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(June 6th) Kasumi Trailer Summary, Analysis and Speculation (spoilers for the main game)!

Edit X, 7th June 17:22 UTC: I made a ton of changes to this post that wouldn't fit, so check them out HERE once you're done! As always, let me know what else I need to add or fix!
Another trailer, another analysis!
I already uploaded an imgur album with preliminary translations and analyses that I'll be touching on, so check that out here!
I'll also be touching on some of the details/ theories mentioned in this master post. There's a lot to unpack there though, so I'll do my best to summarise the relevant stuff as best I can.
Finally, after posting my album u/LoliHunterXD posted a translation of the trailer, covering both spoken and text dialogue. They claim their Japanese isn't very good, but it's certainly better than mine and so I'll defer to their translations if they ever disagree with mine. Thank you, Hunter!
With the prerequisites out of the way, let's begin!
The trailer starts with a pretty intimidating line from Kasumi to pair with her intimidating walk:
Today, I'm saying goodbye to the me that is in-debt to anyone
Almost like she wants to make a clean sweep of anyone she's ever befriended (i.e. she sees friendships as debts). Thankfully, her last line casts this in a much more positive light, so we'll pick this up when we get there. The scene in question is in the Casino Palace (check the stickers on the walls and door behind the Shadow, who is also the guard-type from the Casino), where she walks past Joker to retrieve the rapier embedded in an enemy with a very stylish twirling kick. The bulk of the trailer starts once she grabs it, with the shot lingering on her hand as if to show her determination.
After the title card showing her name and VA, we get a much more pleasant scene of her and Joker at the batting cages (and we know it's just those two because we can see in Picture 3 in the album linked above that Morgana isn't in his bag - it looks quite hollow without it!) ...however, we can't say this is the batting cages anymore since this looks far more professional than the ones in Yongen-Jaya (the baseball fan outside it in the base game even comments on this if you talk to him). Are there two sets of cages now, with this being the more "advanced" one? We also know that P5R is getting a revamped trophy list: will the original "Get a home run" trophy now be replaced with a "Get a home run in [new location]'s batting cages" instead?
And where is this? As I said, the cages look far more professional than the old set and we already know we're getting a new location - Kichijoji - that's said to be a massive hub with many things to do, so I think it's safe to assume that's where this is taking place.
And what are the two of you doing here? There are multiple camera angles and the activity in question seems too involved to just be an ordinary hangout, so I believe this is a Confidant event: you've brought Kasumi here so she can try something she's always wanted to but never got the chance to try (like taking Makoto to the arcade and Haru to Leblanc) and the reason you're here and not Yongen-Jaya is because Kasumi lives in Kichijoji as implied in her dialogue in the aquarium hangout spot (tl;dr: because she "remembers" going there in the past) so likely asked you to take her to a spot she's always passed by but never had the time or courage to go on her own. (As for where Kasumi would live, I assume she's in one of the apartments of the complex you see in the background at the start of the P5R reveal trailer when Joker's on his phone.) I'll touch on this motivation later on so keep it in mind.
As for the scene in question, it's pretty clear that this is Kasumi's first try. She seems nervous at first if her referring to herself in the third person is any indicator (unless that's just how she does things in which case, d'aww) and despite her enthusiasm...doesn't even see the ball fly past her. Twice. Meanwhile Joker just sits there not emoting at all. Poor thing xD
From a technical standpoint, it's remarkable how well Kasumi's model is animated: her face changes from determined to shocked perfectly in sync with the scene and her sprites and she even looks back and forth quickly after missing the first ball and is just stunned silent after the next! ...however, the balls she misses disappear as soon as they hit the net, though there are already two balls on the ground when she starts, so the scene either ends here or she gets the third one - possibly after you give her some advice (of course, if you give her bad advice, she'll do it on her own and you won't get any affinity points. Meanie.)
This scene does two things. First, it reveals that Kasumi is utterly adorable. Second, it confirms that Kasumi will be in Hawaii (something I didn't realise until I took a closer look, myself).
How do we know this is Hawaii? The shop is called Aloha and most of the shoppers are Shujin students (which makes sense since they're tourists and would probably flood any nearby shops) and there's a palm tree on the right. Admittedly this could all just be a themed shop - complete with fake tree - in Kichijoji (which is what I initially thought myself), but the left side of the shop shows that they're also selling hawaiian shirts, sandals, sunglasses and hats, all of which would be very useful on the beach. The biggest giveaway however is the trio of caucasians on the left side - a man leaning on the sunglasses rack and the couple looking at flip flops. You don't see so many of those in one place anywhere else in P5!
So why is Kasumi here? If this were Kichijoji, I'd assume she was out for a jog and popped in for a drink, but Hawaii's quite the trek. Since she's an accomplished gymnast, it's possible that she's here for some sort of competition/ exhibition, hence the tracksuit (she could either be on her way to/ from a performance or exercising/ jogging). As for Joker's lack of reaction, it's possible he already knew she was here. Either they met on the day they arrived (or the second arrived, if they came to Hawaii at different times) or he knew before they even left. After all, Kasumi is clearly friends with him at this point so would absolutely let him know that she was going on a trip (or vice versa) and for them to realise they'd be there at the same time.
...but seriously, not reacting at all? I guess going to the Metaverse would make real world surprises less impactful. He can at least play along with her though: one of the options is "I'm surprised/ You surprised me", though since it isn't said with any punctuation I have to assume it's a very dry/ sarcastic response. (Also, Futaba will probably be very upset if she already knows Kasumi at this point since they're the same age, but it'd give her another reason to go back to school, so yay!)
Edit*7: Of course this serves the narrative too, since this way Futaba focuses entirely on parsing Sae's data and Morgana has nothing to do, which leads to his feelings of inadequacy by the time the team comes back from their trip. And to those of you who hoped Kasumi would be worked into the Hawaii trip, now she has! And since Joker and the others wouldn't care about any sports events happening near them, it makes sense that it wouldn't be brought up in the base game too! Also, if we're spending more time in Hawaii - or at least stopping by a store and maybe seeing Kasumi's performance/ competition - we have more opportunities to bump into Haru too!
Back in Japan, this scene is set in the cafe and also marks the first time we see Kasumi in truly "casual" clothing (since the other "casual" outfit she was in was a yellow button up shirt), which makes for a nice change. The polka dots make for a more childish appearance too, could this represent her feeling more free after spending time with Joker?
In any case, the scene starts with Kasumi thanking Joker for the meal. Considering she has three large plates, a small plate, a bowl and what appears to be a platter on her side of the table while he only has a cup...I feel sorry for his wallet! Joker even sweats about her eating so much and has the option to say the food was terrible, but doesn't (probably wise since Kasumi clearly liked it :P)
What's strange is that there's a cut in the conversation (the camera clearly cuts back to is default position) as Kasumi says her mind and body are fully recharged...only for her stomach to growl again. Cue the awkward silence, and just look at the wide open eyes on her face in Picture 13! :3
But that begs the question, is this just a running gag, or does she eat a lot because of all the activity she does? Could she also be comfort eating (though hopefully not with the vomiting sometimes associated with it)? While this could be a story event given the cut (which could have been to avoid revealing important character and/ or plot points), that you have the option to say something she'd disagree with (about the quality of the food) makes me wonder if this is a Confidant event instead.
This scene is very interesting for a number of reasons, as we'll get into. This part of the trailer starts with Kasumi's Awakening, but I want to discuss the enemy she's Awakening against first: as noted in this thread by u/zatifiend, the Shadow is Byakhee. What's interesting here (as explained incredibly well here by u/Questionable71) is that this is one of the henchmen for the main villain of Persona 2, Nyarlathotep, and an enemy-only Persona to boot. What's notable about this is that Nyarlathotep is the overarching villain of the entire Persona franchise (though he admittedly hasn't appeared since P2). I'm sceptical of the chances of him returning (though he'd be a logical next step after Yaldabaoth if the new Semester of the game intends to ramp up the stakes), but P5 already brought back Bless/ Curse non-instakill Skills and the Gun/ Psy/ Nuke elements from P1 and 2. Either Byakhee being here is a continuation of that "let's bring back old elements" mentality (for example, that he's fully yellow may just mean he's the Principal's Shadow or lackey, since he too wears all yellow and some people wanted him to have a Palace), or the returning elements were a sign that "we have plans for the old stuff".
Moving on, where is this taking place? It looks like the back vault at first glance, but there's way too many new elements for that theory to hold. The lighting during her Awakening looks like it comes from spotlights while the floor is marble, with floor lights outside of the darker regions. Do the lights indicate this is a performance hall of some kind, meaning this is indeed Kasumi's Palace and she's rebelling against the expectations put on her (which the lights could be symbolic of if they're not simply there for dramatic effect to signify this as her Awakening scene) as a gymnast? I initially thought her Ruler would be her parent(s) as with Hifumi, but if it's indeed the Principal taking him out would also bring closure to everyone he hurt by only caring about his reputation, e.g. letting Kamoshida and the mafia have their way because he didn't want to get his hands dirty (keeping the kids quiet is probably the only reason he hired Takuto, now that I think about it).
In any case, we already knew Kasumi was a Thief by the Casino at least (since we had a screenshot of her there) and even got a clip of her there in this trailer, so we know for a fact that this Palace has been inserted into the main events of the game. The biggest stretch of time in the base game for such an addition would be In Summer. Perhaps her Ruler kept compelling her to compete or perform even during the break and this pushed her over the edge? And if it is the Principal and the Palace is the school again, it'd be interesting to see the same place warped in two different ways!
Back to Kasumi herself. As shown in Pictures 16 and 17, while she's initially angry when getting the mask, she smiles when pulling it off and is perfectly poised when doing so to boot. Even Haru only posed after summoning Miledy! Why is this so easy for her? We already know from the teaser that she's strong willed, is she so strong willed that she can smile through the pain, or is she smiling because she knows she's in the right/ now has the power to make things right?
You may remember the theory in the master post that Kasumi already tried changing hearts in the past and failed, which is why she keeps her head down (and maybe why she moved away since - again - she says she remembers the aquarium in Kichijoji from a seemingly long time ago). If that theory is true, maybe she smiles since she's just RE-Awakening a power she locked away in the past and so there is no pain? She could also be getting a new Persona to replace the old and she doesn't feel the pain because she's already "Awakened" before and is either immune to the pain now or expects it. And hey, if her first Persona represents her true beliefs (that happily happen to match the Thieves') it could even return as her Ultimate Persona (unlike with Goro, who got Robin Hood separately while already having Loki)!
Anyway, she Awakens to her Persona, who turns out to be Cendrillon, the French name for Cinderella. There's quite a bit to discuss here, so I'll give her her own section later and dive into combat now. Kasumi's and Cendrillon's models are incredibly well detailed here though - the Pros of only having to develop for the PS4 - and we may even reach the point where the in-game cutscenes look better than the anime ones!
In the gameplay footage she uses the Physical skill Heat Wave, a skill in the base game that inflicts Heavy damage to all foes at a cost of 20% of the user's HP. She has 379 HP after using it which puts her max HP (in this clip at least) at 474 when rounded to the nearest whole number. That's a lot of HP, so were we right in assuming she's indeed a Physical damage dealer?
Back to the combat. Byakhee is immune to Bless, Curse and Psy attacks and resistant to everything else in P2.*2 If that's true here, then Kasumi's Critical Hit was the only way they could have knocked it down for an AoA. Again, ATLUS could have fixed her crit rate for this shot (and she has the Death Glare to justify the trickery) but all three shots of her in action have resulted in her getting a Critical Hit. Could she simply have Apt Pupil (and Fortified Moxy, though it wouldn't help in this boss battle) instead? Maybe even an upgraded version alongside it?
*2 Kasumi deals 306 damage with her Critical Hit and this is enough to deplete half of Byakhee's health. While this may again be part of some technical wizardry or plain overlevelling on Joker and Morgana's part to make the footage more interesting (and Kasumi more powerful) it could also mean Byakhee isn't as powerful as he was before. Of course, this seems to be a boss version, and those have tweaked resistances anyway (though I don't remember anyone ever losing immunities/ resistances).
Anyway, we see that her pose when using Skills is just as fanciful as her others and his grace extends to her AoA, which is preceded by an extended animation a la the Twins', which features her ribbon dancing before the Finishing Touch screen - a nice way to confirm that she does indeed ribbon dance as her cosplayer did at the Persona Concert! As an aside, her pose in the prelude to the AoA is very similar to Joker's in that they both hold their right hands to their heads with fingers splayed (and having matching hai eye colours). Their outfits are similar, as are their Personas (as I'll get to later) so them mirroring each other even in the little things makes sense too!
The quote in her Finishing Touch is "Beauty is Devotion". What does this mean, since she doesn't seem shallow enough to think beauty is everything? Is she referring to the grace of her movements? In my character analysis I pointed out evidence to suggest she enjoyed gymnastics despite the pressure people put on her as a result; does this quote also mean she takes pride in her form and the work she puts into maintaining it? It would explain why she poses so extravagantly in battle (and when ripping her own face off)!
Also, she holds the end of her ribbon in her mouth as you would a rose while actual roses and rose petals adorn the screen. Does this mean anything or is it just an aesthetic - and coincidental - choice? Maybe her code name is indeed Rose? Let's not forget she has a silver one at her hip too!
