I wanted to address all the basics that I could
Preface/Quick Maths: Just to nip it in the butt, spending money in this game can adjust your experience with the game. But like any RNG ( Random number generator) you run into, you’re going to get mixed results. So I did some quick math to address how I view spending money on this game. I also made another account and spent zero dollars on to see what the difference is in playing through the game.
“Is it a good deal?” - The best way to measure this is to find the greatest value you can from any money spent. A lot of the offers they have pop up, aren’t great deals and in fact hold less value than whats offered in the store. However, there is on occasion a good deal. Remember though as you spend money on the game, the dynamic pricing you run into will alter its algorithm to offer more deals that become more expensive. The Casino effect - I don’t know if it’s been stated but there is a lot of RNG you run into on a lot of aspects of this game. And it’s designed to get you hooked so you chance your dollars away into oblivion. . . One thing to remember is if you don’t have the money, don’t spend the money. It’s an easy pinch to hit up your credit card and max it out for the sake of that one extra chance to be let down, but don’t do it. If you’re the type of person prone to this behavior and still decide to play, you need to make sure you do something to safeguard yourself, from yourself.Now to the nitty gritty of it. So the best money in game is the gems you get from the mine, and you will collect along the way from quests/missions/events. This is the best currency because it can access literally everything else in the game for you. From the training area, to the power ups, to cb keys, to power and arena tokens. So it holds the highest value. The “best deal” they offer in the shop for gems is 4200 gems for $99.99 USD - That equates to 42 gems to $1.00 USD. . . The next one is 2025 gems for $49.99 USD - That equates to 40.5 gems to $1.00 - Next is 1150 gems for $29.99 USD - that equates to 38 gems to $1.00 - Next 730 gems for $19.99 - that equates to 36.5 gems to $1.00 USD . . . The importance of gems as well is you can buy blue shards with them, which are effectively the best way you’ll be getting legendary heroes. Mainly because its the one you’ll open the most if you spend. 900 gems = 11 blue shards which means on 4200 gems you’ll be able to buy 44 blue shards and have 600 gems left over, which allows for you to spend on another 6 blue shards for 540 gems - which means you can get 50 shards for $100.00 - The next offer close to that is 48 shards from the shard combo and you have 50 gems left over instead of 60. It seems menial but it all adds up. The reason why I addressed gem pricing, is because thats how you should value every deal presented. The items offered dont always have to add up, but the gem count you get with it should be close to the 40 gem mark, or as close as possible for it to be considered a “good deal.” The alternative is if you buy gems, you can always unlock level 3 gem mine for 1500 gems and then farm them 15 gems every day. Times that by a weeks time and you’ll have 105. Which means in 14 weeks you’ll get your investment back. It’s honestly worth it to unlock it because its the only thing that offsets potential spending in the future when you have gems available to buy gem packs or power ups. You don’t have to spend money, and I would encourage you not to. Not because it’s bad ( I’ve spent some money on this game) but because you’re really rolling the dice even when you break it down to the “best deal” situation. I will say that if you work hard for your money, spend it how you please.
My last point on spending real money, will be the things to absolutely avoid. It’s a short list and to be honest shame on the company or developers who are making these deals so shiesty. Void shards are the legit biggest scam in the game, they have the lowest drop rates for every type and some how hold a higher dollar amount than blue shards. Silver packs are incredibly fraudulent in their own right. You will spend close to a million silver with bad RNG +16 a 5 star item, do not buy silver with intent to upgrade items that high, you will be miserably and undoubtedly disappointed. Do not buy gear packs because the stats you can potentially get will be horrible and at that point you’re just burning your money.
Low Tier - I feel like a lot of this goes untouched due to nature of RNG and how you build an early team. I will say hero choice is pretty important, and this is based off of the choices I’ve made on two accounts. It’s not finite or set in stone, but I’ve looked at a lot of the advantages early on and weighed them based off those findings.
Hero selection: Kael and Athel - Are by far the best picks you can make. I’ll address both individually.
Athel: She has some of the highest early game output and has one of the easiest caps for skills ( since she’s a rare ) you can effectively use all the early game skill books on her. With her AoE swords ability fully level’d and her cool down reduction skill she’s able to put a lot of pressure early game on dungeon bosses. She’s great for solo faring or power leveling in 12-3 brutal and does well for 3 starring everything in all three difficulties with just a warpriest. The only boss I had problems with was 11-7, which I used a lightsworn instead of a warpriest with Athel.
Gear: The best setup I’ve found so far has been Lifesteal (4) and Divine Offense (2) w/ crit, crit damage and atk. This combo does a lot of things for you, but effectively makes her a one man wrecking crew in every campaign spot.
Arena: Athel has a high capacity for one shot with the right gear which makes it really easy to place on your arena team. Her first round rotation should get you a kill with exception to high shield teams ( we’ll go into that more later) - She works in tandum with a lot of heroes that can give crit/ATK boosts as well as heroes that can give defensive boosts or revives ( so she can do more aoe) - I use Lightsworn and/or Gorgorab with Athel on most fights that I use her in.
Low - Mid Level Dungeon: 5 stars
High Level dungeons : 4.5 stars
Arena up to S4 : 5 Stars
Arena in g1-4: 4 stars
Campaign: 5 stars Gearing: Very easy
Kael: He has some amazing early game damage but can be a glass cannon through normal/hard modes if you don't get the proper gear sets to drop. Kael has a lot of aoe potential and his % damage is great for CB and arenas. He is arguably one of the best arena starters because most low bronze/early silver teams don’t stack shields or a lot of mitigation. Which makes him great for farming medals.
Gear: Crit/crit damage w/ life is a good early game combo, but you can make variations depending on who your supports are. He’s not very strong solo early game for survivability but does fairly well with most early game supports.
Arena: He is arguably one of the best arena starters because most low bronze/early silver teams don’t stack shields or a lot of mitigation. Which makes him great for farming medals. Late arenas he’s still ferocious because you can run combos wth some meatier heroes to put immune/shields on him or increase his crit output. He can be a good 1 shot rotation with right setup.
Low-Mid level dungeon: 4.5 stars
High level dungeons: 4.9 stars
Arena up to s4: 5 stars
Arena in g1-4: 4.6 stars
Campaign: 4.9 stars
Gearing: Easy enough
Play through: I feel like this is pretty straight forward but a lot of people seem to ask questions about campaign vs. dungeon and hopefully we can address it. The very basic answer is you need both in order to do well. However, clearing normal campaign should be your first mission. Mainly because it opens up a lot of areas where you can farm easy rares to try different team comps, but by the time you clear normal ( unless you paid to speed it up) you should have shaman unlocked. It can take you about a week of just casually playing to get to the end of normal. What I usually do is get to about 8-1 /8-3 and then hit up some of the keeps for easy ascendance potions and farm minotaur for about 200-300 energy to get the first row of masteries opened for all my main guys. If you can do minotaur with 4 so you’re not wasting extra energy on a 5th you’re gonna end up replacing.
One thing that can really slow down progression of campaign is switching up a lot of heroes and characters and gear as you go along. For the first two difficulties the team you first build with, should stay as that team until you’ve cleared hard. The reason why is once you clear hard, you’ll have 1 or 2 characters you can use to boost toons through zones to help them level faster so you’re not spending all your time grinding on normal.
“When do I 3 star the campaign?” - Great question Timmy. Once you clear Normal and have your main guy (kael or Athel) you should focus on skilling them up, since you cant target farm them, they are good choices for skill books to be used on. And by the time you max their skills out, you should have gotten through the weekly rewards or by drops the sets you need to make them tanky enough to do it. Warpriest seems to be a pretty common early game hero, and was my support for all my three star events. So if you find her early on, she’s worth every minute of your time. . . Once you’ve established who your best aoe damage is and your best support is, and have cleared through normal, thats when you want to work on 3 starring those events. A good measurement to whether you can or cant do it, is by trying it. Typically if you can’t 3 star a boss on 3 auto attempts and 2 regular attempts, it’s a good sign you need more oomf whether it be mastery, items leveled up or characters leveled up. The rewards don’t go away and they don’t disappear so if you need to, just get your main damage guy to rank 50 first and you can easily chuck through it.
6 Starring a hero takes too long: Yes it does. However, that’s designed to make sure you cant 1) buy your way to the top and 2) beat the game in 1 day. There’s no golden pony at the end of the race so enjoy the game. What you can do if you unlocked the training arena is put a few pieces of food in there and then use green shards to unlock more so you can star them up nice and slowly. The other option is once you get to brutal 12-3, you can farm that with athel and power level 3 toons at once as well as hit silver cap. 35-40 second clears can have most 2 and 3 star toons leveld up pretty quickly. Try and save your rank ups for the event if you can, or create a group of toons you can level or rank up for that event. If not, just be patient, it will come.
Clan Boss: Join a clan. Join a clan. Join, a clan. Join, clan, now! You should be doing clan boss every day. The keys reset every 6 hours which means if you time it right you can do CB 4 times. So even if you do 100k damage, you’ll still have enough damage to qualify for the reward. He drops awesome gear and early on can make a huge difference in your characters.
Arena: The arena bonuses you get are static and across all areas. So when you spend your medals on power ups, those power ups apply outside of arena matches as well as the bonuses you get from rank. Every 6 days the arena resets, which means you get some nice items/xp potions from it every week. You should be doing at least the 10 games every day you get on. I would encourage you to farm medals before you go into silver because its much easier to get your early bonuses knocked out at lower levels. And spending silver medals on bronze upgrades can be a little daunting considering how expensive the upgrades get. Farming medals is easier than pushing rating as well. To farm medals you can just play when you have a token available. To push rating you should always have 5-10 tokens available with a refresh ready so you can go up 80-90 points, that way in the interim when you’re not on or playing if you lose defense, you’re not back at square one.
Gear: Gearing is definitely a low, mid, high tier explanation. For the low tier side, just make sure your bonuses match up. What I mean by this is to make sure you have 4 pieces on for 4 piece sets and have 2 pieces on for 2 piece sets. You can always double check this by looking at the top right of your gear and looking for the symbols that match that set bonus. (I'll add photos later) Do not get caught up in +16 your gear right away. You’ll end up spending a lot of silver for 1 hero. You’re better off getting all the gear to +8 so you have a minimum of 2 upgrades for all your heroes. Then as you progress and replace pieces, you can figure out what’s best to upgrade. For me I focus on the stats that benefit them most and go for that. Like Crit damage for my Athel. This is in bold so its important! Do not equip gear until you’re sure you want it on that hero. Do not flippantly put your good gear on alt heroes for the sake of clearing up space. It cost silver to remove and if you sacrifice those heroes, you lose that gear.
Dungeons: To keep it simple, find out what keeps drop the potions for your main team, and focus on those. Don't push levels, but focus on quickness. Minotaur is an important part because masteries do add up quickly. However it's the most discouraging place to farm because of the steep amount of energy you’ll spend only to replace that guy down the road. Typically if you can break into tier 2 mastery that will get you through most of the campaign. Don’t worry too much about other places just yet.
Quests/Challenges/Missions: Do them as regularly as you can. The one set of challenges that is the worst is the artifact one. Since it has you farm areas 1 and 2 a lot, you’ll want to do those things when they benefit the most, which is at low levels. Most of the max tier rewards for those are orange shards and legendary/epic skill tomes, so its worth doing them. Don’t try and rush them because you’ll run into some that are time gated ( keeps being up) so just try and do them as organically as possible. You’ll end up completing a lot without effort.

