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The casino heist of Stardust casino was one of the most surreptitious in history. William John Brennan, a sports book cashier at the casino, simply walked out of the door with an estimated $500 000 in cash and chips. Brennan disappeared after this – one could say that he quit and decided on $500 000 as his severance pay. This casino robbery is also one of the only truly successful ones on This robbery carried out in the heart of the American gambling industry would help encourage many The Stardust Casino theft manages to be one of the most overlooked heists to take place in recent years perhaps due to the fact that the casino in question has now been demolished. William John Brennan a 34-year-old from Pennsylvania and an employee of Stardust Casino is suspected of stealing Daring Casino Heists at Las Vegas’ Stardust starring, William John Brennan. Theft from Stardust, 1992. This was not so much a heist as the thief, a sportsbook cashier at Stardust, simply walked out of the door of the former Vegas casino with half a million dollars worth of chips and cash in September 1992. Further investigations suggested that Carleo was also involved in another robbery at the Suncoast Casino in 2010. Shocking. a judge sentenced him to 130 years in prison after R. Johnson seemed to just sit back and laugh at videos of him shooting security guards. A harsh, but ultimately fair sentence. Stardust Robbery (1992) Ever seen Sting in the music video’Englishman in New York’? It Stardust Casino, Las Vegas, 1992 – A casino cashier at the Stardust didn’t use any guns. He simply put $500,000 into his bag and walked right out the door. He simply put $500,000 into his bag Casino: Stardust, Las Vegas. Year: 1992. Score: $500,000. This was not so much a heist as a really badass way to hand in your notice. A sportsbook cashier at The Stardust, Bill Brennan, decided one day that the casino game wasn’t for him and made off with half a million dollars in chips and cash. Brennan vanished without a trace after lifting the money, leading some to speculate that he

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