Before we touch on the closing line of the trailer and Cendrillon, let's think about how this situation comes to be. While the stats could be inflated and other characters could have been removed from the cutscene to prevent spoiling anything, I'm going to take them at face value for this and assume that Joker and Kasumi stumble into a Palace at some point (incidentally, the fact that Joker can't simply leave and fetch the Thieves means this is a fixed sequence as with everyone's Awakenings save Yusuke). Also, the high stats for everyone means this must happen in the late game?
However, ATLUS has confirmed they're making it easier to level up, so I don't think we can make assumptions and use character stats as more than a vague metric for the current point in the game, so this could just as easily be in the mid-game (and indeed In Summer as suggested earlier). It's possible that Kasumi calls Joker out to talk through her problems with him and happens to mention the keywords for whoever's causing her problems like Ryuji did, and they wander into the new Palace (and get trapped inside, so they can't simply turn around) by accident. Cue the "here we go again" meme from Joker.
Long story short, Joker and Morgana transform as soon as they enter and are outed as Thieves and Byakhee corners them when they try to escape. Obviously Kasumi has recognised signs of the person she hated while they traversed the Palace and Byakhee's taunting/ mocking pushes her over the edge and she decides to finally stand up for herself and any other victims, which Awakens her Persona. (By the way, Morgana seems shocked that she's Awakening. Is this just for dramatic tension, or did he and possibly Joker genuinely want to keep her safe, so seeing her "become a fighter" is upsetting to them?)
Going back to the Palace itself, Pictures 20 and 21 show a better view of the area where the Awakening and boss fight happen. There's a grand staircase as with a ballroom, but the floor is wooden with couches and a poster promoting good health on the right as you'd expect in any room you'd go to for exercising/ fitness classes - both things that would be relevant to Kasumi*3! Is it a mere coincidence that she Awakens in such a fitting area, or is this entire Palace all about her and thus its Ruler someone who has it out for - or tries to control - her specifically, like a parent? Considering most of the early game Palaces are about saving a specific victim with the Ruler's defeat simply helping others as a result (e.g. Kamoshida to avenge Shiho, Madarame to save Yusuke, etc.), having a Palace just to save Kasumi from being oppressed makes perfect sense and would fit in perfectly with the rest!
*3And combined with the ballroom staircase, maybe this room could symbolise some sort of (performance) hall for gymnastics events?
And finally, maybe the shot of Kasumi checking her phone at sunset in the April trailer is related to this? After all, Joker seems happy to see her and Morgana doesn't try to hide himself, which suggests they're both friends with her at this point. What if Kasumi is trying to see if their Change of Heart worked at that moment? They seem to be outside the school at the time, which would fit nicely with this theory if I was right the first time about the new Palace also being Shujin Academy :)
As the Finishing Touch ends, Kasumi ends her narration from the start of the trailer ("First of all, let me introduce myself") with:
I've received a lot of help. Someday, I'd like to return the favor with the help of my sword. I can promise you that, so please don't forget!
This sounds like something she'd say to Joker, possibly right after Awakening given the reference to her sword. What if Joker's helped her many times (we saw them talking on at least two occasions outside the train station in May's trailers) even before helping her survive her Palace, which is why she makes such an earnest vow? And what if this help includes her Confidant events, if they're all about taking her to try new things in new locations? You'd have to know about those locations beforehand via books or other characters, but what if instead of receiving a Mementos Request you end up in a mini-Palace instead?
For example, Kasumi's talking about whoever wronged her and Joker asks for their name so he can tell the others, but doesn't realise his MetaNav has turned on and it sends them to a Palace right away? The marble floor in Kasumi's Awakening scene matches the white aesthetic of the new Mementos rooms, so maybe this will be our chance to see what a fledgling Palace looks like (assuming Joker, Morgana and Kasumi are able to complete it themselves)? Of course for this theory to work, Kasumi would have either already sent them a Calling Card equivalent or asked that the three of them deal with the target on their own (as with Futaba and her uncle) so that the others don't get involved. In other words, her Confidant's Rank 8 event would be much more elaborate than any other, but in return you'd get a full-fledged teammate instead of just a new ability! Maybe the screenshot of the full team in Mementos' entrance is when she's introduced to them?
That last line a sweet sentiment, but it may tie back into the very first scene of the trailer where she says she's "saying goodbye to the me that is in-debt to anyone". We all know the Palace ends with Joker using himself as bait to unravel the conspiracy, but what if Kasumi disagrees with this and - when the group scatters to avoid escape - she goes after him? There's a screenshot of the two alone in the Casino Palace fighting a Jatayu to corroborate this theory. What if the scene at the start of the trailer is Joker running into a Shadow and Kasumi (who has yet to catch up to him) throws her rapier ahead of her*1 to kill it before it attacks him, telling Joker she's here to become a better person and pay off her debts as she retrieves it? This starts a small segment of the Palace where it's just the two of them and maybe Kasumi ends up captured alongside him as a consequence of her nobility? Or maybe even captured instead of him (though this would mean changing the prologue)? If my theory that she's an optional party member is correct, this would be similar to Marie in P4G: you have until a certain date to finish her Confidant and unlock an extended ending, otherwise you experience the original ending. Of course I could be entirely wrong about that part and Joker does simply help Kasumi out a lot in the base game, since they clearly have many scenes together - they have at least one scene together with Akechi that I haven't even mentiond yet, for example!
*1 On closer observation, Kasumi's shadow still has the sword at her hip as she walks, but the camera angle changes just as it pans up to her hip so we can't tell if this is the case on her actual body too or just an animation bug. I still think the entire opening clip is part of the same scene though, only trimmed down to fit the length of her line. If she indeed has her sword with her at the start, it just means the quick cut to her kicking it back into her hand skipped the scene where she actually stabbed it to prove she was committed to seeing Joker home safely. And the Shadow was too stunned by her entrance to move, which happens a lot in Persona 5. And understandably so!
Edit*8: For another opinion on this scene, look no further than this comment with a quote from u/Yeulia and their thoughts on what it could mean. Perhaps instead of being caught by the police in Joker's place, Kasumi could use the similarities in their Thief forms to act as bait if something goes wrong (and she's convinced to go along with the original plan)? And maybe this is the moment - especially the thought of Joker, someone she's no doubt very attached to and maybe even has a crush on at this point (or an actual relationship if you can get to her Rank 9 by this point and choose the romance option and no, that isn't a "well, duh" option for everyone, even if most of this trailer is adorable moment after adorable moment) letting himself be arrested and subjected to who knows what for the greater good - that convinces her to side with the Thieves for good? Maybe this is also the point where she decides to hijack the Metaverse for their sake, or whatever it is that incites the strange events in the final three months of the game? After all, those changes may even start while Joker's still in the interrogation room; it's fitting that she'd act then, since that's when Joker's at his most vulnerable! It'd be very interesting if the "you need to max her Confidant before the Casino Heist" theory is correct because it means we'll see major divergences from the main story right away (maybe acting that particular moment is also what influences Akechi to work with them again?) And as mentioned in Edit 6 below, this may be part of the reason we don't know her Arcana yet. What if it signifies that she does indeed have such game changing power?
As stated before, Cendrillon is the French version of Cinderella. Already there are similarities between her and Arsene as a result, just like their other selves! Both are French and dressed in high class attire - Arsene in a suit and cravat, Cendrillon in a dress and gem in her chest - and both are humanoids with very slender builds and realistic proportions. Lore-wise, the Cinderella story is actually incredibly old, with the earliest version of it - Rhodopis - originating sometime between 7 BC and 24 AD. This version tells of how a Greek courtesan's sandal was picked up by an eagle and dropped in the lap of the Pharoah in Memphis, who "stirred both by the beautiful shape of the sandal and by the strangeness of the occurrence, sent men in all directions into the country in quest of the woman who wore the sandal". She was found, brought to him and became his wife.
A very simple and bizarre story.
With a story that old, there are understandably many, many, many variations of it, too many too list! So I'll stick to Cendrillon herself from Cendrillon ou la petite pantoufle de verre, by Perrault. It was written in 1697 and introduced most of the elements we associate with the story today such as the Fairy Godmother and pumpkin carriage. The strange thing is that one of the morals of this version of the story was quite cynical:
without doubt it is a great advantage to have intelligence, courage, good breeding, and common sense. These, and similar talents come only from heaven, and it is good to have them. However, even these may fail to bring you success, without the blessing of a godfather or a godmother
Thankfully, Kasumi of course already has an answer to this in the form of her Persona (who happens to be Cinderella herself, funnily enough), who gives her the power to stand up for herself and fulfil her own version of justice.
As for the rest of the story, it's easy to draw parallels if we assume the theory about her being forced to compete for her family/ school is true. Society (the step-family) oppresses and forces her into a role she doesn't want, but in her darkest moment her Persona (Fairy Godmother) appears and gives her the chance to explore a whole new world and be herself/ do what she wants and thinks is right (the Metaverse/ royal ball). Going to this new world also gives her the chance to bond with someone who likes her for herself and through him can experience the things she never could on her own (Joker and her Confidant events like playing baseball/ the Prince and freedom). There's even a part in the initial reveal trailer where she dances in the middle of a crowd with all eyes on her, just as Cinderella had all eyes on her at the ball!
As for her Ultimate Persona? Well, it'd have to be a female mythological figure who escaped an oppressive life, while also being known for being a trickster. Any ideas?
Edit*3: The Morrígan/ Mór-Ríoghain is an Irish Goddess of war and fate - even called "the Phantom Queen!" - and may be a candidate for the first criteria since she's also known for her trickery (such as tricking the hero Cúchulainn into healing her injuries by disguising herself as an old woman). In fact, Morrigan is already a demon in the core SMT series, so we know ATLUS already knows about her (or were, at any rate). Another is the similarly named yet unrelated Morgan le Fay from Arthurian Legend. Morgan's character has been in a lot of flux throughout the ages, going from being a fairy to Arthur's sister to being good then evil and back again. However, she is both a trickster and - depending on the interpretation - was wronged by her family, though this also made her a traitor to Arthur. But this is also the version of the story where she returns to being on his side again and carrying him off to Avalon upon his near-death, which may mirror Kasumi betraying the group (with good intentions) and coming back to them - after all, they kept Akechi around! He may even be the one to point out that they'll take her back no matter what she's done - though hopefully won't mirror Arthur's death by killing off Joker.
The new song is a mystery for the most part, but the first and last lyrics are "You actually thought you could get away? Ah [...] don't think so!" and "I can change the world." Assuming this is Kasumi's theme song, it hints that she's very confident in her own abilities. This could just be the cockiness every Thief feels when they work, but could it also be an indicator that Kasumi is confident in her "real world" life too? Maybe even outside her skill in (and qualms with) gymnastics? And is this an innocent detail, or a sign that she already knows what being in the Metaverse is like (especially with "You actually thought you could get away?") or even that she has ulterior motives? Both lines are threats, after all! Even if she's saying she can "save the world" instead, it doesn't necessarily mean her definition of "saving something" is a healthy one! Remember how the original trailer started with her "taking everyone's dreams"? I admit it'd hard to see someone this goofy and sweet as a villain though. Konichi...wa!
Thank you all so much for reading! Please let me know what I missed or need to fix and I'll do my best to update this as soon as I can in my own time as well!
June 6th
Edit 1, 12:35 UTC: Added the OTHER section, added a correction to "CONNECTION TO THE OPENING SCENE" and added a mention of Kasumi's head twitch (d'aww) in "SCENE 2".
Edit 2, 12:46 UTC: Fixed the second lyric from "'Cos" to "Ah [...] don't think so!" and added a note about Byakhee in "SCENE 5".
Edit 3, 13:58 UTC: Extended the end of the correction in Edit 1, Added two candidates for Kasumi's Ultimate Persona and added an alternate interpretation for the place Kasumi Awakens to her Persona (...and making the assumption that Byakhee is a boss only Persona and won't appear as a regular enemy, huh) in "SCENE 5: HOW/ WHERE DID IT HAPPEN?"
Edit 4: In this comment. 14:03 UTC. (And Edit 5 in the same comment. 14:19 UTC.)
Edit 6: Added two notes to the "OTHERS" section above and some blasphemy to SCENE 5 ("and we may even reach the point where the in-game cutscenes look better than the anime ones")! 15:38 UTC.
Edit 7: Added a paragraph to "SCENE 4". 15:52 UTC.
Edit 8: Added theories based on u/Yeulia's (as quoted in the comments). 16:101 UTC.
Edit 9: Added an Akechi mention to a theory in "OTHER"'s Edit 6! 16:17 UTC.
June 8th
Edit 11: Added some screencaps of her lightning fast 360* flip at the start of the trailer to the end of the album and on top of being an amazing flash of awesomeness from someone who already oozes it as much as she does adorableness, here's why I think it matters! Also, MysticDistance shared a rough transcription of the lyrics in the trailer. While I got everything the ending completely wrong, I still think the song is a huge case of Kasumi (and maybe the Thieves as a whole) boasting about how she completely dominates the opposition, so I think the rest of my commentary on the lyrics still holds water! 00:01 UTC.
June 9th
Edit 12: Added a short list of interesting details I and others have noticed, along with some speculation. Maybe they'll be relevant! 11:32 UTC.
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The Money Store-Death Grips