Team Comps: Team composition is a really important part of this game. I wanted to add this to low tier, becasue understanding how your hero works in a team format can mean the difference of failing force keep 5 or clearing force keep 15 ( a little dramatic, but you get the point.) In most entry level comps you're going to have a support early on, and your character you pick will be an ATK hero. To avoid too much depth I'll give a brief very lamens explanation of each potential class.

ATK - Full offense heroes designed to put out maximum damage.
DEF - Heroes that have abilities that usually buff or debuff, and work in tandem with an action. ( i.e. counterattack, restoration on hit, etc.)
Support - Supports will usually have mostly defensive abilities or reactive skills. Like Aoe Rrevive, Aoe heal, Aoe Buff, aoe debuff, etc. - Some supports are really offensive like Shaman with high crit value, so you need to look at their offensiveness as much as their supporting abilities.
HP - Meat sticks

Depending on what you're doing will determine your load out, but that's mid tier. What's important starting off is maintaining a balanced group. For Most you can run 1 ATK 3 Support - I call this the cushion build because no matter if you auto or if you do it yourself, you're not going to normally lose a campaign round unless you're undergeared or underleveled. Most of these comps do well with heroes like Kael early on because of how squishy he is to start. Here's some more examples of comps that I toy around with.
With legendary hero:
Ex 1: Athel(rr), Lightsworn(ep), Gorgorab(ep), Robar(LG) - 2 ATK - 2 Supp
EX 2: Athel(rr), Lightswon(ep), Gorgorab(ep), Ignatius(LG) - 1 ATK - 2 Supp - 1 Def
Without legendary hero:
Ex 1: Athel(rr), Royal Guard(ep), Gorgorab(ep), Lightsworn(ep) Warden(ep) - Spider build - Aoe - 2 ATK - 2 Supp - 1 DEF
Ex 2: Athel(rr), Kael(rr), Warpriest(rr) Rocktooth(rr) = 3 ATK, 1 Support - Low cost easy to get heroes
Poor mans build: ( second account less than an hour a day for 2 weeks)
Ex 1: Jizoh(ep), Shaman(ep), Kael(rr) Adriel(rr) - Build from 2 free rares, 1 lucky pull from blue shard plus starting hero
Ex 2: Shaman(ep), Kael(rr), Warpriest(rr), Hurler(rr)

Mid Tier - Now that you’ve made it to the middle of the game or to mid tier level, you’ve probably accomplished a few things at this point. Cleared brutal. Gotten one champion to 6 stars or 2-3 5 st/as champs. You’ve pulled at least one or two good heroes. And you’ve worked on your team composition a little bit. Here comes the huge roadblock - and honestly the first stopping point for some players. Now that you’ve completed the story mode, what else is there to do? Well like any good pokemon trainer would say, to catch em all and get stronger!
We’ll be addressing more of the mechanical features that determine fights, as well as looking at more in depth compositions. This isn’t the 100% min-max conversation for high tier players, but this is for most people So here comes the grind or the farming bonanza you’re about to encounter. By this point in the game you should have an idea of heroes you want to play with from a composition level. As well as what heroes you want to use for what dungeons. ( i.e. Royal guard for CB, or Warden for spider boss) - You have to set a priority list. And the reason we set this list, is it will make your time be best used, and avoid that feeling like you’ve spent 1k energy and still made ZERO progress. For me I valued how often I would be using that hero, and gave them a score between 1 and 5. . .Now this is just my top 10 heroes or heroes I actually use. Obviously I’m capped and vaulted out so going through every single one is not practical. The first 6 ST/AS hero I had was Athel, she was a 5 on my usage scale. So I focused on her first, getting skillbooks was easy for her since she’s a RR and that makes incredibly easy to have high output to push most of the content you need. Once you commit to a 6 ST/AS hero, you’re not stuck with them, but it is an investment to get them to that point. So for her she’s in 100% of the time on any minotaur runs ( for mastery) - All of my arena fights, and my supports are designed to support her damage output. . .
The biggest problem with leveling up your starting heroes all the way is they fall off on damage even fully maxed out. Simply because more and more higher end keeps and arena teams are the wrong source ( force/magic/void/etc. ) so you do less or mitigated damage, and they also use a lot of shields ( Magic keep/Arenas ) - This is bad because unless you build pure damage, no sustain ( no lifesteal ) you run the risk of being a wet noodle. However, with no lifesteal athel loses a lot of value since she’s a 3 strike hero.
Remember, nothing is set in stone and I would encourage you to develop as many potential comps as possible. However, it does take time. So as you find your core group, you should be using the training area or your farm time, to level up new heroes, or more food for your rank ups. When silver intensive events happen like artifact leveling. I take my farmer +3 low levels to 12-3 brutal and farm it till I run out of energy. Rinse and repeat and over the 2-3 day span you’ll have leveled several new rankers for your next hero.
Ascendancy - You need to ascend everything you can. There’s no reason not to, and the baseline stat increase is great for % heroes or % stats. The most effective way to do this is by planning what you need. I have a lot of high magic characters, so instead of leveling up rankers, I may spend all my energy plus reset energy on magic keep. And then use silver to upgrade any potions I need to. Unless you’re really lucky, plan to spend 10-12 runs in the keeps. What you ascend first is the same rules as ranking up. Make a list of what’s most used and go down that list. But once you max out your main team, ascendancy potions are no longer your main priority, but don’t stop ascending things because of that.
Mastery - This honestly is the best/worst thing about this game. With low silveno item rewards - Minotaur is literally the balls of this game. But he plays such an important role for your heroes. Just know the best way to manage this without getting fatigued is spend 1 day a week grinding him out. Maybe even splooge on an energy potion if you can. The higher you farm the better, and the less heroes you farm with the better. Mastery traits literally define your end game or high tier content. Since a lot of the damage you get is % damage that’s massive for big bosses or high HP arena teams. And getting the damage increase on low hp mobs is a big deal. Just remember this farm spot sucks and everyone goes through it.
The farm - This is not a gripe or complaint about farming. Or a super detailed explanation of how to farm most efficiently. This is just to point out some good farming potential and ways to make it most time efficient for you. Energy consumption and smashing the replay button will always outweigh in results, so don’t get sold on one way being the best.
  1. Spider boss at low level is a poopy way to farm for your characters. But it still opens more doors. Getting a banner or amulet for a hero in say banner lords may encourage you to look at compositions with those heroes. ( this is why we ascend everything, since they require 5/6sts for amulets banners)
  2. If you need a ring, banner or amulet - you can target farm 12-7 in each mode for the specific item. Since the boss technically has less loot to drop your chances of getting a ring ( normal ), Amulet ( hard) and banner ( Brutal) is much higher. Then you’re just combating different clans instead of different clans and other jewelry pieces.
  3. 12-3 Brutal is the fastest silver and xp output in game. With a solid farmer you can clear in 30-40 seconds and get 10.5k silver + item that sells for 4-9k. . It only takes 8 energy. Basically if you had the energy you can do 90 runs an hour. Which means if you really wanted to you could make 1 mil silver an hour for 720 energy. . . That’s also a lot of rankers leveled up and ready to be fed into new heroes. Once I get my second account fully clearing brutal at that time frame I’m gonna do a trial run for an hour and see what the actual math is with items.
  4. Keeps - Pushing them is fun, but you can run lower levels for the same results. Depending on your RNG, there’s no need to push 14-15s with chance of failure if you can do it on a lower level with auto. I feel like they nerfed the blue shard drop from these places but you can still get one on occasion.
  5. Fire knight/Ice golem/Dragon - They totally viable, but only do them for the challenges. When you can start clearing 13-15 they are more worth it, since most of your loot will be higher quality. - They become exceptionally important in min-maxxing statted items, but this is a super big lottery farm that I don’t encourage you to focus on this just yet.
Arena - I wont say much I haven’t already said in the low tier area. This will be a massive roadblock for you though. As the arena event comes out, you won't be hitting top prizes in it. As mid tier you’re gonna float in s2-s4 pretty regularly. But it’s a good chance to farm your medals for the stat increases. You’ll have 1 challenge that will require 4 different sections have an upgrade and one will be 1 lvl 4 upgrade and then 2 lvl 4 upgrades - It’s part for an orange shard so it's worth doing. Plan to be efficient on this part. The grind sucks. Placing a weak defender will help keep your rank down so you can farm easier teams. It’s stupid, but a better way than grinding up like i do it.
Stats/Set bonuses - This is where stats become important for most of you. This is the time where now that you have set bonuses that work with your comps, you’ll slowly but surely be replacing the items with higher stabetter statted versions. Things to remember on high stat heroes % increases will almost always yield a higher increase. % hp % ATK % DEF - It’s a double win though if an item has %def +DEF for your DEF heroes. - - Things to remember gloves can get crit chance and crit damage, so those will be some of your most valuable set items. Relickeeper needs 100% crit so items that have that stat will make him do best.
Basic set combos for teams:
Shield + Curing short cooldown healers
Lifesteal on multistrike hero + Shield on hp or high health hero
Divine ATK + ATK + Lifesteal = ATK hero gets 30% ATK increase instead of 15% -
Life + Def + AcC - Ignatius benefits from all 3 on him
Speed + Crit + Crit damage - Glass cannon for arenas
Reflex + Speed - More turns super fast cooldown reduction
Regen + Immortal - High base hp heroes w/ +life or Health on all items
Cruel + Crit + C.Rate - Put this with a LUA or someone who has high baseline crit - can 1 shot rotation.
Basic Stat combo for items: ( Epic 5 star items) - All stats on your item should naturally improve your hero, but you want whats the highest output/survivability possible. You cant focus on hybrid building either. Some heroes will do better with mixed stats, but most of the time your abilities will be based off certain things. Stacking ATK stats on a DEF hero is bad, and as such you’ll want to start minimizing what the stats that have no weight. This creeps into the end game/high tier conversation, but it definitely becomes a huge makeup of how quickly you can progress.
Good stats:
ATK - ATK % - C.Rate - Crit Damage - Speed
Def - Def % - HP - Speed- hp %
C.Rate - Crit Damage - ACC - Speed - ATK
Bad stats:
Def - Def % - ATk - Crit - Hp
Speed - ACc - Def - ATK %
Planning for events: This is the last part of mid tier game that comes into play. Now that you can effectively grind/farm/arena events will have much more value to you. Most of the end rewards are epic/legendary skill tomes, shards, gems. Which means you’ll want to do them. The biggest draw back to doing events is that if you don’t plan for them in advance you wont hit their highest reward. I’ll list the events that you can actually prepare for, and then give you what I do on those events. I’m not going to be super thorough because there are guides that cover those more explicitly.
Artifact Enhancement - I usually stay at 2 mil silver at all times, even though I might have some things I need to upgrade. For events like this. It’s super expensive but if you avoid doing 5 star items and jewelry you can actually hit most of the top tier rewards in 6-8 mil silver. If you really want to go the distance farm 12-3 until you’ve filled your inventory with item drops for the curing set. Enchant them all + 4 and then when the event drops push them to 12-14 ( depending on your RNG dont waste a lot of silver trying to get 14 if you can’t ) - then sell those and go to the next set of items which you should have all at +4 already then repeat the same process. ( depending on the reward I will usually pass on spending the silver )
Summon Rush - Buy every green shard you can from the market - Blue ones that pop up if you can hold your eager beaver for these events you can knock out most of the rewards pretty easy - getting the last 2 usually require some extra help like a timely placed void shard or orange shard, but it’s doable. The most time here will be spent clearing out excess heroes to summon more. Make sure you utilize the vault for this. ( Haven’t missed a reward yet on this event)
Level up - Grind 12-3 Brutal. Usually ranking up is in this category as well so save all your 4/5star upgrades for this time. ( Haven’t missed a reward yet on this event)