Put Your Back N 2 It-Perfume Genius
The Idler Wheel-Fiona Apple
Natural History-Dope Body
good kid, m.A.A.d. city-Kendrick Lamar

Attack on Memory-Cloud Nothings
Sweet Heart Sweet Light-Spiritualized
Silent Hour / Golden Mile-Daniel Rossen
Nehru Jackets-Heems
fIN-John Talabot
Bloom-Beach House
4eva N a Day-Big K.R.I.T.
awE naturalE-THEESatisfaction
There's No Leaving Now-The Tallest Man On Earth
De Vermis Mysteriis-High on Fire
R.A.P. Music-Killer Mike
Salughterhouse-Ty Segall Band
Hair-Ty Segall & White Fence
Galaxy Garden-Lone
Take the Kids Off Broadway-Foxygen
Beams-Matthew Dear
An Awesome Wave-alt-J
Control System-Ab-Soul
Nocturne-Wild Nothing
Lonerism-Tame Impala
Silencing Machine-Nachtmystium
The Seer-Swans
No Love Deep Web-Death Grips
Years Past Matter-Krallice
All We Love We Leave Behind-Converge
Breakthrough-The Gaslamp Killer
The Odds-The Evens
'Allelujah! Don't Bend! Ascend!-Godspeed You! Black Emperor
Rare Chandeliers-Action Bronson & The Alchemist
Truant / Rough Sleeper-Burial
Sentenced to Life-Black Breath
Portico Quartet-Portico Quartet
Sinews-White Suns
History Will Absolve Me-Billy Woods
I.V.-Loma Prieta
Hasta La Muerte-Xibalba
On Acid-Recondite
Alone Together-Karriem Riggins
Made Possible-The Bad Plus
Results-Murder Construct
PEEP: The aPROcalypse-Pro Era
Drought-Deathspell Omega
Possession-Christian Mistress

Tramp-Sharon Van Etten
Paralytic Stalks-of Montreal
Pink-Four Tet
Open Your Heart-The Men
The Lion's Roar-First Aid Kit
Locked Down-Dr. John
Noctourniquet-The Mars Volta
The Horror-Pop .1280
Clear Moon-Mount Eerie
Lo Fi Hi Fives-R. Stevie Moore
Sorrow and Extinction-Pallbearer
In Our Heads-Hot Chip
Americana-Neil Young and Crazy House
World, You Need a Change of Mind-Kindness
Valtari-Sigur Ros
Skelethon-Aesop Rock
Yellow & Green-Baroness
Live from the Underground-Big K.R.I.T.
Four-Bloc Party
I Know What Love Isn't-Jens Lekman
Channel Orange-Frank Ocean
Instrumental 2-Clams Casino
The Haunted Man-Bat For Lashes
I Bet on Sky-Dinasour Jr.
Love This Giant-David Byrne & St. Vincent
Bend Beyond-Woods
1999-Joey Bada$$
Transcendental Youth-The Mountain Goats
Until the Quiet Comes-Flying Lotus
Half Way Home-Angel Olsen
Bish Bosch-Scott Walker
Order of Noise-Vessel
Luxury Problems-Andy Stott
The Heist-Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
Honor Found in Decay-Neurosis
Unkown Rooms: A Collection of Acoustic Songs-Chelsea Wolfe
Duality-Captain Murphy
Movement-Holly Herndon
Jessica Pratt-Jessica Pratt
Light Up Gold-Parquet Courts
Is Your Love Big Enough?-Lianne La Havas
Floral Green-Title Fight
Blood for the Master-Goatwhore
4NML HSPTL-Open Mike Eagle
Har Nevo-The Black Heart Rebellion
Eschatological Scatology-Gnaw Their Tongues
No Youth-Wreck & Reference

Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light II-Earth
Let's Go Eat the Factory-Guided By Voices
Blunderbuss-Jack White
Kings and Them-Evian Christ
Spooky Distance at a Distance-Lotus Plaza
With Siinai: Heartbreaking Bravery-Moonface
The Bravest Man in the Universe-Bobby Womack
Cancer For Cure-El-P
Unsound-Mission of Burma
Oceania-The Smashing Pumpkins
Swing Lo Magellan-Dirty Projectors
Kings and Them-Evian Christ
Gossamer-Passion Pit
Shrines-Purity King
Instict-Niki & The Dove
Centipede Hz-Animal Collective
Mature Themes-Ariel Pink's Haunted Grafitti
Held-Holy Other
Clockwork Angels-Rush
Total Loss-How to Dress Well
Shields-Grizzly Bear
Babel-Mumford & Sons
Local Business-Titus Andronicus
Key to the Kuffs-JJ Doom
LUX-Brian Eno
Kaleidoscope Dream-Miguel
2-Mac DeMarco
Book Burner-Pig Destroyer
Koi No Yakan-Deftones
See the World Given to a One Love Entity-Guardian Alien
Love Is Love // Return To Dust-Code Orange
Widowmaker-Dragged Into Sunlight
Decompositions: Volume Number One-Circle Takes The Square
In the Middle Of Infinity-3:33
No-Old Man Gloom
Ten Stories-mewithoutYou