Edit log:
Edit: Bolded points - formatted from phone post.
Edit: Added megathread link
Edit: Added Hero comps ( low tier)
Edit: Added mid tier explanation
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[Goldthirst Company] - Chapter 41 (Redcastle 12)

(First) (Previous) (Next) (Patreon)
(This is a double-release, sort of - it's the previous chapter from Janaxia's, then Semari's PoVs. It was a bit of a writing exercise, but let me know what you think!)
Janaxia took a slow, steady breath, focusing her magical powers to pull her outfit into position, making sure everything was in order. Would it really be so hard for Stathis to pay her attention (and compliments) for once? It had been quite some effort to acquire, to say nothing of ensuring it fit correctly, requiring either magical powers or several servants to properly don. Instead, Stathis was nothing but critical, saying that she looked like a cult leader! As if any cult leader would dress with such style and verve – most were grubby little degenerates, grubbing around for anyone desperate enough to believe their lies, without any interest in the finer things in life beyond a petty, vulgar venality. And their ‘style’ rarely extended further than drab robes. Even the guide here would stand out amongst such a rabble, her robe of fine cotton, belted with an elegantly chic sash of green and silver (that also served to highlight an attractively trim waist), far beyond the reach of any petty cult!
Although at least Stathis had put some effort in, managing some amount of dash and swagger in a well-cut suit, not entirely unsuitable for the occasion, her blonde hair tied up into a crown braid. The trousers could stand to be a touch tighter around her posterior and thighs though, maybe some golden piping down the side. Semari was as scruffy as ever though, hair looking as though she had hacked it short with a knife, her clothing, well, sturdy was the most polite term that could be applied, an utterly disappointing lack of style. A shame really – there was decided potential there, but all gone to waste.
From the look on Stathis’ face, she hadn’t been expecting to see such finely-rendered carvings, imitation of course, but depicting a number of famous romantic scenes from history and legend, gods and heroes enjoying their revels. Even Semari showed some interest, looking at them intently as they passed. Likely more interested in their prurient appeal than the true history, but it was a start.
The place had been refurbished somewhat since she had last visited, the grand doors (previously plain, banded wood, more reminiscent of a fortress than a place of pleasure) having been replaced. The detail was exquisite, a copy of the Rapture of the Golden Band rendered in full detail, even including the officially banned 8th panel. Then some mechanism pulled the doors open, a scent of agarwood drifting past, a flamboyant display of wealth.
The décor inside was certainly gaudier than Janaxia could truly consider tasteful, but the Khem’s business must be thriving, to support such a place. And Lady Kamarni was present, showing the breadth of their appeal. Although quite why she seemed to want to associate with Semari was a baffling mystery – it was entirely possible to have someone save one’s life and not fawn over them! Thoughts of the mysterious angel from that tiresome affair with Karilimanath’s hoard flashed through her mind, before she dismissed them – the being hadn’t been seen since, and her companions refused to talk about it. In other times, it might have been worthwhile greeting the woman, but there were other affairs to deal with, she her face seemed drawn and taut, likely a sign of poor luck at the tables.
Anef and Asai were both as well-dressed as ever, even managing to make their altered arms appear stylish, having the confidence to show them off rather than try and hide them. She introduced herself, mercifully managing to find the words without having to reveal her own ailment. She sat down, weaving a swift use of her magical power to tug her outfit into a position flattering when reclining, making sure she was presented to her best advantage. And of course, Stathis, with all the grace one would expect of the nouveau riche, almost ruined the moment entirely, asking if they were running a murder cult.
Did she have to be so crass? She was talented with a blade, to be sure, and her mother and sister were both impressive figures themselves, but Stathis did seem a touch lacking compared to such luminaries. And of course, there was the mystery of who her father was – Carissia was the product of an ancient and noble bloodline from her patriarch, but rumour had dogged the youngest Iristari for years. Not that Janaxia held truck with such gossip, of course, but it was decidedly mysterious, even if likely banal.
And now Stathis was threatening to sic Carissia on the place, as Janaxia accepted the drink she was offered. Aged Gauthaut, brewed from rare slimes, themselves fed only the finest grapes, refined and processed over decades, the drink smooth on her palette. She smiled at Anef, as Asai and Stathis came to an agreement, wondering if they would stay long enough to renew their acquaintanceship. Considering the events of the last time they had seen each other, where the pair had gained their unusual markings, they seemed remarkably affable; she had done what she could at the time to explain what she could the events of that night (which had, as far as she could tell, been entirely out of her control), but had feared they might be less accepting. As long as none of the rest of her family wished to use the house, then it should be acceptable to stay.
Violence and action suddenly erupted, as everyone drew weapons and starting swinging for each other. Janaxia tried to look appropriately shocked and distraught, portraying what she imagined an innocent young woman caught up in such machinations would look like. And then Stathis quite ruined the effect, hauling her off the couch, quite undoing elements of couture. Could the woman never deal with a situation without resorting to violence?
A guard charged at her, club held high, escalating matters rapidly. Janaxia gestured, hitting him square on, and sending him flying downwards, out of sight. He really should learn to read the atmosphere – this was simply theatrics, rather than anything to get excited about! Although the sounds coming from downstairs, where Semari had leapt to, indicated things were rather more serious, with likely some property damage.
‘Stop! She has a hostage!’ Asai shouted. Janaxia found herself yanked backwards, a sword suddenly against her throat, even as she managed to activate her magical powers, an invisible aura of protection snapping into existence around her.
‘Stand your men down, or I’ll cut her throat!’
That Anef was just barely holding back laughter cut almost as deeply as the potential danger to her ensemble, as Stathis’ fumbled around, hand running over her body, overly reminiscent of a drunken noble whose ardour had outpaced their tolerance for alcohol. Although the forcefulness did have a certain appeal, if perhaps better suited for a more private setting.
Do please fumble less! Try and show some class, if it isn’t too much trouble?
Stathis grumbled something back, lost in the general sounds of chaos.
Backing down the stairs was complicated, much like dancing with a far less skilled partner, who didn’t particularly want to cooperate, and could cause considerable harm if things went awry. The sharp edge of the blade was a decided nuisance, as she pressed herself tightly against her erstwhile “captor”.
Still, they somehow made it down without Janaxia getting her throat slit, as Stathis tried to solidify her grip, wrapping an arm around Janaxia’s chest, comfortably restraining her. Janaxia focused her magical powers, making sure nothing inappropriate was displayed, as a bronze disc shot past them, clanging on the far wall. While there was a certain frisson in having her vision forcibly restricted and being forcibly unaware of quite what destruction was being wrecked out of sight, it was also decidedly inconvenient, especially if she happened to be struck herself! ,
Asai slowly advanced, blade at the ready, face serious. ‘You will regret the day you crossed us. There will be a reckoning, and it won’t be to your favour!’
Abandoning herself to Stathis’ power, it was a simple thing to slide her hair loose and make it flick and toss around, hopefully the very image of a young ingenue, being troubled by some rapscallion rogue, forcibly pressing their suit above their station. ‘Oh, please help me, I have been captured by this rough brute of a knight!’
‘Stay back, or I slit her throat!’
At least try and make an effort, Stathis.
The woman sounded as though she were bored! A little emoting wasn’t that hard, especially in these circumstances, and would make the thing much more entertaining. Even if the proclamation did send warm breath tickling Janaxia’s ears, fluttering her hair, and quite distracting her.
Stathis continued to move backwards, Janaxia now having a better sense of her movement and steps, feeling her strong musculature and allowing herself to be guided, as they moved back past Semari, surrounded by a circle of downed guards and wrecked furniture.
Semari, even worse at dramatics than Stathis, just shrugged and slowly sauntered towards the exit with them, even giving a cheeky wave to Lady Kamarni as they passed. Janaxia tried to catch her eye, but she only seemed to notice Semari. Some people, despite their nobility, really had no taste.
Eventually, they were outside the casino chamber, doors clanging shut. As the blade moved away from her throat, she turned to give Stathis a piece of her mind, before strong hands encircled her waist, Stathis simply hoisting her up and throwing Janaxia over her shoulder, as if she were just a sack of food, then running for the exit. It took all Janaxia’s efforts on keeping her outfit from attaining a level of dishabille entirely beyond what was appropriate for such a place, meaning she couldn’t make her opinions on the matter heard, even with her telepathy. While some rough treatment could, on occasion, be entertaining, this was quite beyond the pale! She bounced on Stathis’ shoulder, air getting pushed from her lungs with every stride, an overly firm hand on her derriere keeping her firmly in place, and threatening to tug her clothing into quite indelicate positions.
When she was deposited back on the ground, it took her several long moments to collect herself, her thoughts hazy and her backside slightly sore from the tight grip. She settled for simply glaring at Stathis, trying to put the full force of her disapproval into a look. From the lack of response, the woman was entirely insensate to the insult she was responsible for, as she led them away, through a thoroughly disgusting network of alleys and backstreets, until they were safely away.


Redcastle 11.2 (Semari)

The wall was warm underfoot, Semari’s shoes thin enough for her to feel the heat the stone was releasing. Beneath her, Stathis and Janaxia were bickering, Stathis gesturing at Janaxia’s latest clothing. It looked spooky, uncomfortable and a bit evil around the edges, but that was pretty much Janaxia all over, and it wasn’t as though Stathis had to wear it.
The door was far too obvious for a real thief’s hideout, the snake’s head knocker a loud sign that something shady, but not too shady, was going on. The door was opened by a robed figure, looking fake-eldritch with a plain robe and a flashy belt led them down a long hallway, full of dramatic lights, and lined with creepy-sexy statues. Semari paused, trying to work out how practical they were, bodies shaped and contorted around and into each other in all sorts of interesting ways. Small slots revealed side chambers, for those that liked an audience, or to make a show. Giant metal doors, showing more people fucking, blocked their way, some magic sliding them open as they approached.
Semari nodded to herself in satisfaction. This was what a shady casino operated by dodgy folk should look like – cheap gold paint on the walls, massive chandeliers (that looked sturdy enough to bear her weight) hung from the high ceiling, shallow pits filled with cushions and cavorting entertainers dotting the floor, shady looking guards glaring at them from the walls. The floor was sticky underfoot, cloyingly thick incense not enough to cover the scent of spilt booze, sweat and other fluids. She eyed up the guards, all mean-looking, but a bit too comfortable, more used to poking fat merchants and nobles rather than proper violence. This place looked like it could be fun – no fighting pits, at least not yet, but lots of things to break if she needed a weapon.
She waved at Kamarni, enjoying a game of dice. For a noble, she seemed OK, although a bit fluttery. But she knew nice places to eat, and was friendly without being too weird about it. Although she’d been odd recently, suddenly really boring and stiff and cold, like Misutira.
The bosses were up above, the usual set-up, somewhere they could see and be seen. Two, twins, both with creepy demon arms, pointy teeth, probably not entirely human. The only surprise was that none of their boys had mirrored the red arms – if you get a thing like that, work it, make it the gang marker or whatever. Seemed a waste, really. But they had their boys well-trained, letting them through without even some token barking or staredown, up into their private bar.
Janaxia hugged them both, apparently trusting them enough to get close. Although they didn’t have any obvious weapons (other than claws on those creepy demon arms), both had a few scars, their clothing smart, but practical to move on. The guy was definitely a brawler and a looker, tight trousers and open shirt, easy on the eyes. Might be worth fighting, see if he could move, or if the muscles were just for show. He sat down, showing himself at ease, typical gang boss chilling in his domain. She grinned at him, getting a tight smile in return, as a lackey handed her a shot. She knocked it back – sweet and thick, slightly bitter, probably some fancy noble thing. Tasted good, although she’d rather have a beer.
Stathis spoke, sounding irritated and tired. ‘Look, I don’t really care about the gambling. But, Demons. They will destroy everything, destroy the world, all that stuff. So, unless you want to be devoured by howling monsters from the endless chaos outside of existence, it would be helpful if you were to tell me anything murder-cult related that you might have seen. Ritual circles, creepy murders, that sort of thing.’
‘And what may we expect in return from you, Stathis of the House of Iristari?’ The woman approached Stathis, squaring up against her in an open challenge to see if Stathis would back down.
‘OK, I’ll make you a deal. You tell me what I need to know, and I don’t tell Carissia about this place.’ Semari made a face. Carissia just showed up, stuff happened, and she’d bought that magical demon-goat. Goats! Weird furry horned bastards, always plotting something.
As they bickered, Semari took another shot, the taste seeming better this time, looking out over the casino and brothel. Looked pretty classy, in a fun, trashy way – must be fairly well run as quite a lot of the staff weren’t just thugs in suits, the cauliflower ears and broken noses being reserved for the guards. There were some side-rooms equipped for some of the weird stuff nobles got up to, but still no fighting pits, which was a shame.
Stathis and Asai were staring each other down, at the point they were either about to fight or fuck. ‘There are certain… considerations we must take into account. I’m sure certain associates of ours will have taken note that a Knight of the Sun paid us a visit, for example.’
‘OK, so we have a big dramatic fight, you make like you threw us out, then you tell us? I’m sure you know we’re at Janaxia’s place, send a letter or something.’
The man reached behind his chair, pulling out some knives, balanced for quick, nasty cuts, the sort of thing people would survive, but have big, nasty scars. His sister pulled out a sword, clumsily swinging at Stathis, who blocked the attack.
‘Get out!’
The guards below reacted impressively fast, gathering together and making a beeline for the stairs. Semari leapt from the balcony, grabbing hold onto the chandelier, swinging it once to gain momentum before letting go to let herself sail through the air, slamming into the ground in front of a group of guards. Her guess was right, they weren’t used to fighting, as she spun and ducked through them, punching out, knocking them to the ground, stopping them getting past.
She broke a chair, using the legs as paired clubs, flicking out and striking vulnerable points, trying not to do anything too permanent. More of them kept coming, goons and thugs spilling out of side rooms, so many they got in each other’s way. Well, that just made her life easier!
The brawl continued, as Stathis slowly shuffled past her, sword against Janaxia’s throat, a rather sloppily-caught hostage. Knives were better for that! And most hostages didn’t look like they were enjoying quite so much, but, then again, nobles were weird. Stathis was mostly normal, except for the occasional wings and stuff, and getting all weird when asked about it. It was so unfair that she couldn’t give her wings away, when she clearly didn’t want them! And she still hadn’t taken Semari flying!
Semari struck her bracer, lightning streaking through her, vision flicking white for a second. With the burst of strength she jumped forward, landing on the roulette table and hooking the spinning disc with a foot, kicking it up into the air and catching it. The ‘clong!’ it made when she clocked a guard across the face was deeply satisfying, before she spun around and then released it, sending it hurtling just above another cluster of guards, smacking into the wall and distracting them enough for her to charge in.
She’d always wanted to try that, but Kethys had always told her “no” before. Stathis at least was less controlling, although worse at hugging.
Get a move on!
Janaxia’s head-talk thing was weird, but kinda cool. Why couldn’t she learn that? Everyone else could do cool stuff. Still, the amount of damage she’d done was fun to see, loads of guards groaning on the floor, several tables reduced to kindling, the staff picking up stray chips and coins when they thought no-one was looking. She grinned at Lady Kamarni, a stray snatch of music coming to mind, “There was an old wizard of menace, who had quite the extraordinary…”
As soon as they were outside, she started running, having experienced this part of a heist before, when they most important thing was to get away, as fast as possible. Even Stathis knew this bit, although the closest thing she had to a treasure was Janaxia, slung over her shoulder and bouncing up and down with every step, costume flapping, magical shimmering the only thing keeping it in place. The expression on her face was curious, the crimson tinge to her cheeks seeming more than entirely justified by being bounced up and down on Stathis’ shoulder.
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Found one of these monsters in my LCS.

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/r/Numismatology currency of the month September 2019, The U.S Dollar Coin

Dollar coins have been minted in the United States in gold, silver, and base metal versions. Dollar coins were first minted in the United States in 1794.

Flowing Hair Dollar

Designer Robert Scot Edge Lettered: HUNDRED CENTS ONE DOLLAR OR UNIT Diameter 40.0mm Weight 27.0 grams Metal 90% Silver, 10% Copper
The Flowing Hair design appeared on the first United States Silver Dollars in 1794, but only lasted until sometime in 1795, when it was replaced with the Draped Bust design. The 1794 Silver Dollar is a rare coin, represented by approximately 150-200 survivors. The 1795 Silver Dollar is much more common, but the demand from type collectors keeps the prices high.

Draped Bust Dollar

Designer Robert Scot Edge Lettered: HUNDRED CENTS ONE DOLLAR OR UNIT Diameter 40.0mm Weight 27.0 grams Metal 90% Silver, 10% Copper
The 1795 Draped Bust dollar represents the initial appearance of this design in American coinage. In the silver dollar series the obverse motif was continued through pieces dated 1804 (business strikes were last made in 1803, however), while the reverse motif was employed only through early 1798. The obverse features a portrait of Liberty as just described, with LIBERTY above, the date below and eight stars to the left and seven to the right. Varieties also exist which show 16 stars, as well as 13. The reverse shows a “small” eagle perched on a cloud within an open wreath. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA surrounds.
Among early silver dollars, the Draped Bust obverse combined with the Small Eagle reverse may be the scarcest type. Among the four dates, 1795-1798, while 1797 is the lowest mintage, prices for all four are roughly the same. Specimens exist in all grades, with those most frequently encountered apt to be in Very Good to Very Fine preservation. Extremely Fine and About Uncirculated pieces are obviously scarcer, and an Uncirculated specimen is a prime rarity. Examples often show parallel mint-caused adjustment marks. As these coins were produced strictly for utilitarian purposes, no attention was paid to striking them carefully.
The Heraldic Eagle type continues the Draped Bust obverse as preceding, except that the stars have been standardized to seven left and six right, the only exception being a scarce variety of 1799 with eight left and five right. The reverse is similar to that used on the dime of the year and is adapted from the Great Seal of the United States.
Large Eagle Bust dollars were minted from 1798 through 1803. In later years, “restrike” pieces were produced dated 1804 as were Proof restrikes from new dies bearing the dates 1801, 1802 and 1803. Among business strikes, examples most often encountered are apt to be dated 1798 or 1799. Those dated 1800 are scarcer, while those dated from 1801 to 1803 are considerably scarcer, although they are not rarities. Dozens of varieties exist, and are listed in a work by M. H. Bolender.

Liberty Seated Dollar

Designer Christian Gobrecht Edge Reeded Diameter 38.1 mm Weight 26.73 grams Metal 90% Silver, 10% Copper
Following the production of an illustrious series of Liberty Seated pattern dollars in 1836, 1838 and 1839, the Liberty Seated style was first produced for large-scale circulating coinage in 1840. From then through 1865, coinage of the “No Motto” reverse type was continuous.
The design parallels that of other Liberty Seated issues, with Miss Liberty seated on a rock, holder in her left hand a liberty cap on a pole and with her right hand holding a shield inscribed LIBERTY. Thirteen stars are above, and the date is below. The reverse shows an eagle perched on an olive branch and holding three arrows, with UNITED STATES OF AMERICA above and ONE DOL. below.
Within the 1840-1865 span there are a number of scarce and rare issues, with 1851, 1852 and 1858 designated as major rarities. Commoner issues are readily available in grades from Very Good through Extremely Fine, with most survivors being in Fine to Very fine grade. As silver dollars were not circulated as extensively as other denominations, few are seen in grades below Very Good. AU coins are available as are Uncirculated pieces, particularly 1859-O and 1860-O in the latter category (survivors from a small group of coins which came to light during the Treasury release of 1962). Superb Uncirculated pieces are rarities.
Proofs were first distributed to collectors in 1858 and are available from that date through 1865, although scattered earlier issues occasionally come on the market.
The Liberty Seated dollar design was modified in 1866 by the addition of the motto IN GOD WE TRUST on the ribbon or scroll above the eagle on the reverse. Otherwise the design is the same as that which had been in use since 1840. The With Motto type continued in use through 1873.
The glory days of the silver dollar denomination were yet to come, and mintages were low in comparison to what would happen with the Morgan silver dollar beginning in 1878. The only “common” Liberty Seated dollars in this range are the 1871 and 1872, and even they are scarce in relation to later issues. The 1870-S is one of the legendary rarities in U.S. numismatics, with only about a dozen pieces known. The few Carson City issues (1870-1873) are also quite tough, with miniscule original mintages.
As Liberty Seated silver dollars did not circulate as actively as smaller denominations, pieces in well-worn grades such as Good and Very Good are much scarcer (though no more desirable or expensive) than coins in Fine to Very Fine grade, the latter being the conditions typically seen. Extremely Fine and AU pieces are available, with Uncirculated pieces being somewhat scarcer, though by no means rare. Superb Uncirculated pieces are fairly rare. Proofs were made of all Philadelphia Mint issues, and exist today in proportion to their original mintages.