Onwards To The Wall-A Place To Bury Strangers
Old Ideas-Leonard Cohen
Reign of Terror-Sleigh Bells
Love at the Bottom of the Sea-The Magnetic Fields
Port of Morrow-The Shins
Given to the Wild-The Maccabees
Mr. Impossible-Black Dice
Habist & Contradictions-Schoolboy Q
Celebration Rock-Japandroids
Confess-Twin Shadow
America-Dan Deacon
Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors-Big Boi
Mysterious Phonk: The Chronicles of SpaceGhostPurpp-Spaceghostpurrp
Food & Liquor 2: The Great American Rap Album Pt. 1-Lupe Fiasco
Advaitic Songs-OM
No Idols-No Genesis & The Alchemist
World Music-Goat
Ocean Roar-Mount Eerie
We Don't Even Live Here-P.O.S.
Cobra Juicy-Black Moth Super Rainbow
Instrumental Tourist-Tim Hecker & Daniel Lopatin
Wild Water Kingdom-Heems
Jesus Piece-The Game
Les Voyages de l'Âme-Alcest
Phantom Antchrist-Kreator
Autotheism-The Faceless
Agnus Dei-The Secret

Young & Old-Tennis
The OF Tape Vol.2-Odd Future
Acousmatic Sorcery-Willis Earl Beal
Kill for Love-Chromatics
Strange Clouds-B.o.B.
Life is Good-Nas
Coexist-The xx
Devotion-Jessie Ware
Based On A T.R.U. Story-2 Chainz
(III)-Crystal Castles
Zeros-The Soft Moon
Finally Rich-Chief Keef
The Parallax II: Future Sequence-Between the Buried and Me

Born to Die-Lana Del Rey
Resolution-Lamb of God
The Only Place-Best Coast
The Stoned Immaculate-Curren$y
Born Villain-Marilyn Manson
God Forgives, I Don't-Rick Ross
The 2nd Law-Muse
Lords Never Worry-A$AP Mob
Welcome to: Our House-Slaughterhouse
Into The Future-Bad Brains

PBX Funicular Intaglio Zone-John Frusciante



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S4 Week 6 | Queenapalooza (Judges' Critiques)

Good night, groupies! After tonight's performance one our contestants will be retiring from the stages for this season, but who will it be?
Please welcome our judges!
Sally Spellman, looking like the LSD you took for inspiration for your music!
Miyu Moon, our resident kill our die romantic!
With special guest judge
Sulphur Bomme, who will help decide who gets the winner's mayo!
This week, our contestants were tasked with creating posters for their debut concerts as musicians alongside music video looks based on their assigned genres!

Although you did a great job this week, you didn't flop nor top the charts, you were radio friendly enough.

You're safe this week and still on the run for the crown.

The rest of you you represent the Highs and Lows of the week. Starting with...


Sally Spellman: You’ve managed to have the most eye catching poster in my opinion, it’s a very moody piece and the colors grab your attention in the best way possible, the perspective is a little wonky, especially since the text not completely lining up, my only issue is there no being acknowledgement of when the event is going to happen, no venue, no website, no date! Adding those little details that would have cemented this at a complete 10/10.
Your outfit is lovely and I’m here for a bearded queen who actually integrates a beard into a look in a way that goes along with everything and not just for the gag of having a beard. The abstractness of the look is cool but I think everything is wacky and you have a very simple hat, so it should have definitely been more extra than what you’ve got there, I’ve seen some people rag on you about the wobbliness of your looks but I don’t think it’s something you’ve overdone at all, it in some way is part of your style because that’s how you presented your queen to begin with and you’ve proved you’re capable of doing different things but I wonder if you can serve us more rigid shapes for next week or whenever the opportunity comes. The colors in your look being the same palette as your poster but more muted was a really nice touch and I think it would look amazing on a music video.
Miyu Moon: First off, this poster, WOW, it grabbed my attention immediately and absolutely makes me want to see this show. It is really minimal on the info, I think it could have used a little more info even if it was just a "Saturday night at 'that' Club" or something vague, just to give it a little more of a realistic poster feel. As it is now it could possibly be a movie or something, but that being said the saxophone and mic do kinda force me to assume a musical element so that does help send me in a direction. But overall, this poster still does what a poster should, it grabs my attention and it gives me a feeling and I want more. The angle is so dramatic, the fact that she's laying in such an askew way but looks so satisfied it really gives me some sense of wildness that I want to see live. I would typically associate the jazz age with some classier dress, so to see you so wildly nude and unhinged I'll have to assume this is some bootlegger party in an underground club and I want in.
The outfit pairs perfectly with your poster, I can imagine that underneath this neon coloured zoot suit you're ready to turn into that stage poster version of yourself. I'm not sure how but I do agree that these colours lend to the feel of jazz, there's something so bright and brassy about the sound that you translated well into your look. Bagginess can often look really shapeless so you made a smart choice to show parts of yourself and still give us some sexy body to balance out the shapelessness of the suit coat. I also love all the tiny details with the stitching and sparkles and whatnot, they also help give shape to something that could otherwise just be a blob, so all the choices in your material use are really "right". And the blue lip is a perfect touch, just a little bit of cool tone to stand out from the warmness you've got going on. Really great look, I can imagine this in a video of you dancing and singing around very sultry and slowly revealing yourself to the camera until we reach your final, most sinful form.
Sulphur Bomme: Hello Ripper! Overall I feel like this is a great hybrid genre of Jazz and incorporating your own Ripper Hole stylistic twist to it. I really think the colour scheme plays well into the Jazz theme, I thought of the Monsters Inc. title card and that has a jazz track to it so it really invoked that theme, not just in your poster but throughout your work. I think this is my favourite concept of the week, honestly.
I love the production of perspective in this, You’re really showing off your artistic knowledge in a way that isn’t primarily focusing on fashion. It kinda puts you up as a really well rounded individual and it doesn’t make the poster feel like a flat, boring image. I think to push this it might’ve needed a bit of tailoring - I focused more so on the objects in frame rather than Ripper (who in this case is the main headlining act) so your colour choices would have benefitted from shifting the object tones to a colour that suits the background so they are still present, have an iconic focus, but not as much as Ripper who would have benefited from a more yellow or orange sort of hue.
Your outfit I enjoy a lot because it matches your act quite well, super clear to me that you’re going to be performing your songs in some retro futurism minimalistic ideal that American homeowners aspire to be a part of , and you haven’t shied away from a lot of colour. Nitpick - I think when it comes to colour,try to be a bit cautious with the saturation, especially red hues because of it being such a rich physical colour for the eyes.
I want you to start experimenting with maybe producing outfits that have less wavy intentions - I’ve noticed your go-to is to produce very wavy aesthetical linework in your pieces, either explicitly in form or implicitly with pattern, and I want to see if you can produce an outfit that demands a certain edge of control. I’m aware that you did produce a very angular look Week 2, but the fit was very tight to Ripper’s body, so it could be a good idea to sort of see if you can produce not even just an angular look, but look that has more control than complete waviness to it. I hope this helped!
Up next is...


Sally Spellman: Your poster looks legit, the almost unintelligible band name, the graphicness of it and the gore make me think I could spot this somewhere and I’d think it’s a real event, in my opinion the placement of the information wasn’t the best and the font choice as well, a serif sort of font would have gone better with the mood of your poster and maybe I’m the only one who is going blind but I think having this pure white text against black and white scribbles make the text blend in a little but to be honest I’m just nitpicking because you did a stellar job this week.
Your music video look is great, the red tattoos resembling body harm are a very nice touch and very on brand, I seriously have nothing to nitpick on every detail that I see is very flattering and you made the usual not fashionable heavy metal garbs look amazing and you didn’t rely on bondage or bdsm to do so, wouldn’t look out of place in a music video for this genre at all.
Miyu Moon: There is absolutely no question when looking at this poster as to what sort of show I'm going to see, and that is exactly what we wanted. I love the tiny scribbly detail in the hair, that in itself almost lends more to a horror element than the entrails, in a Japanese graphic novel sort of way. The info is maybe a little lost in the hair though, it's certainly readable when you look closely but from afar it's kind of lost and could have benefitted from something helping the words stand out, be it an outline or colour or different placement, there's probably a lot of subtle changes but either way it's a subtle change. The poster looks interesting and exciting to an alt crowd for sure, and I think the info you put is the perfect amount of specificity and lets us know when, where, and what to expect, it really does its job.
This music video look is awesome and I would absolutely wear it immediately. I really love the texture you've done inside the coat, it makes it look like you're wearing sheets of flesh and I mean... what's more brutal than wearing raw, bloody flesh? I like that the outfit itself is pretty simple in what garments there are; dress, jacket, boots, but the detail makes them really cohesive and as if they were perfectly made to go together in this music video. The body art also lends a nice level of detail to the look so it doesn't seem too simple. I can imagine the video being a view of the band rocking with Oriana up front and center belting it out in this look, the crazy face paint is perfectly attention grabbing for a lead singer.
Sulphur Bomme: Hello Oriana! Both your poster and look have an amazing depth of posing and dynamicism to it. The selection of black, white and red really pull this poster in for me, as well as the choices you have made to fit your genre.
From the font being that “are these trees or is this a metal band font” (thanks Memorie), the choice to pull the hair out from the background using shading and mark making, the subtlety of the inclusion of red, the guts spelling out “LIVE” - the information, everything here has really solidifed a strong conceptual poster as well as the act Oriana would produce. I think if you could improve this, perhaps the mark making you used to shade your crease for your eyes would’ve really made the form a lot stronger and pull it into a massively memorable moment for any graphic design challenge that has been done on MPAR.
For your outfit, absolutely phenomenal. I think people should take notes from this on how to make their concepts dynamic, interesting and positioned to be powerful. This is a great example not only for this challenge, but also for lipsyncs I feel. Your branching out into fabric rendering, I’m noticing - your latex details are quite visually impactful here. A nitpick for this for me would probably be the inclusion of a little bit of glint or perhaps a tiny, tiny dark grey line that notifies us that there is a pupil or a scelera contact lens in Ori’s eye holes in both the poster and the outfit. That’s really all I can find wrong with it in my eyes.
I hope you continue your detail exploration and your rendering skills. You have such a strong eye for fashion and it’s starting to be well matched by your choices of rendering fabrics and details. I hope this helps!!
Up next is...