Trade Dollar

Designer William Barber Edge Reeded Diameter 38.1 mm Weight 27.2 grams Metal 90% Silver, 10% Copper
The Trade dollar was first minted in 1873 in response to the need for a coin to compete with the Mexican “dollar” (actually the 8 Reale or Peso) in the Orient. Weighing 420 grains, or slightly heavier (1.8%) than a standard silver dollar, the Trade dollar was intended for export only. Despite this, they were legal tender in the United States until 1876, at which time Congress revoked their status. Quantity production continued through 1878, after which point only token quantities were made for proof sets through 1883 (the few pieces dated 1884 and 1885 are of dubious origin). In 1887, the law authorizing the Trade dollar was repealed, and the treasury officially redeemed all un-mutilated pieces.
The obverse depicts Miss Liberty seated on a bale of merchandise, her right hand holding a branch, her left hand holding a ribbon inscribed “LIBERTY, a sheaf of wheat behind, and the sea in front. IN GOD WE TRUST appears at the bottom just above the date. Stars surround the upper portion. The reverse depicts an eagle holding three arrows and a branch, with E PLURBUS UNUM on a ribbon above, 420 GRAINS, 900 FINE, below. The inscription UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and TRADE DOLLAR surrounds.
The numismatist today can readily secure a trade dollar in grades from Fine through AU. Some pieces display chopmarks, consisting of Oriental characters impressed by bankers and merchants when the pieces circulated in the Orient. Except for the ultra-rare Proofs of 1884 and 1885, most dates are available, although a good portion of the 1878-CC’s were melted shortly after they were struck, making them elusive today. Uncirculated coins are scarce, and superb Uncirculated pieces are rare. Proofs exist in proportion to their original mintages and are primarily available from the years 1879 through 1883.

Morgan Dollar

Designer George T. Morgan Edge Reeded Diameter 38.1 mm Weight 27.2 grams Metal 90% Silver, 10% Copper
The Coinage Act of 1873 demonetized silver, leading to the demise of the silver dollar. Although Trade dollars were produced from 1873-1878, they were meant for circulation overseas and were not legal tender in America. In response to the sour economic condition that persisted through much of the 1870's, and as a sop to Western suppliers of silver, Congress passed the Bland-Allison Act in 1878. The Act required the U.S. government to purchase large quantities of silver and turn it into silver dollars. Thus, the dollar denomination was restored once again in the form of the Morgan dollar. Named after its designer, George T. Morgan, the Morgan dollar is one of the most popular of all American coins. It's large size, abundant supply, and pleasing appearance make it both affordable and desirable.
Morgan Dollars were struck without interruption from 1878-1904, then again in 1921. U.S. Mints that produced Morgan Dollars include Philadelphia, New Orleans, San Francisco, Denver, and Carson City. Mintmarks for all mints except Philadelphia were placed on the reverse of the coins just beneath the ribbon bow of the wreath.
Key dates in this series include 1889-CC, 1893-S, and 1895 (Proof only). Other dates (such as 1895-O) are considered condition-rarities (common in low grade but extremely rare in high grade).
Silver Dollars were once the mainstay of Las Vegas casinos, where they were used in slot machines and other gaming devices. Once silver prices advanced beyond the face value of the coins, the casinos converted over to chips and tokens.
Some of the popularity of Silver Dollars can be attributed to three watershed events: 1) the sale of the Redfield hoard in the 1970s; 2) the GSA sales of the 1980's; and 3) the Continental-Illinois Bank Hoard of the 1980s. The Redfield hoard consisted of hundreds of bags of silver dollars, most Uncirculated and include a wide range of dates, most from the San Francisco Mint. The GSA sales consisted of millions of Carson City mint silver dollars discovered in Treasury vaults in the 1970s, apparently of coins that had never circulated. The Continental-Illinois Bank Hoard was even larger than the Redfield hoard and the overall quality exceeded that of both the Redfield and GSA hoards.
Popular collecting methods include high-grade date sets, complete sets from low to high grade, and by VAM varieties. VAM (the acronym for Van Allen-Mallis) refers to a set of Morgan Dollar varieties, some of which are insignificant and other important varieties that can be identified at arm's length.

Peace Dollar

Designer Anthony de Francisci Edge Reeded Diameter 38.1 mm Weight 26.73 grams Metal 90% Silver, 10% Copper
The so-called Peace silver dollar, designed by Anthony DeFrancisci, was first produced in December 1921 following a large mintage of Morgan dollars that same year. The idea for a coin to commemorate the peace following World War I came from Farran Zerbe, former President of the ANA from 1908 to 1910 and active promoter of numismatics, particularly during the first quarter of the 20th century.
The Peace dollar depicts the obverse of Miss Liberty, facing left, wearing a diadem of spikes (in somewhat similar style to that seen on the Statue of Liberty). LIBERTY is above, while IN GOD WE TRUST and the date are below. The reverse shows an eagle perched on a rock, with a laurel branch, and with PEACE inscribed below. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and EPLURIBUS UNUM are above, while ONE DOLLAR is to be seen just below the center. Rays of an unseen sun emanate from the lower right.
Issues of 1921, and a few pieces dated 1922, are in high relief, although collectors have not necessarily differentiated this as a distinct design. It was found that the high relief cause problems in having the pieces strike up properly, so in 1922 the motifs were redone to a shallower format, a style continued through 1935. Mintage of Peace silver dollars was continuous from 1921 through 1928 and again in 1934 and 1935. In 1964, the Denver Mint struck 316,076 Peace Dollars but, before they were released into circulation, all of the coins were destroyed. A few may have been purchased or "taken" by Mint employees and rumors persist of this coin's existence. However, for fear of confiscation by Treasury officials, none have yet appeared on the market. Were it legal to own, the 1964-D Peace Dollar would become one of the most valuable of all United States coins.
While there are no extreme rarities in the rather short-lived Peace dollar series, the 1928-P is the key date, commanding a good price even in well-circulated grades. Most of the San Francisco issues are tough in top uncirculated grades, particularly the 1927-S and 1928-S as well as the 1924-S and 1934-S. Specimens of the common issues from 1921 through 1925 are readily obtainable in various grades from Very Fine through Uncirculated. Sharply struck Uncirculated pieces with full luster and with a minimum of marks are quite scarce.

Ike Dollar

Designer Frank Gasparro / Michael Collins & James Cooper Edge Reeded Diameter 38.5 mm Weight 22.7 grams Metal 75% Copper, 25% Nickel.
In 1970, Congress passed legislation authorizing a new one dollar coin to commemorate both the death of General Dwight David Eisenhower and man's first landing on the moon (on July 20, 1969). The obverse features a bust of Eisenhower facing left; the reverse copies the insignia of the Apollo 11 mission, minus the name of the mission. "Ike" dollars made for circulation were of a cupro-nickel composition. Special Uncirculated and Proof versions containing 40% silver were struck and sold at a premium to collectors. A new design was created to celebrate the 1976 Bicentennial of the signing of the Declaration of Independence.
The 1976 Bicentennial coins can be found in two different variations. Variety 1 features a low relief design with thick, bold, non-serifed lettering. Variety 2 features a stronger design, with lettering that has serifs, is thinner and more delicate, yet higher in relief. The most obvious difference can be seen on the second S of STATES, where on Variety 1, the bottom tail of the S is considerably higher than the lowest bar of the E. On Variety 1, the peaks of the M in AMERICA come to sharp points.

Susan B. Anthony Dollar

Designer Frank Gasparro Edge Reeded Diameter 26.5 mm Weight 8.1 grams Metal 75% Copper, 25% Nickel.
By 1979, half dollars were rarely seen in circulation. The proliferation of vending machines, arcade machines and other coin-operated devices, most of which dispensed goods or services worth more than a quarter dollar (the highest denomination coin in general circulation at the time) prompted a call for a convenient coin of high value, while a Treasury-sponsored study showed that a metallic dollar had a useful life in circulation of 16 years or more, as compared to only 18 months for a paper dollar. Thus, the new small-diameter dollar was conceived. Frank Gasparro produced the designs.
The obverse depicts suffragette Susan B. Anthony facing to the right, with stars to the left and right and with IN GOD WE TRUST near the right border. LIBERTY is above and the date is below. The reverse is an adaptation of the motif first used on the 1971 Eisenhower dollar and consists of an eagle landing on the moon, with the earth and E PLURIBUS UNUM above and the inscription UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, ONE DOLLAR surrounding.
From the outset, the public confused the small-diameter dollars with the quarter dollars in circulation, much as they did with the twenty cent piece about 100 years earlier. Vending machines were slow to adopt, or did not make provisions to take the new dollar coin, and most cash registers did not have a “bin” in the change drawer for the additional coin. As a result, public resentment was high and the Anthony dollar was unpopular. Mintage was suspended in 1981 after about 860 million were made, the vast majority of these being 1979s. After an 18-year hiatus, an additional 40 million pieces were struck in 1999.

Sacagawea Dollar

Designer Glenna Goodacre / Thomas D. Rogers Sr. Edge Plain / Lettered Diameter 26.5 mm Weight 8.1 grams Metal 88.5% Copper, 6% Zinc, 3.5% Manganese and 2% Nickel
The Coinage Act of 1997 called for a new dollar coin of the same size and weight as the Susan B. Anthony dollar, but with a golden color and a plain edge. After a national competition, a new design was chosen featuring a portrait of the Shoshone Indian, Sacagawea, carrying her infant son, Jean-Baptiste (or "Pomp"). The coin was heavily promoted and nearly three-quarters of a billion Sacagawea dollars were struck for circulation. After an initial wave of enthusiasm, demand for the dollar coins dropped and mintages fell to 5-6 million coins per year from 2002 on. Despite intense marketing efforts, Sacagawea dollars are seldom seen outside of collecting circles and are mostly viewed as curiosities or annoyances by the general public.
39 Proof 2000-W Sacagawea Dollar coins were struck in 22 Karat gold at the West Point Mint in June 1999. 27 were melted and the remaining dozen examples were sent to space aboard the space shuttle Columbia, returning to earth five days later on July 22, 1999. Thereafter, the coins were stored in a vault at the Mint Headquarters in Washington, DC. One coin was displayed at a private congressional dinner on or about August 5, 1999. One coin was displayed at the Philadelphia Mint during the first-strike ceremonies for the 2000-P Sacagawea circulation strike coins on November 18, 1999. Sometime in August or September 2001, the dozen Proofs were sent to the Gold Bullion Depository in Fort Knox, Kentucky.
The dies for the Gold Proofs were prepared with Thomas D. Rogers, Sr.'s original reverse design featuring 12 tail feathers. Circulation strikes from other mints have 13 tail feathers.
5,500 Sacagawea dollars were placed in random boxes of Cheerios cereal as a means to promote the new coin. Unfortunately, collectors did not discover until years later that these were special coins featuring the prototype reverse with 12 tail feathers on the reverse. These have proven to be great rarities and are easily the most valuable coins in the series.

Presidential Dollars

Designer Joseph Menna / Don Everhart Edge Lettered Diameter 26.5 mm Weight 8.1 grams Metal 88.5% Copper, 6% Zinc, 3.5% Manganese and 2% Nickel
In 2007 the U.S. Mint began honoring the United States Presidents on circulating coins under the Presidential Dollar Coin Program. Under this program, four Presidential Dollar coins will be issued per year. Each President’s portrait will be struck on one dollar coins and released for circulation for a period of three months. Each President will appear on mint state, proof and satin finish one dollar coins in the order in which they served as President of the United States. Each Presidential Dollar will bear the same Statue of Liberty reverse design. All Presidential Dollar coins contain edge lettering inscriptions with the date and mint mark.
From 2007 to 2008 Presidential Dollars had the motto "In God We Trust" located on the edge of the coin. However, since there have been tens of thousands of coins found with missing edge lettering inscriptions, the U.S. Mint changed the location of the motto beginning in 2009. From 2009 to date, all Presidential Dollars will have the motto "In God We Trust" on the obverse of the coin. This program will continue until at least 2016 with Richard M. Nixon’s portrait (in order for any other U.S former Presidents to be honored on circulating coins, it is necessary for the former Presidents to be deceased for at least two years).
When the coins were first released in 2007, there was a lot of excitement in the coin market and media about the new coins, especially since the last time the U.S. Mint struck coins with edge lettering inscriptions was back in 1933 on the Saint Gaudens Double Eagles. More excitement came once missing edge lettering dollars were discovered. These are considered major mint errors. Other more minor varieties have surfaced since then, including double overlapped edge lettering, double inverted edge lettering, and weak and partial edge lettering varieties. With so many different Presidential Dollar coins, errors and varieties, this is a definitely an exciting coin series to collect.
Note The Gold Dollar Coin and other Gold Coins will have a separate COTM post, Also Silver Eagles and other Bullion Coins will have a separate COTM post.
Sources Wikipedia PCGS Coin Facts "United States Coins by Design Types - An Action Guide for the Collector and Investor" by Q. David Bowers
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Silver Striking in Las Vegas, plus a mail call from Nashville Silver Co

Silver Striking in Las Vegas, plus a mail call from Nashville Silver Co
Just returned last night from our extended weekend trip to Las Vegas for the June Silver Strike tournament. My fiance and I joined the Silver Strikers club last year and this was our second tournament. Neither of us placed in the money, but we returned with a haul of nearly 60 ounces of Silver Strikes! We had fairly decent luck on the Silver Strike machines (slot machines that spit out collectible tokens in lieu of a bonus game). Brought home a bunch of the newly released designs (new designs come out 4 times a year) and was able to trade some of our extras for older strikes that we don't have.

The theme for this series was Route 66. We were able to get three of the large $300 strikes (top left). These are usually limited to a mintage of ~150 and reserved for tournament players. Only after the tournament players get theirs (by trading in 30 of the smaller $10 strikes) do they make them available to anyone else. My fiance stood in the regular line while I waited in the line for extras. The $300 strike is 6 ozt of silver.

Top center is the tournament strike, which you receive for participating in the tournament. They are 3 ozt of silver and individually numbered.

Top right is a $200 strike from way back in 2006. I traded four of the current $40 (yellow capsule) strikes for it. The old $200 strikes are 12 ozt of silver.

The strikes in blue capsules have no silver content, but they are either ones we won this trip or traded for. The yellow capsule strikes are worth $40 at the casino cage and contain 1.5 ozt of silver. There's only one machine that has the $40 strikes so you have to wait in line to play. Once you've won your $40 strike, you cash out and let the next person go for it. Horror stories abound of how much time / money some folks spent to get their $40 strikes. We were quite lucky on that machine and managed to pull out over a dozen of them at an average cost of $50-60 per strike. Sounds expensive, but there were folks hanging around the machines all weekend trying to buy them for $80.

The red capsule strikes have .5 ozt of silver. These, and the blue capsule strikes come out of the regular Silver Strike machines. Each is limited to a mintage of 500 and they're loaded into the machine such that one out of 10 strikes is a special red or blue capsule strike. Normal strikes come in clear capsules and do not have any silver.

Of course, as soon as we got home I bolted to the mailbox since I knew what was waiting for me. Got a very nice poured round from Nashville Silver Co. Beautiful 2 oz round, #7 of 10.
And since I forgot to include these in the first photo...we also picked up two Silver Strikers club coins. I also managed to win a few of the older silver strikes in clear capsules (from before 2009, when they contained .5-6 ozt of silver). During the two tournaments every year (January and June) they will load up the machines with the old silver strikes that people have turned in to the cashier over the past ~6 months.
The next new designs will be in October for Halloween. Looking forward to what they come up with! If anyone is curious about the Silver Strike program you can check out the Silver Strikers club website at We are relatively new members (and certainly the "babies" of the group) but it's a really great group of folks. Many of them are also silver stackers and / or coin collectors. We even have several dealers in the group...I heard one person was selling ASE's at our trading session for $16-17, including lots of 1996's.
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[KDNF] 8/9/2018 Update: Season 6: Harlem (part 1/2) - 95 Cap, Harlem Content, Farming Dungeons, Crusader (M/F) Balance