Sally Spellman: Your poster reads more like a children’s book illustration to me, it’s not ugly or bad but I guess the intent is lost on me, the way you used the space is a little weird because you have some dead space which I think you could have filled with more floral motifs, if this were a little more elongated and the stone were sitting on water you could use this change in colors to lay some additional information on top, the colors you chose for the fonts don’t really stand out! I know you went for an earthy vibe but even so there could have been ways to do it.
Your music video look is pretty and I love it on its own but I don’t see much dragginess in it, wish you could have gone a different route with it since it feels a little derivative of Trixie to me and I think it would have been cool to see a take on brazilian folk music instead, you didn’t do a bad job at all Bianca but this didn’t meet the mark for me. I’m always rooting for you but it’s also come down to splitting hairs, hopefully you’re prepared to try your hardest next time!
Miyu Moon: At first glance I thought this poster was like, a storybook cover. It's really cute and gentle but in terms of getting information across as a show poster I think it's a little all over the place and it's hard to find the right emphasis or flow of info on the poster. Even though you're there playing your banjo I find myself overlooking that and not assuming any musical element other than as an addition to the visual aesthetic. I think maybe it's partially the fact that there are so many colours and patterns going on that it's hard to really grab onto any specific chunk of text or area of the poster as being the important center of information. The info is all there, but it doesn't feel like the musical act itself is at the center of this poster so much as it's just a general ethereal flowery feel that's happening and that could really be anything.
This outfit is super cute, but it's kind of drowning you in a sea of beige. I like the long ethereal hair, but then the outfit just seems really basic in comparison to the fairy-like feeling the hair and makeup are giving me. It's a nice outfit but I think it's just so soft and subtle that I wouldn't really be grabbed by this music video, if you were out strumming the harp in a field of flowers I feel like it would all just blend together. I would have liked to see you go more grand with your outfit and give something that could believably be an "iconic" music video look. Right now I feel like this look is just kind of a fan of the show, like a girl who came to get autographs from the singer after the show rather than the world touring singer herself.
Sulphur Bomme: Hello Bianca! Your poster fits the genre quite well, colour scheming and the iconography, but it’s just really not hitting a level that I expected.
Your referenced Trixie Mattel in your poster and I feel like that her EP cover for Moving Parts would’ve been a great reference point for your poster. Lana Del Rey too - just because the layout of your poster has this emptiness because of the spaces, and in comparison a lot of posters this week are much stronger because they’ve covered a lot of space. I think if you did something along the lines of an actual creek rather than this really oblique sort of background to your piece, it would’ve produced more of a punch - even if the background was trees or something just to have a bit more of that folksy impact, it would’ve worked a lot more.
Your outfit is really strong, I absolutely adore the hair and the posing on this. Your artwork always has this fluidity to it that’s just absolutely breathtaking, and for challenges like this I think if you were to produce a fluid piece like you have with your look for your poster it would’ve worked so well especially for this genre. One nitpick would be if your boots were a little shorter and they had little scalloped socks coming out that would’ve really pushed a bit more of a folksy vibe to your outfit this week, and also if you don’t start wearing heels that make Bianca at least eligible to ride the Junior Rollercoasters at the fairground next week I will sue you. I hope that helped!!
Up next is...


Sally Spellman: Your poster gives me salsa casino from the start and that’s everything you needed to do, the colors are nice and they’re fiery so on that regard there’s no complaints on my part, however I wish you had finessed this some more because there are parts that feel rushed (The chileans can’t dance text being the more clear example), nothing that puts you in a bad spot but I think it could have been even greater than it already is, hopefully Selecta will earn the gaviota de platino!
Now onto this look, AZÚCAR! El yerberito moderno came through, people will think Salsa and jump to the red mini dress with frills conclusion but you absolutely slayed this by paying homage to Celia Cruz, it’s extra because salsa is extra, it’s dramatic, fiery and passionate just like this look, the two streaks of red hair resembling horns are absolutely genius, it has that camp feature but also you can see that when the video heats up she will take off the coat and still have a very cool look but actually look more modern without it! You absolutely aced this one.
Miyu Moon: This poster is wild as hell and I love it, it would immediately make me want to read it and understand what sort of show is going on. It's got a great design element going on, it definitely looks like a real show poster and has all the info needed to make it believable and effective. It's definitely got an active, fiery feel to it with the dynamic posing and bright colour scheme. I like that it has a sort of retro printed look to it, even if it is "retro" in origina it's a look that still works well for posters up this day. Even if I don't know jack about salsa I know this show is going to be high energy and musical and dance based and that alone is really all you need to hook an audience.
This look is big and demands attention and regardless of genre that is exactly what a music video look should do, this look would definitely be something people would see and remember. I like the fuostrich looking trim you added in there, definitely adds a sense of action and motion to such a big, bulky garment. I wouldn't think tight jeans would lend to salsa dancing but I suppose that's up for you to prove me wrong, because the little hip furnishings are super cute and I would love to see them in motion. The overall devil imagery is really well done, I love the little hair streaks because... well... you kow me. I will say that I wish your poster and music video outfit went together a little better, they have some colour in common but the devil imagery is so strong in the look and nonexistant in the poster so I wish they were just tied together a little more so it felt like they were all a part of the same era of a musician's career.
Sulphur Bomme: Hello Selecta! I’m getting retro Old Hollywood painted poster vibes from your Salsa poster and your look - you’re perfect, you’re beautiful, you look like Linda Evangelista, are you a model…
I think one of the most visually striking things on your poster is the colour scheme and the restrictive scheme is such a strong palette too - blue red and orange is a really powerful triad scheme and you using a neutral like white played to your advantage here. The wear and tear of the poster works extremely well for this case, and I love the inclusion of Selecta in and out of drag. It’s really detailed, really informed and really strong! I hope that the artifacts on the white bar are intentional however, otherwise you could’ve gone with perhaps quickly analysing and erasing some of them out for a more clean look. That’s my only nitpick.
Your costume is kinda fun in its own way. I love the reference point of Celia Cruz, I got that almost immediately (shocking, a white person with an understanding of culture, I know) and I just really enjoy this moment a lot. Some people may argue it’s very costumey, but your reference point is costumey so I understand that, and this challenge we’re not looking for explicit couture - you’re performing! Salsa divas are performers, and this is very valid form of drag, it’s very campy, it’s very different to what you’ve done, and it works really fucking well. I think if anything, I would’ve perhaps changed the hair to be a bit more beehive. But this week I feel like you’ve really produced something that isn’t causing an imbalance, it’s very strong referential material and you’ve sold a strong Salsa concept. Keep exploring how you’re exploring, and Season 4’s BTM2 might be a thing of the past with your Season 4 WIN. I hope that helped!!
Up next is...


Sally Spellman: This is the other poster that looks legit, I’m not very worldly so I haven’t seen many concert posters in my lifetime but this one is pleasing to look at and that’s enough for me, the humor in it is great and the bitch got sponsors a plenty! One thing that I thought was a smart touch was the inclusion of a scan code because of course that would be a thing haha.
Now your look itself feels like a rehash, I’ve seen this hood, I’ve seen these baby hairs, I’ve seen this cinched waist with a coat with long sleeves! Not ragging on you but I don’t want you to start repeating formulas just because they’ve worked before, I want to see different sides to Aura and I think it’s time to start experimenting with new elements, shapes and silhouettes. My one issue is that I wish you had gone for a shtick because admittedly it is hard to think of an EDM video where the musician stands out (Thinking of the likes of Avicii, David Guetta, Calvin Harris) so I wish you had gone for a shtick characteoutfit like Daft Punk or even Deadmau5. I appreciate your art and designs but I think it’s the time to flip the coin so we can see the other side, Aura!
Miyu Moon: Wow, this poster looks super modern and definitely like an EDM show. I love the logo and colours, it's definitely got that vaporwave kinda thing going that is super popular in EDM nowadays as opposed to the straight up CMYK neons of rave yesteryear. There's a lot of info going on, almost too much, which is honestly kinda believable because I believe that a DJ would put all this stuff on a poster. I also like the little details like the QR code (I scanned it out of curiosity) and the sponsorship logos at the bottom, it pushes it to be very realistic.
The outfit though, it's gorgeous and all but as a music video look it leaves me wondering a lot. It's just a bit non-specific as to waht feel we're going for here, there's something very high fashion haute-couture about it but also something EDM and I'm just not entirely feeling the connection between the two. The look is pretty but just as a music video look it's not giving me a lot of feeling or flow, like nothing is really standing out as an iconic element of this look or giving me really a sense of what the music or song could be like. The only thing really making this look feel any amount EDM appropriate is the neon lines in the coat, but then the outfit and the coat don't really connect besides maybe the pinkish tone in the coat and pants? There's just something very non-specific about this look and overall sort of stiff, it's not jumping out with any particular element.
Sulphur Bomme: Hi Aura! Off the bat, I’ve been to Greece, Spain, even in the UK, and these posters - I’ve seen these fucking posters everywhere.
This is a well crafted poster and your design fits so well in one of those cabanas that uses Live House Music as a selling point on an island somewhere. You’re really showing a side that I didn’t expect of you - and that’s your humour. This poster, while it’s not taking itself seriously, It’s very well put together, so your humour is kind of a silent killer that’s emerging really well with this. I love the inclusion of the logos, I think that’s what puts it head and shoulders above the other ones for me personally? But I think the main issue here that’s dragging you back is your look.
Your massive coats and cinching seem to be a signature for you, but for this challenge it would’ve been amazing if you tapped into perhaps producing an outfit that screamed “NuEDM Drag Queen Lady DJ”. If you harken back to audition looks, a lot of people used black, white and neon colours and effortlessly pulled off these neon fantasies. I know that your reference poole was probably a lot short-handed by the lack of female DJs, but I feel like tapping into the likes of perhaps, Daft Punk (looking at how the two are like, robot-human augmentations) Ulala Space Channel 5 could’ve been another reference poole, Jet Set Radio - all these sort of references might’ve helped push a new silhouette and concept for you. For next week, try to think about production of silhouettes, and perhaps branching out and exploring a little bit whilst keeping it in your own little realm of Aura. I hope that helped!
Up next is...