SOURCE. 7/17 and 7/24 First Server updates move to live along with a few other changes in a large patch with 48+ pages in translated and formatted English. This is part 1 of 2 of the big summer and D-Day update (part 2 here), though a couple parts were pushed off to future updates including non-Crusader character balance (end of August) and the TP system overhaul (September). Patch overview video.
Some story/lore sections not translated, and the ones that are generally done in conjunction with JKRowling (special thanks). Other story/lore posts:
[New Area: Harlem]
[Will be updated in separate posts, there's a lot here in a 7 part story]
Max Level Expansion
Max level expanded from level 90->95.
New Town: Black Market
New Town - Black Market in the Pandemonium area added.
New NPCs
New NPCs in Black Market added.
Pumpkin Ball
Rednose Della
[Normal Dungeons]
6 new normal dungeons in the Pandemonium area (Bordertown, Total Eclipse, Dark City, District 9 Quarantine Zone, Royal Casino, Fight Club) added.
Bordertown / Level 90-93
Boss - Demonic Swordsman Tschermak
A town on the outskirts of Harlem. Where hunters that chase runaway slaves stay. Slaves caught running away are trapped behind barbed wire to await their execution.
Total Eclipse / Level 90-93
Boss - Fanatic Deleube
Harlem's bazaar where all manner of things are exchanged. Gathering place for all sorts of things of Pandemonium. Illegal goods to fund Kashpa including inordinate favors, half-breed hides, animal carcasses, and of course living Pandemonium residents and prisoners are all actively traded.
Dark City / Level 90-93
Boss - Soul Keeper Mondegrin
Dark City, a place named after its perpetuating darkness. People who are not familiar with the light stay here as there is little light in Pandemonium. Many people also stay here to hide from the oppression of Kashpa.
District 9 Quarantine Zone / Level 91-94
Boss - Silver Addict Tagore
A place notorious for isolating Pandemonium residents addicted to terranite as a result of adverse effects of illegal procedures from mages. Those brought here are forced to continue mining at the terranite mine.
Royal Casino / Level 91-94
Boss - Trauma Yom
The richest place in Pandemonium. Despite overflowing with people losing their money and lives behind the lavish lights, the allure of the Royal Casino is inescapable.
Fight Club / Level 91-94
Boss - ???
A featured stage by the capital of the Royal Casino. For money, for fame, to save lives, the party begins when fighters put their lives on the line.
Boss/Named monster cards of Harlem area normal dungeons added.
  • 6 unique cards and 20 rare cards added.
Terranium is obtainable by Terranium box objects in the new dungeons.
Seed of Birth is obtainable at a certain chance from monsters in the new dungeons.
[Farming Dungeons]
[Dawn Rift (Harlem Area Epic Materials)]
Harlem area Dawn Rift dungeon added.
  • Entrance is available after completing the ‘[Dawn Rift] Harlem Area Open Dimensional Rift’ quest.
Topic Contents
Daily Entry Amount 3
Exorcism 4892
FP Consumed 8 fixed FP consumed
Party Party is Available
Entrance Materials 10 Seed of Birth, 5 Terranium
New material items 'Deformed Fragment' and 'Deformed Crystal' are acquirable through Dawn Rift dungeon play.
Item Description
Deformed Fragment Can be exchange into 'Deformed Crystal' item at Black Market NPC Rednose Dellah’s shop.
Deformed Crystal Purchasing material for level 95 Harlem area Epic Equipment item through Black Market NPC Rednose Dellah. (ArmoAccessory/Special Equipment purchasing available)
The following items are purchasable with Deformed Crystals at NPC Rednose Della’s store.
Item Purchase Price
Harlem Area Epic Armor Item 750 Deformed Crystals, 1,000,000 gold
Harlem Area Epic Armor Recipe 500 Deformed Crystals
Harlem legendary equipment (Kasipa Hero of Tobal equipment) is upgradable to Harlem area epic equipment with Harlem area epic recipes.
  • Reinforcement/Amplification/Enchanting options are preserved.
Item Production Cost
Harlem Area Epic Equipment Recipe (ArmoRecipe/Special Equipment) Kashpa Hero of Tobal equipment (armorecipe/special equipment), 500 gold cube fragments, 150 Special By-Part Material
Dawn Rift related content can also be found at [D&F Guide: Basic Information->Special Dungeons->Dawn Rift].
Harlem area epic equipment related content can also be found at [D&F Guide: Basic Information->Item Farming->Harlem Area Epic Equipment].
[Sleepy Hollow (Legendary Weapon Materials)]
Harlem area loop of circulation dungeon Sleepy Hollow added.
  • The Sleepy Hollow dungeon opens once the Royal Casino dungeon’s ‘Casino’s Secret Room’ is completed.
  • Upon entering the Sleepy Hollow, there is a common map through 1 of the 5 following dungeon maps selected at random.
    • Bordertown, Total Eclipse, Dark City, District 9 Quarantine Zone, Royal Casino
Seed of Birth is an additional drop in Sleepy Hollow.
Harlem area loop of circulation - Sleepy Hollow dungeon reward items added.
  • A new material 'Useful Scrap' is acquired through the dungeon's limited quest(s) and dungeon play.
Item Description
Useful Scrap Item for purchasing level 95 legendary weapons through Black Market NPC Timothy. (NPC Timothy appears once all Harlem area epic quests are complete.)
The following items are purchasable with Useful Scrap in NPC Timothy’s store.
Item Purchase Price
Emancipation Weapon (Level 95 Legendary Weapon) 700 Useful Scrap
Sleepy Hollow related content can also be found at [D&F Guide: Basic Information->Special Dungeons->Sleepy Hollow].
[Assault Mode (Legendary Equipment Materials)]
Assault mode added.
  • Click on the [Assault Mode] button in the ‘Harlem area’ dungeon selection screen to proceed to Assault Mode.
    • After achieving level 95, clear 'Hiding Shadow' Quest to unlock [Assault Mode] button.
The dungeon requirements of Assault Mode are as follows
Requirement Content
Exorcism 4708
FP Consumes 6 fixed FP
Party Party Available
Entry Materials 10 Seed of Birth
Hell Party Unavailable
Difficulty Fixed difficulty
Assault Mode has a Daily Dungeon and Hidden Dungeon
Assault Mode - Daily Dungeon
Can be cleared 5 times per character in a day.
  • There is no entrance limit until it is cleared 5 times.
Each day has a designated dungeon open.
Dungeon Name Entry Requirement
Border Town Monday, Saturday, Sunday
Total Eclipse Tuesday, Saturday, Sunday
Dark City Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday
District 9 Quarantine Zone Thursday, Saturday, Sunday
Royal Casino Friday, Saturday, Sunday
When entering the daily dungeon a random mission is received, and 'Hero’s Mark' is acquired if the mission is achieved and the dungeon is cleared.
Icons are displayed on the minimap for rooms where the mission can progress.
Mission progress can be viewed at the bottom of the minimap.
Assault Mode - Hidden Dungeon
Once the daily dungeon is cleared 5 times the hidden dungeon 'Fight Club' opens.
Can be cleared 1 time per character in a day.
  • There is no entrance limit until it is cleared 1 time.
When entering the hidden dungeon a random mission is received, and 'Hero’s Mark' is acquired if the mission is achieved and the dungeon is cleared.
Named monsters that appear in Fight Club change according to the day of the week.
Assault Mode daily dungeon open and clear amount resets at FP reset.
Harlem area assault mode dungeon rewards added.
New materials 'Blackened Contaminated Energy' and 'Hero’s Mark' are acquired through Assault Mode play and mission clearances.
Item Description
Blackened Contaminated Energy Able to trade into 'Hero’s Mark' at Black Market NPC Timothy shop..
Hero’s Mark Able to buy level 95 legendary equipment item through Black Market NPC Timothy shop. (level 95 legendary equipment (armoaccessories/special equipment)).
The following items are purchasable with Hero’s Mark in NPC Timothy’s store.
Item Purchase Price
Level 95 Legendary Equipment Item (ArmoAccessory/Special Equipment) 400 Hero’s Marks
Assault Mode related content can also be found at [D&F Guide: Basic Information->Special Dungeons->Assault Mode].
Harlem area legendary equipment related content can also be found at [D&F Guide: Basic Information->Item Farming->Harlem Area Legendary Equipment].
[Harlem Area Hell Party]
Hell party added to Harlem area normal dungeons.
  • Entrance is available after clearing the ‘Hell Party Ep 6. Unusual Omen’ quest of the dungeon.
    • The quest appears after clearing all Harlem area epic quests regardless of character level.
  • 30 Hell Party Invitations are consumed upon entering.
Temporal Altar added in rooms where hell party monsters appear in Harlem area hell party dungeons..
  • Epic wishlist setting is available through the Temporal Altar.
  • Once all hell party monsters are defeated the Temporal Altar portal activates and the portal moves to the dungeon selection screen.
    • Moves If at the portal location and all party members acquire all items dropped by hell party monsters.
The following items can be acquired through Harlem area hell party.
Item Description
Level 90 Epic Equipment Acquire level 90 epic equipment dropped by the Metro Center area hell party.
Level 95 Harlem Area Epic Equipment Acquire Harlem area epic weapons/accessories/special equipment.
Deformed Fragment Exchangeable for ‘Deformed Crystal’ through Black Market NPC Rednose Dellah. Deformed Crystals are used for purchasing Harlem area epic equipment.
Harlem Hell Bead Upon opening Hell Party Invitation items are acquired.
Epic Soul Used at NPC Grandis store, equipment transcendence, epic dictionary et al..
Hell Party Invitation Used for entering hell party dungeons.
Hell party dungeon party acquisition method changed.
  • If party members enter by paying all Hell Party Invitations (or a Hell Party Pass) the item drop method is changed to drop individually.
  • This change applies to the hell party dungeons of all areas.
  • Does not apply to randomly generated hell party through party hunting.
Functionality added to exchange 5 selected epic fragments for 1 epic soul instead of epic fragments in the hell party Gabriel epic fragment exchange shop.
  • You can exchange by choosing only one of either this functionality or the previous fragment exchange functionality for each appearance of hell party Gabriel.
[Harlem Area Hell Party - Celestial Rift (Harlem Area & Tayberrs Epics)]
Celestial Rift added to Harlem area hell party.
  • 1 dungeon at random in Harlem area hell party dungeons us changed to Celestial Rift mode.
    • The designated Celestial Rift dungeon changes daily at FP reset.
    • Dungeons designated as Celestial Rift cannot be entered as a normal hell party dungeon.
    • If generating a random hell party through party hunting it is entered as a normal hell party even if the dungeon is designated as Celestial Rift.
  • Entrance is available after clearing the dungeon’s ‘Rift Appears in Heaven’ quest.
    • The quest can be ordered after clearing the ‘‘Hell Party Ep 6. Unusual Omen’ quest.
  • 30 Hell Party Invitations (or Hell Party Pass) and 2 Rift Detection Stones are consumed as an entrance cost.
In Celestial Rift mode hell party monsters appear together with some additional Tayberrs named monsters and more items can be acquired as below.
Item Name Item Description
Tayberrs Epic Equipment Acquire epic weapons/accessories/special equipment from Tayberrs legendary dungeons.
Celestial Card Draw Consumable to acquire 1 random Tayberrs legendary dungeon boss/named monster card.
Dropped items from hell party monsters and drop rates are the same as normal hell party with Tayberrs epic equipment and Celestial Card Draw applied as additional drops from Tayberrs named monsters.
  • Upon entering as a party the item drop method is applied to drop individually.
Level 95 Tayberrs epic fragments can be exchanged in the Celestial Rift mode Gabriel epic fragment exchange shop.
  • Tayberrs epic fragments can only be exchanged at the Gabriel epic fragment exchange shop that appears in Celestial Rift mode.
[Disaster Zone]
Disaster Zone dungeons added in the Harlem area.
Can be entered after clearing the 'Side Story - Dellah’s Ominous Divination Sign' quest.
  • Disaster Zone consists of 1-3 stages of difficulty, and upon clearing a lower stage the higher stage opens.
A random normal dungeon is played from the following upon entering Disaster Zone.
  • Border Town, Total Eclipse, Dark City, District 9 Quarantine Zone, Royal Casino
Requirement Content
Exorcism Disaster Stage 1: 4708
Disaster Stage 2: 4892
Disaster Stage 3: 5200
FP Entrance is unavailable if FP is less than 8
FP consumed per room increases according to the difficulty
- Disaster Stage 1: 1 FP consumed per room
- Disaster Stage 2: 2 FP consumed per room
- Disaster Stage 3: 3 FP consumed per room
※ Moving rooms is possible even if there is not enough FP after entering the dungeon.
Party Party available
9 types of disasters are generated at random upon entering the dungeon.
  • Earthquake, Energy Explosion, Meteorite, Poison Insect, Stun Insect, Tornado, Cold Wave, Shadow Encroachment, Shadow Flock
The effect and presentation of each disaster varies.
The generated disaster alert stage is lowered in the dungeon upon destroying an object displayed on the minimap.
The lower the disaster alert stage is the less effective disasters will be.
The following items are obtainable depending on the stage in Disaster Zone.
Difficulty Reward
Disaster Stage 1 Blackened Contaminated Energy
Disaster Stage 2 Deformed Fragment
Disaster Stage 3 Heaven's Desire
Higher disaster difficulties yield more Terranium.
Terranium is obtainable in objects placed in rooms other than the boss room in Disaster Zone.
  • Upon entering with a party, Terranium acquisition is applied with the individual drop method.
Disaster Zone’s clear result card will be either a normal card or gold card.
  • There is a low chance for the clear result card to appear as a gold card during dungeon play.
  • If the clear result card is a gold card, more gold is obtained than a normal card.
  • The chance for the clear result card to appear as a gold card increases according to the amount of rooms progressed.
Disaster Zone related content can also be found at D&F Guide: Basic Information->Special Dungeons->Disaster Zone.
[Legendary Dungeon: Tayberrs]
[Tayberrs - Collapsed Paradise]
Legendary dungeon: Tayberrs - Collapsed Paradise added in the Harlem area Pandemonium junction.
Tayberrs scenario dungeons added.
Items and gold are not dropped in the Tayberrs scenario dungeons.
[Boss - Silver Harbat (level 130)]
[Named - Confined Kepros (level 130)]
[Named - Spennynose (level 130)]
[Dungeon Progression]
Dungeon Entrance
Entry is available through the Pundemonium Junction of the Metro area.
Entry is available after clearing the ‘Legend of Resplendent Gold’ quest.
  • The quest is available from Snowflake Joshua of Pandemonium Junction.