Sally Spellman: This poster I don’t like, I’ll be understanding of you being under a time crunch so I won’t blame you, this isn’t really giving me hip hop but rather a brochure that a jehovah's witness would give me, I know christianity is your gig but I think it didn’t help you for your poster, I wish the silhouette’s pose were different, more relaxed rather than “enlightened”.
The look itself isn’t very exciting to me, it’s a hip hop look alright, very early 2000s Cee Lo Green sort of thing I think it was a good opportunity to experiment more with holy imagery rather than restricting it to just some bling, the lamb coat was a nice touch and let me say I think this lineless style is very cool! I think since it was supposed to be a music video look you could have gone larger than life with it, especially since you got hip hop!
Miyu Moon: There is something really strange about this poster and I can't put my hand on it. Maybe it's the singular wing or the fact that it's all so dark and mysterious but it's just not jumping up and grabbing my attention. I can tell that it's a show of some sort, if not for the word "concert" in the title I would have no idea that it is music based at all and would probably just assume it's some sort of church group or a public talk or something. The blue and white colour scheme is definitely heavenly, but it's just kind of a big wash of cool tones and would probably blend into the background out in the world.
Admittedly I find this outfit really charming, the big wooly jacket is so country. I like the way you combined the country boy element with the hip hop element, the heeled timbs are great and the jewelry is perfect. The outfit underneath however is pretty basic in its own, it's just a button down shirt and a pair of adidas track pants. I would have liked to see an outfit that looked more custom made and flashy in its intricacy, right now it looks kind of like somebody's dad made a costume for a music video in their backyard and not like an actual high budget musical artist. The idea behind this is right but I just think it needed to look a little more interesting without relying on just the coat or the chains, I feel like the elements of the outfit should still sell an image of country even if there isn't literal sheeps wool laid on top. Also, the poster and look really don't have much to do with each other, like this outfit is way more fun and interesting than the poster. I wouldn't think the person on the poster was this same person in the music video, so I wish your poster was more exciting to match this level of fun.
Sulphur Bomme: Hello Arcangelo! I think the poster has elements that are strong but feel ultimately rushed in a sense of understanding that you were late yesterday. Which is understandable, but some of these elements would have really worked a lot more in tandem with time management.
I don’t really get Christian Hip Hop from this at all if I’m completely honest. It’s giving me like, northern lights but make it viewable from these select locations. I think the inclusion of information and your stylistic intention to bring this back to Arcangelo is there, just that this poster is just not correlating towards Hip Hop, it’s more like a tourism brochure? If you referenced Christian Hip Hop there’s still a bit of grime and a bit of street style to it, and that would’ve made it more iconographic with Hip Hop. Boom Boxes, a Bible but it’s got a Gucci bookshield on it, who knows.
Your outfit really just screams the dad at the communion who got into the Sunday School dress-up chest? That kinda fits with the Christian Hip-Hop theme. It just needs a lot more than you’ve presented I feel. This would’ve really benefited from an on-the-nose sort of patterned top and bottom, Gucci vibes of like, Calabasas Street Style but make it Jeffree Star Untouchable, a puffer jacket instead, more jewellery, wear the entire sales rack of Claire’s, it needed to be elevated to a level that could compete and stand out more on its own. And I’m sad because you could’ve really took a comedic route with this and really stuck it to the rest of the competitors, because you genuinely are a good humoured and strong at delivering jokes.
I think next week would be a time to really harken back to the production of work say, from Disease Week and Seasons Week. Really have fun with Arcangelo, because when you have fun it’s so obvious that you enjoyed designing the look and you enjoyed the production of it. I hope this helped!
The judges have made their decisions.
Selecta you've got the sabor, you've got tumbao, AZÚCAR! You're safe.
Oriana This week your death metal poster and look... gave us life, you're safe.
Ripper Hole The jazzman jazzed all over the place, I'm testifying, condragulations you're the winner of this week's challenge.
Bianca Biquini While we were expecting you to folk out, this week you folked up, I'm sorry my dear but you're up for elimination.
Aura Your EDM poster was amazing but your music video look killed the radio star...
Arcangelo Your hip hop presentation was more of a big flop...
Arcangelo, I'm sorry my dear but you're also up for elimination.
That means Bianca Biquini and Arcangelo, you're both up for elimination
The lipsync song for this week is Audio by LSD. The lipsync looks, and our next elimination, will be revealed in a few hours, at about 9:00am PST. We'll see you there!


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Words and frequencies across all lyrics