1-4 person [party] play dungeon.
Upon entering 15 Terranium and 15 Seed of Birth are consumed.
Level 95 or higher characters can enter.
Entrance Amount
Daily entrance amount: 3 times (there is no day of the week limitation, and the dungeon entrance amount is immediately deduced)
Weekly entrance available amount: 12 times (resets after the Thursday weekly maintenance)
Dungeon Rules
10 FP is consumed upon entering.
5,382 or higher exorcism is required.
2 Life Tokens can be used.
Doll item use is restricted.
Self-resurrection related skill use is restricted.
  • Mage (M), Crusader (F), Knight
The following achievements cannot be completed.
  • Backstabber, Gale Force, Daredevil
The following consumable items are not usable in Tayberrs dungeons.
  • Sacred Blessing, Heavenly HP Potion, Divine Revival Formula, Subtle Heavenly HP Potion
Burning [fatigue event] effects do not apply.
If not resurrected within 10 seconds after death, resurrection is impossible.
Clear compensation rewards are not paid to dead [characters].
Hell Party is not generated.
Application of the ‘damage reduction’ effect from armor and accessory reinforcement/amplification is reduced.
Dungeon Progression Method
When combat with an enemy ends, the next room is automatically moved to.
  • The previous room cannot be returned to while the dungeon is in progress..
Gale System
‘Gale’ system added.
  • Upon defeating monsters a gale gathers to the character.
  • Upon acquiring a gale, a gauge on the left side of the screen fills; and, when the gauge reaches SSS rank, the gale is released.
  • When the gale is released the following effects are acquired by the character.
    • Attack speed/Casting speed/Movement speed increase
    • HP/MP recovery added
    • Additional attack upon an attack
    • Some class specific skill attack enhancements apply (1 of 2 applications at random)
ㄴ1) Skill size increase
ㄴ2) Skill CD additional reduction
  • Skill CD reduction
  • ‘Dungeon Special Key’ skill usable
ㄴ 1) Dungeon special key usable effects
》 Instantly dash forward, evading an enemy’s attack.
ㄴ 2) Stats raise over a certain duration
》 Attack speed/Casting speed/Movement speed increase
》 HP/MP recovery added
》 Evasion added
》 Skill CD additional reduction
Tayberrs related content is also available at [D&F Guide->Special Dungeon->Tayberrs].
Tayberrs - Collapsed Paradise dungeon boss/named monster cards.added.
Tayberrs - Collapsed Paradise legendary dungeon rewards added.
New material items ‘Heavenly Wish’ and ‘Celestial Fragment’ can be acquired through dungeon play.
Item Description
Heavenly Wish Exchangeable for the ‘Celestial Fragment’ item through Pandemonium Junction NPC Joshua[’s] shop.
Celestial Fragment For purchasing the following items through Pandemonium Junction NPC Joshua[‘s] shop.
- Level 95 Tayberrs epic equipment (armoaccessories/special equipment)
- Victor of Bhairava Set -> Resplendent One: Honor Set Recipe
- Aspect: Trine Set -> Null Space: White and Blue Set Recipe
- Heblon’s Monarch Set -> Universal Extinction Set Recipe
- Heblon’s Monarch Set -> Charming Melody: Sirine Set Recipe
The following items can be purchased from NPC Joshua[‘s] shop with Celestial Fragment items.
Item Cost
Heaven's Legacy Weapon (Tayberrs Epic Weapon) 600 Celestial Fragments
2,000,000 gold
Tayberrs Epic Equipment Item (ArmoAccessory/Special Equipment) 600 Celestial Fragments
2,000,000 gold
Tayberrs Epic Equipment Recipe (Accessory/Special Equipment) 480 Celestial Fragments
2,000,000 gold
Production cost is as follows for Tayberrs epic equipment recipes, and equipment of the same slot is produced when producing equipment.
Item Content
Resplendent One: Honor Set Recipe 1 Victor of Bhairava Set Accessory
17 Epic Souls
40 Refined Terranium
2 Jun's Furnace Pass
Null Space: White and Blue Set Recipe 1 Aspect: Trine Set Accessory
17 Epic Souls
40 Refined Terranium
2 Jun's Furnace Pass
Universal Extinction Set Recipe 1 Heblon’s Monarch Set Special Equipment
17 Epic Souls
40 Refined Terranium
2 Jun's Furnace Pass
Charming Melody: Sirine Set Recipe 1 Heblon’s Monarch Set Special Equipment
17 Epic Souls
40 Refined Terranium
2 Jun's Furnace Pass
When defeating the ‘Silver Harbat’ boss monster of the dungeon there is a certain chance to acquire the following items.
Item Description
Rift Reaction Stone Tradable material exchagible for Rift Detection Stone.
Exchangible for Rift Detection Stone through Hendon Myre NPC Grandis[‘s] shop.
Rift Detection Stone Harlem area hell party - required material for entering Celestial Rift mode
Celestial Card Draw Consumable to acquire 1 random Tayberrs legendary dungeon boss/named monster card.
Tayberrs Epic Equipment Weapon/ArmoAccessory/Special Equipment acquirable.
Terranium and Rift Detection Stone can be obtained at a certain chance from the dungeon clear reward gold card.
Tayberrs epic equipment related content can also be found at [D&F Guide: Basic Information->Item Farming->Tayberrs Epic Equipment].
[Character Balance]
[Crusader (M)]
Skill removed.
Wisdom Blessing
Skill removed.
Grace of God
Tooltip errors corrected.
Grace of Protection
Leading skill requirements removed.
SPI amount changed. (At level 26: 192->226)
Blades of Purity
Can now be acquired even without a job.
Light element resistance reduction option removed.
Revenge of Light
Fixed a bug when equipped with Thunder Hammer: Jupiter with Holy Ghost Mace active where thunderbolts always dropped when striking with some skills.
Spiritual Sacrifice
Leading skill requirements removed.
Master level changed. (50->1)
Max level changed. (60->6)
SP consumption changed. (25->50)
STR, INT, VIT, SPI, and hit rate changing effects removed.
Surrounding party members’ HP and MP recovery values changed to percent when the Priest dies, and it is not affected by VIT and SPI. (At level 1: 10%)
Casting speed increase option value readjusted due to the mastemax level changes. (At level 1: 10%)
Movement speed increase option added. (At level 1: 10%)
Heaven’s Melody
Master level changed. (40->20)
Max level changed. (50->30)
HPMAX and MPMAX values readjusted due to the mastemax level changes. (previous level 26 -> changed level 20)
Heaven’s Harmony
No longer consumes clear cube fragments.
Sign of Protection
Master level changed. (50->30)
Max level changed. (60->40)
Physical defense, magic defense, VIT, and SPI values readjusted due to the mastemax level changes. (previous level 36 -> changed level 30)
Fixed a bug when receiving higher damage than the Crusader’s HPMAX from Sign of Protection where the Crusader dies.
Fixed a bug when casting skills where the Sign of Protection’s VIT and SPI increase effects did not apply.
Fast Heal
Changed to a passive skill.
Master level changed. (50->1)
Max level changed. (60->6)
SP consumption changed. (25->50)
Slow Heal’s functionality changes when acquired.
  • Recovery duration reduced. (20 seconds -> 1 second)
  • Slow Heal recovery amount efficiency increased. (at level 1: 135%)
Divine Invocation
Strike and Wisdom Blessing are merged into Divine Invocation.
CD reduced. (60->10 seconds)
Master level changed. (50->10)
Max level changed. (60->40)
STR, INT, physical attack power, magic attack power, independent attack power and hit rate values readjusted due to the mastemax level changes.
  • At level 10
    • 58 physical attack power
    • 58 magic attack power
    • 58 independent attack power
    • 264 STR
    • 264 INT
    • 23.2% hit rate
Fountain of Life
Master level changed. (50->30)
Max level changed. (60->40)
HP recovered after death changed to percent and is no longer affected by VIT. (at level 30: 20%)
Fixed a bug where consumables could be used before the resurrection process was over when the character that Fountain of Life applied to died.
Fixed a bug where the Quick Rebound skill could be used before the resurrection process was over when the character that Fountain of Life applied to died.
Healing Wind
Master level changed. (50->20)
Max level changed. (60->30)
HP/MP recovery changed to percent and is no longer affected by VIT and SPI. (at level 20: 50%)
Use count restriction removed.
Recovery duration reduced. (5->1 second)
Barrier area increased. (640px->750px)
Barrier durability changed to be affected by the Crusader’s HP. (30% of the Crusader’s HP)
Some tooltip errors corrected.
Aura of Conviction
STR, INT, VIT, and SPI values based off of Crusader’s HP amount condition removed.
  • At level 15 STR and INT value: 198
  • At level 15 VIT and SPI value: 154
Aura application range increased. (500px->900px)
Meditation (New Passive Skill)
New passive skill acquirable at level 50 after the 1st awakening.
New passive skill that calibrates the Holy Order’s VIT and SPI stats to be equal to be the highest of [the two].
Effects do not apply when Holy Ghost Mace is acquired.
Buff range applies to entire room.
Buff range effects removed.
Attack range changed. (at level 10: 840px->900px)
Buff icon added.
Divine Flash
Functionality added to also apply the buff retention duration increase effect to the Crusader when casting the skill on party members.
Holy Sanctuary
Recovery amount and attack power increase based on the party member amount functionality removed.
HP recovery amount increased. (at level 8: 17%->24%)
HP recovery speed increased.
Functionality added to install the pentacle immediately upon further skill key input.
Thunder Hammer: Jupiter
Retention duration is now infinite when equipping jupiter.
Light element resistance reduction option changed to a all element resistance reduction option.
  • Element resistance reduction amount fixed to 20 at all levels.
  • Element resistance reduction option’s max stack amount fixed to 3 at all levels.
  • Element resistance reduction option’s retention duration fixed to 10 seconds at all levels.
Element resistance reduction option application method changed to basic attacks and skill strikes when equipping jupiter.
Divine power max amount reduced. (30->24)
Conviction, Miracle Splitter, and Spear of Victory added to the divine power increase skill list.
Functionality added to linger a ‘Faith Buff’ to a target when using the Divine Flash skill on other party members.
  • The Ascension skill’s sacred power retention duration increases according to the number of Faith Buffs.
    • If Faith Buff is on 1 person: Sacred power retention duration increased by 0.2 seconds per second
    • If Faith Buff is on 2 people: Sacred power retention duration increased by 0.4 seconds per second
    • If Faith Buff is on 3 people: Sacred power retention duration increased by 1.2 seconds per second
  • Faith Buff can be applied only 1 time per party member.
  • Faith Buff’s retention duration is 50 seconds.
  • Does not apply when Holy Ghost Mace is acquired.
Slow Heal Upgrade
Tooltip errors corrected.
Strike Upgrade
Skill removed.
Wisdom Blessing Upgrade
Skill removed.
Fixed a bug where recovery series skill HP recovery values were inconsistent.
Chronicle Equipment
Silent Prayer (2nd Chronicle)
  • 3 set effects removed: Strike physical weapon attack power increased by 13, weapon hit rate increased by 1% / Wisdom Blessing magic weapon attack power increased by 7, INT increased by 12
  • 6 set effects removed: Strike physical weapon attack power increased by 14, weapon hit rate increased by 1%, retention duration increased by 30% / Wisdom Blessing magic weapon attack power increased by 9, INT increased by 16, retention duration increased by 30%
  • 9 set effects removed: Divine Invocation CD reduced by 6 seconds, STR increased by 40, INT increased by 40, retention duration increased by 30%
  • 3 set effects added: Divine Invocation weapon hit rate increased by 1%, CD reduced by 10%, retention duration increased by 10%
  • 6 set effects added: Divine Invocation physical weapon attack power increased by 7, magic weapon attack power increased by 7
  • 9 set effects added: Divine Invocation physical weapon attack power increased by 9, magic weapon attack power increased by 9, STR increased by 40, INT increased by 40, CD reduced by 30%, retention duration increased by 30%
Vow of Silence (3rd Chronicle)
  • 3 set effects removed: Strike retention duration increased by 20%, weapon hit rate increased by 20% / Wisdom Blessing retention duration increased by 20%, INT increased by 20
  • 6 set effects removed: Strike physical weapon attack power increased by 23, CD reduced by 2 seconds, retention duration increased by 30% / Wisdom Blessing magic weapon attack power increased by 14, CD reduced by 2 seconds, retention duration increased by 30%
  • 9 set effects removed: Divine Invocation STR increased by 50, INT increased by 44, retention duration increased by 30%
  • 3 set effects added: Divine Invocation weapon hit rate increased by 20%, CD reduced by 10%, retention duration increased by 10%
  • 6 set effects added: Divine Invocation physical weapon attack power increased by 6, magic weapon attack power increased by 6
  • 9 set effects added: Divine Invocation physical weapon attack power increased by 8, magic weapon attack power increased by 8, STR increased by 50, INT increased by 50, CD reduced by 30%, retention duration increased by 30%
Divine Grace (2nd Chronicle)
  • 3 set effects removed: Fast Heal HP recovery amount increased by 30%
  • 6 set effects removed: Fast Heal HP recovery amount increased by 20% / Fountain of Life CD reduced by 50%, HP recovery increased by 100%
  • 9 set effects removed: Healing Wind HP recovery increased by 100%, MP recovery increased by 100%
  • 3 set effects added: Slow Heal HP recovery amount increased by 30%
  • 6 set effects added: Slow Heal HP recovery amount increased by 30% / Fountain of Life HP recovery increased by 30%, HP recovery after death increased by an additional 10%
  • 9 set effects added: Healing Wind HP recovery increased by 30%, MP recovery increased by 30%
The Shout of Triumph (3rd Chronicle)
  • 3 set effects removed: Healing Wind damage amount increased by 30%
  • 6 set effects removed: Healing Wind damage amount increased by 50%
  • 3 set effects added: Healing Wind barrier HP’s Crusader ratio increased by 20%
  • 6 set effects added: Healing Wind barrier HP’s Crusader ratio increased by 30%
[Crusader (F)]
Healing Prayer
Conditional triggers [that affect] INT no longer affect HP recovery.
Guardian’s Blessing
Fixed a bug when receiving more than a certain amount of damage through the ally damage sharing functionality where it operated abnormally.
Valor Blessing
Physical/Magic attack power increase amount made equal to the independent attack power increase.
INT increase amount made equal to the STR increase amount.
Holy Circlet
Held enemies now die immediately upon reaching 0 HP.
UI and effects added for information of the location of allies when allies die.
submitted by MetalPlateMage to DFO [link] [comments]

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