Bit of a pointless post but something I was curious about. Combining all the lyrics from DCFC songs Ben has written, here are all the words used and the frequency of them.
834 the 587 and 479 you 432 i 369 a 356 to 264 in 235 of 180 that 175 your 148 it 146 all 144 me 141 so 140 on 135 my 132 we 125 be 123 but 121 for 119 as 116 when 114 was 113 with 110 is 107 this 100 are 85 no 84 they 82 it's 77 there 77 from 76 our 76 like 72 there's 69 know 68 will 66 what 64 just 61 you're 61 love 61 at 60 can't 59 don't 57 if 56 never 56 gold 54 were 54 rush 54 down 52 time 52 through 50 nothing 49 i'm 48 away 47 out 47 not 46 have 46 could 44 oh 43 where 43 way 42 into 41 'cause 40 heart 39 same 39 one 38 then 38 only 37 how 37 every 36 see 36 i'll 35 would 34 some 32 more 31 up 31 find 30 been 30 back 29 their 28 won't 28 why 28 here 28 do 27 who 27 or 27 can 26 now 26 by 26 an 25 stay 25 new 25 got 25 go 24 sun 24 something 24 she 24 little 24 feel 24 around 23 you'll 23 sunlight 23 open 23 night 23 i've 23 always 22 used 22 home 22 had 21 you've 21 us 21 than 21 said 21 didn't 20 wanderer 20 too 20 let 20 left 20 keep 20 he 20 days 19 they're 19 long 19 both 19 about 18 think 18 them 18 sound 18 say 18 make 18 lines 18 life 18 hold 18 eyes 18 end 18 change 18 boys 17 want 17 these 17 off 17 loved 17 his 17 cause 17 before 16 someone 16 skin 16 past 16 need 16 gotta 16 am 15 we'll 15 waiting 15 take 15 spend 15 remain 15 ooh 15 head 15 far 15 fall 15 doors 14 true 14 that's 14 tell 14 place 14 people 14 mind 14 inside 14 hear 14 alone 13 underneath 13 turn 13 things 13 sea 13 old 13 move 13 morning 13 man 13 live 13 last 13 i'd 13 get 13 fool 13 did 13 behind 13 air 13 again 12 words 12 unlocked 12 trying 12 took 12 told 12 thought 12 much 12 many 12 friends 12 ever 12 come 12 along 11 thing 11 still 11 slowly 11 sky 11 should 11 seems 11 remember 11 look 11 light 11 her 11 haunted 11 hard 11 free 11 everything 11 digging 11 black 11 bed 10 years 10 year 10 well 10 those 10 such 10 street 10 slow 10 room 10 monday 10 modern 10 knew 10 hope 10 getting 10 face 10 even 10 empty 10 drive 10 dream 10 day 10 dark 10 came 10 best 10 age 9 wonder 9 we're 9 under 9 turned 9 town 9 thinking 9 someday 9 side 9 safe 9 possess 9 once 9 ocean 9 near 9 moved 9 meet 9 lying 9 kept 9 help 9 hands 9 fire 9 finally 9 door 9 distance 9 disappeared 9 city 9 begin 9 beautiful 9 anymore 8 windows 8 while 8 truth 8 tried 8 tonight 8 speak 8 soul 8 right 8 please 8 pity 8 mouth 8 mirror 8 mean 8 leaving 8 lead 8 kind 8 hole 8 gonna 8 glass 8 give 8 floor 8 fading 8 fade 8 everyone 8 ending 8 cannot 8 burning 8 burn 8 break 7 young 7 you'd 7 worse 7 within 7 wish 7 wind 7 wha 7 walls 7 walking 7 until 7 tears 7 standing 7 speed 7 sometimes 7 sleep 7 quite 7 own 7 over 7 oo 7 name 7 motion 7 mine 7 may 7 making 7 lonely 7 leave 7 ho 7 hand 7 ground 7 gives 7 filled 7 fear 7 dreamt 7 different 7 debris 7 cool 7 body 7 better 7 being 7 ask 7 arms 7 anything 7 alright 7 alive 7 'til 6 yet 6 upon 6 two 6 try 6 today 6 times 6 thread 6 talking 6 takes 6 synapse 6 sycamore 6 summer 6 stop 6 start 6 stars 6 spoke 6 soon 6 sleeping 6 single 6 play 6 paper 6 nothing's 6 names 6 myself 6 mess 6 memories 6 made 6 looking 6 lights 6 its 6 higher 6 hearts 6 he's 6 has 6 half 6 grows 6 gone 6 girls 6 ghosts 6 full 6 found 6 first 6 felt 6 feeling 6 fast 6 ends 6 else 6 el 6 either 6 each 6 dorado 6 document 6 couldn't 6 clothes 6 closer 6 clear 6 call 6 california 6 built 6 bring 6 brain 6 belly 6 believe 6 bah 6 bad 6 baa 6 awake 6 another 6 against 5 yourself 5 yes 5 work 5 window 5 went 5 watching 5 watch 5 wasn't 5 wanted 5 wait 5 turns 5 together 5 three 5 thin 5 tangled 5 talk 5 taken 5 swim 5 summer's 5 stage 5 song 5 somewhere 5 shoulders 5 shoes 5 set 5 seem 5 screaming 5 scene 5 saw 5 save 5 sad 5 roll 5 revolved 5 read 5 rain 5 put 5 pretend 5 pass 5 parallel 5 nue 5 must 5 moving 5 mistakes 5 mistake 5 meets 5 lovers 5 lost 5 lose 5 listen 5 lips 5 line 5 late 5 kid 5 ing 5 hotel 5 hides 5 held 5 heaven 5 grow 5 gotten 5 goodbye 5 gave 5 gates 5 frame 5 followed 5 follow 5 faster 5 fair 5 faces 5 expect 5 enough 5 engine 5 dying 5 drunk 5 dress 5 dancing 5 cut 5 cruel 5 cracks 5 concrete 5 compromise 5 close 5 cars 5 buildings 5 broken 5 binds 5 between 5 beside 5 bend 5 below 5 began 5 because 5 beast 5 any 5 angeles 5 above 4 yeah 4 wrong 4 worth 4 without 4 winter 4 who's 4 white 4 which 4 wheel 4 wedding 4 water 4 wanna 4 walked 4 waited 4 view 4 vast 4 twisting 4 travels 4 thinner 4 teeth 4 steel 4 started 4 squeaking 4 space 4 softly 4 smoke 4 skyline 4 simply 4 silence 4 sent 4 sense 4 s 4 run 4 rooms 4 road 4 return 4 rest 4 reach 4 plays 4 perfect 4 outside 4 other 4 occurred 4 northern 4 nights 4 news 4 mountain 4 miles 4 met 4 machine 4 los 4 looked 4 less 4 leaves 4 learned 4 lay 4 known 4 keeps 4 ivory 4 information 4 ice 4 hurricane 4 houses 4 house 4 holding 4 him 4 hills 4 highway 4 guns 4 guess 4 gets 4 forget 4 forever 4 flows 4 flames 4 fingers 4 filling 4 father 4 farther 4 fact 4 everybody 4 escape 4 embrace 4 earth 4 dreams 4 doubt 4 done 4 dear 4 darkened 4 crawling 4 condescending 4 comfort 4 clouds 4 closed 4 climbed 4 climb 4 clean 4 child 4 car 4 cameras 4 calling 4 brothers 4 boy 4 bound 4 bones 4 blinding 4 blame 4 beneath 4 awoke 4 autumn 4 after 3 youth 3 yours 3 world 3 working 3 worked 3 word 3 wine 3 wife 3 what's 3 weeks 3 we'd 3 wave 3 watched 3 warm 3 wander 3 vultures 3 very 3 vacancy 3 understand 3 type 3 twin 3 trust 3 top 3 tired 3 tiny 3 though 3 thinks 3 tether 3 television 3 taste 3 tall 3 sweet 3 swallowed 3 surround 3 supposed 3 strong 3 streets 3 stranger 3 storm 3 stood 3 stays 3 stayed 3 station 3 static 3 stare 3 stand 3 stable 3 spread 3 spent 3 speaks 3 snow 3 smaller 3 slip 3 slept 3 skies 3 size 3 sink 3 singing 3 signs 3 sights 3 shroud 3 shared 3 series 3 self 3 second 3 seat 3 seasons 3 searching 3 school 3 saved 3 satisfied 3 runs 3 running 3 rubble 3 river 3 rhythm 3 remains 3 remainder 3 regret 3 reflection 3 recall 3 really 3 re 3 rather 3 rainy 3 promises 3 possibilities 3 plates 3 plastic 3 planned 3 plan 3 plain 3 places 3 placed 3 part 3 others 3 ones 3 nowhere 3 noise 3 neighborhood 3 music 3 mother 3 monument 3 mistress 3 meant 3 matter 3 maps 3 makes 3 lover 3 lookin' 3 longer 3 lie 3 learn 3 lake 3 lack 3 kissed 3 kids 3 keeping 3 isn't 3 island 3 inaccurately 3 illuminate 3 hunger 3 hung 3 hours 3 horizon 3 hell 3 hang 3 grid 3 grey 3 grass 3 good 3 gon' 3 glued 3 front 3 four 3 fly 3 fish 3 feet 3 familiar 3 falls 3 failure 3 failing 3 explain 3 eventually 3 endless 3 embarks 3 echoes 3 easy 3 east 3 early 3 drown 3 double 3 doing 3 discover 3 died 3 die 3 diamond 3 design 3 defeated 3 defeat 3 deep 3 decide 3 death 3 countless 3 counting 3 count 3 comes 3 collide 3 cold 3 cloud 3 claim 3 cigarette 3 children 3 changes 3 ceiling 3 care 3 burst 3 brown 3 bright 3 breathe 3 bought 3 bottle 3 born 3 bodies 3 blurs 3 bird 3 become 3 became 3 beach 3 bar 3 band 3 astound 3 asleep 3 apartment 3 anywhere 3 ain't 3 ago 3 across 3 'no's 2 york 2 wreckage 2 worry 2 winter's 2 win 2 wild 2 wide 2 whose 2 whole 2 whiskey 2 weight 2 weathered 2 we've 2 waving 2 wash 2 wants 2 waking 2 wake 2 waitresses 2 vows 2 voice 2 vine 2 views 2 veins 2 upstate 2 untrustable 2 unobstructed 2 unfold 2 underground 2 unconscious 2 twos 2 twenty 2 tv 2 turning 2 truths 2 tripped 2 towards 2 touching 2 touch 2 tongue 2 tones 2 tires 2 tire 2 till 2 tied 2 ticking 2 thrown 2 threw 2 threes 2 thousands 2 thousand 2 they've 2 there'd 2 ten 2 technicolor 2 tear 2 taking 2 synchronized 2 symphony 2 sworn 2 swift 2 swept 2 sweat 2 sure 2 superhero 2 suit 2 strobe 2 strange 2 stranded 2 straight 2 store 2 stopped 2 stones 2 stomach 2 step 2 states 2 state 2 starts 2 starting 2 stands 2 stake 2 stairs 2 stacked 2 st 2 sputters 2 spring 2 splinter 2 spit 2 sphere 2 speaking 2 spat 2 spark 2 son 2 something's 2 someone's 2 soaring 2 smugded 2 smiling 2 smile 2 smell 2 slipping 2 slightest 2 slide 2 skid 2 six 2 sitting 2 sit 2 sings 2 silver 2 signed 2 sign 2 sifting 2 shrugged 2 show 2 shouldn't 2 shore 2 shift 2 shed 2 share 2 shards 2 shallow 2 shake 2 shadows 2 settling 2 setting 2 sets 2 separate 2 sees 2 seen 2 seemed 2 security 2 secrets 2 season 2 scream 2 scraping 2 scenes 2 sand 2 safety 2 rows 2 routine 2 role 2 roads 2 rhythms 2 resolve 2 repeat 2 renewed 2 remained 2 refrain 2 refine 2 red 2 record 2 recognize 2 reason 2 real 2 reading 2 reaction 2 reaching 2 ravine 2 railroad 2 radio 2 quietly 2 quiet 2 question 2 queen 2 pushing 2 push 2 pursuit 2 pulling 2 pulled 2 pull 2 prove 2 potential 2 portable 2 poor 2 point 2 piles 2 pile 2 picked 2 photographs 2 photobooth 2 photo 2 phone 2 peter's 2 perspective 2 peace 2 pavement 2 patterns 2 passing 2 passenger 2 parlor 2 pane 2 pages 2 packed 2 pack 2 pace 2 oxygen 2 overloads 2 overcoat 2 outrun 2 optimist 2 notes 2 network 2 nervous 2 needs 2 neck 2 morse 2 moment 2 misleading 2 mile 2 metal 2 message 2 mention 2 men 2 memory 2 melody 2 markers 2 map 2 magazines 2 losing 2 lonesome 2 living 2 let's 2 led 2 lawn 2 laughed 2 language 2 knows 2 knots 2 knock 2 killing 2 keys 2 jury 2 judge 2 jar 2 isolation 2 iron 2 invitation 2 intermittent 2 intentions 2 instincts 2 ingested 2 infinite 2 image 2 idealistic 2 hour 2 honest 2 homes 2 holds 2 hint 2 hill 2 hedgerows 2 heard 2 headlights 2 he'd 2 hardly 2 hardest 2 hair 2 guiding 2 guide 2 growing 2 grouped 2 greys 2 grave 2 granted 2 going 2 goes 2 god 2 glasses 2 giving 2 given 2 girl 2 gilded 2 ghost 2 further 2 furniture 2 funny 2 frost 2 friend 2 freeways 2 forward 2 foreign 2 foolish 2 fluorescent 2 flights 2 flight 2 flickering 2 flicker 2 five 2 fits 2 fit 2 fine 2 final 2 film 2 fill 2 figured 2 field 2 fiction 2 few 2 fences 2 fell 2 fearful 2 favorite 2 fault 2 faucet 2 family 2 false 2 falling 2 faithful 2 eye 2 except 2 evergreen 2 evening 2 entered 2 engulfed 2 easily 2 ears 2 ear 2 dusty 2 drowned 2 drove 2 drop 2 droop 2 driving 2 drinks 2 drinking 2 drilled 2 dressed 2 dollar 2 doesn't 2 does 2 dive 2 distracted 2 disorderly 2 disappointment 2 disappear 2 directions 2 details 2 desert 2 depths 2 deepest 2 decided 2 december 2 dealers 2 dead 2 daylight 2 date's 2 darling 2 darkest 2 darker 2 damn 2 cycle 2 curtain 2 cursed 2 currency 2 cup 2 crystal 2 cry 2 crowns 2 cross 2 crippling 2 crimes 2 crashing 2 country 2 conversations 2 construction 2 constant 2 coney 2 complications 2 completely 2 command 2 colors 2 color 2 coldest 2 code 2 coat 2 coast 2 clarity 2 circles 2 cigarettes 2 choice 2 chemicals 2 cheap 2 chattered 2 chase 2 chance 2 catholic 2 cathedral 2 cath 2 catches 2 carried 2 cans 2 candle 2 camera 2 cake 2 busy 2 bus 2 build 2 brownstone 2 brow 2 broke 2 bridges 2 bridge 2 bricks 2 bow 2 bounce 2 bottom 2 bored 2 book 2 blues 2 blue 2 bleed 2 beverly 2 bent 2 belong 2 believed 2 beginning 2 becomes 2 beauty 2 beat 2 bastard 2 ball 2 bags 2 baggage 2 backwards 2 backbone 2 aware 2 atmosphere 2 atlas 2 atlantic 2 assume 2 askew 2 arrived 2 applause 2 apologies 2 apart 2 anyone 2 anticipation's 2 answer 2 amputating 2 already 2 almost 2 alleys 2 alcohol 2 advancing 2 advances 2 admit 2 address 2 accident 1 zone 1 zeros 1 zentropic 1 z 1 youthful 1 youngest 1 yearning 1 yearn 1 yard 1 wrote 1 wrongs 1 written 1 writing 1 write 1 wrinkles 1 wrinkled 1 wretched 1 wrecking 1 wrap 1 wounds 1 worthwhile 1 worst 1 worn 1 works 1 workadays 1 wore 1 wool 1 wood 1 woken 1 woke 1 withered 1 wished 1 wires 1 wintery 1 winners 1 window's 1 winded 1 willow 1 whom 1 whispers 1 whenever 1 wheezed 1 wheels 1 wet 1 weights 1 weightless 1 weigh 1 week 1 weave 1 weather 1 weary 1 wearing 1 wealthy 1 weak 1 ways 1 waves 1 water's 1 wasting 1 wasted 1 waste 1 washes 1 warn 1 warming 1 war 1 wall 1 walk 1 waits 1 vowels 1 volume 1 voices 1 vision 1 violent 1 villain 1 vile 1 vicious 1 vessels 1 vessel 1 versus 1 verse 1 vengeful 1 vending 1 veiled 1 vase 1 varies 1 variables 1 van 1 valleys 1 valley 1 vacant 1 uv 1 using 1 urge 1 urban 1 upwards 1 upstream 1 upside 1 upcoming 1 unwired 1 unseen 1 unresponsive 1 unknown 1 uninspired 1 unfounded 1 undone 1 underwhelming 1 understood 1 understated 1 unconditionally 1 umbrate 1 twists 1 twine 1 twilight 1 twice 1 tvs 1 turnstile 1 tunnels 1 tunneled 1 tunnel 1 truly 1 trudged 1 trouble 1 trend 1 tree 1 treble 1 treasures 1 treacherous 1 travel 1 trapped 1 transistor 1 trains 1 train 1 trailed 1 tragic 1 traffic 1 trades 1 traded 1 track 1 tracing 1 towers 1 tower 1 towed 1 tourists 1 tourist 1 tour 1 touched 1 toss 1 tortured 1 tomorrow 1 tombs 1 tokyo 1 toes 1 toe 1 timony 1 timely 1 til 1 tight 1 tide 1 tidal 1 thus 1 thursday 1 thumb 1 thses 1 throwing 1 throat 1 thoughts 1 thirty 1 thirteen 1 thinning 1 thicker 1 thickening 1 they'll 1 they'd 1 theme 1 thanksgiving 1 th 1 terrified 1 tenderly 1 temptation 1 temporary 1 tempo 1 tells 1 telling 1 telescope 1 teen 1 teachers 1 teach 1 taught 1 tattered 1 tasting 1 tastes 1 target 1 tapped 1 tape 1 tank 1 tangles 1 tan's 1 tamed 1 tame 1 tallest 1 taillights 1 tabloid 1 tables 1 swore 1 swings 1 swinging 1 swinger 1 swiftest 1 sweep 1 sweaters 1 swear 1 sway 1 survive 1 surprised 1 surprise 1 surfaced 1 surface 1 super 1 sunk 1 sung 1 sunday 1 summers 1 sum 1 suited 1 sugary 1 suffered 1 sufferance 1 suddenly 1 suburbs 1 suburban 1 subcompact 1 styrofoam 1 stutter 1 stung 1 stumbling 1 stumbled 1 stumble 1 studies 1 stuck 1 strung 1 strumming 1 struggle 1 stripped 1 strings 1 stretch 1 strength 1 streaks 1 streaking 1 strands 1 strain 1 story 1 stormed 1 stopping 1 stocking 1 sting 1 stick 1 stenches 1 steered 1 steeple 1 stature 1 stated 1 starves 1 stared 1 stamped 1 stained 1 stain 1 staggering 1 squid 1 squeezed 1 squeeze 1 squeaky 1 squares 1 springtime 1 springs 1 split 1 splicing 1 spinsters 1 spine 1 spilt 1 spending 1 speeding 1 speech 1 sped 1 spectrum's 1 speck 1 span 1 souvenirs 1 southern 1 south 1 soused 1 sour 1 sounds 1 soundly 1 sounded 1 sorry 1 sorrow 1 songs 1 solutions 1 solution 1 soles 1 solely 1 soldier 1 sold 1 soil 1 soft 1 soaking 1 snub 1 snowing 1 sneaky 1 sneaking 1 smoking 1 smiles 1 smells 1 small 1 slurring 1 slur 1 slot 1 slopes 1 slips 1 slippery 1 slick 1 slew 1 sleeves 1 sledding 1 slate 1 slander 1 slammin' 1 slacks 1 skyscrapers 1 skip 1 skinny 1 skills 1 sites 1 sip's 1 sins 1 singe 1 sing 1 since 1 simpler 1 similarity 1 silverstones 1 silken 1 silhouette 1 silenced 1 signals 1 sighted 1 sight 1 sides 1 sick 1 shutters 1 shut 1 shuffling 1 shrouded 1 shrine 1 shower 1 shovels 1 shop 1 shooting 1 shivers 1 shirt 1 shining 1 shines 1 shine 1 shifts 1 shield 1 shelf 1 sheets 1 sheen 1 shebang 1 shaved 1 shasta 1 shaking 1 shakedown 1 shades 1 shackles 1 sewing 1 seven 1 servers 1 seriously 1 sentence 1 sending 1 send 1 sell 1 selfless 1 seek 1 seeds 1 secret's 1 seas 1 seams 1 scripted 1 scrimped 1 screams 1 schemes 1 scent 1 scarves 1 scarf 1 scale 1 scaffolding 1 says 1 satellites 1 sat 1 sarcastic 1 sarah 1 sappiest 1 sang 1 san 1 saltwater 1 salivating 1 saddens 1 sacred 1 rusted 1 rushed 1 runway 1 rules 1 rule 1 rubber 1 royal 1 row 1 round 1 rotten 1 roman 1 roller 1 rocks 1 rock 1 robot 1 rises 1 ring 1 rights 1 righteous 1 ridge 1 ride 1 revisions 1 returns 1 returning 1 retreat 1 restrictions 1 restlessness 1 restless 1 response 1 resort 1 resolutions 1 resigned 1 resignation 1 reside 1 rescue 1 requiem 1 repressed 1 reports 1 reporting 1 replaced 1 repetition 1 repeats 1 repeating 1 rented 1 reminder 1 remind 1 remembering 1 relief 1 relax 1 reject 1 regardless 1 regal 1 refused 1 refined 1 reeling 1 reeks 1 reeked 1 reduces 1 redemptions 1 records 1 recollect 1 receptors 1 recently 1 receipts 1 receded 1 rearrange 1 realize 1 ready 1 react 1 rays 1 rationed 1 rate's 1 rank 1 ranges 1 random 1 raising 1 raise 1 rail 1 raggedy 1 radios 1 racket 1 quitting 1 quit 1 quips 1 quell 1 queens 1 quarry 1 quarreling 1 pushes 1 purpose 1 purity 1 punks 1 punk 1 pumping 1 pulp 1 proves 1 protect 1 propping 1 proposing 1 proof 1 promise 1 procession 1 problems 1 pristine 1 priest 1 pride 1 prices 1 prevail 1 pretty 1 pretentious 1 pretending 1 pre 1 prayers 1 prayer 1 praising 1 postcards 1 postcard 1 possoibilities 1 possible 1 possibility's 1 position 1 pose 1 porch 1 population's 1 pools 1 politics 1 pointed 1 poets 1 pockets 1 pocket 1 plymouth 1 plumes 1 plots 1 plot 1 plenty 1 pleasantries 1 pleas 1 plea 1 playing 1 playful 1 plate 1 plaster 1 plans 1 plaguing 1 plague 1 pixels 1 piss 1 pink 1 pinhole 1 pinch 1 pillow 1 pillars 1 pigtails 1 pier 1 pieces 1 pictures 1 picture 1 picks 1 picket 1 phrases 1 photos 1 phones'll 1 pews 1 person 1 permission 1 permanence 1 perforated 1 perfectly 1 perfection 1 pension 1 penance 1 pen 1 peered 1 peeled 1 peel 1 peak 1 payroll 1 payment 1 payin' 1 paycheck 1 patrons 1 patio 1 patiently 1 passes 1 passed 1 partyline 1 party 1 parts 1 parks 1 parking 1 parked 1 paris 1 parents' 1 parents 1 parent 1 parapet 1 par 1 panic 1 pangs 1 palms 1 palisades 1 pale 1 painted 1 paint 1 paid 1 page 1 packing 1 pacers 1 overturns 1 overturned 1 overrated 1 overpass 1 overloaded 1 overjoyed 1 overflow 1 overcome 1 outstretched 1 outdo 1 outdated 1 ottoman 1 organ 1 orderly 1 opinions 1 opened 1 oozed 1 onto 1 onset 1 one's 1 oncoming 1 olympia 1 older 1 offense 1 occur 1 occupy 1 obscure 1 objectively 1 nurse 1 numbs 1 numbers 1 note 1 non 1 noises 1 nice 1 next 1 newsstand 1 nerve 1 neighbors 1 needle 1 needed 1 nearby 1 navy 1 natural 1 named 1 mute 1 murals 1 moviescript 1 movement 1 mourning 1 motor 1 mothers 1 mother's 1 most 1 mopped 1 moonlight 1 moon 1 moods 1 monuments 1 months 1 money 1 model 1 mock 1 moat 1 mittens 1 misspellings 1 mississippi 1 mission 1 missing 1 missed 1 misguided 1 mirrored 1 mirages 1 minor 1 mined 1 minds 1 minces 1 millions 1 might 1 midnight 1 midday 1 microchip 1 messes 1 messenger 1 messaged 1 mend 1 memory's 1 melt 1 mellow 1 medians 1 medals 1 measly 1 meaningless 1 meaning 1 maze 1 mattress 1 math 1 mates 1 match 1 masterfully 1 master 1 mary 1 mark 1 marching 1 march 1 manuscript 1 manhattan 1 mangled 1 malls 1 makeshift 1 major 1 main 1 mail 1 magistrate's 1 magazine 1 machines 1 ma 1 m 1 lustrous 1 lust 1 lushing 1 lungs 1 lump 1 luck 1 loyal 1 lowered 1 loves 1 lovely 1 love's 1 lousy 1 loud 1 lot 1 losses 1 loosened 1 loose 1 longest 1 lodged 1 locusts 1 lock 1 loan 1 lives 1 lived 1 lipstick 1 likes 1 lighting 1 lighthouses 1 lighthouse 1 lifts 1 lifetime 1 lies 1 levitate 1 letting 1 letters 1 letter 1 lesson 1 lenses 1 lens 1 lengthwise 1 length 1 lend 1 legal 1 least 1 lean 1 leaks 1 lcd 1 lazy 1 layered 1 laughing 1 laugh 1 lattice 1 latitude 1 lathe 1 later 1 lanes 1 landlocked 1 lamp 1 lame 1 lain 1 laid 1 lady 1 ladder 1 labor 1 knuckles 1 knew' 1 knees 1 knee 1 kiss 1 kings 1 king 1 kinda 1 killed 1 kill 1 kicks 1 kicker 1 kick 1 keyed 1 key 1 kaleidoscope 1 justified 1 junctions 1 jump 1 judgement 1 joylessly 1 join 1 johns 1 jet 1 jealousy 1 jealous 1 jamc 1 jailhouse 1 jacket 1 itself 1 it'll 1 isolations 1 isle 1 islands 1 irreverence 1 irresponsible 1 irrationally 1 invited 1 invincible 1 inventions 1 interstate 1 intersected 1 interest 1 intentioned 1 intentionally 1 integrity 1 innocence 1 inlet 1 ink 1 inhibitions 1 inhale 1 inflicted 1 inflating 1 indoors 1 indicating 1 increasing 1 incomparable 1 incessant 1 impulse 1 impressed 1 impossiblity 1 important 1 impending 1 imagination 1 illegible 1 ignore 1 idle 1 ideals 1 ideal 1 idea 1 icu 1 hurts 1 hurry 1 hunted 1 hunt 1 hundred 1 humid 1 hum 1 hues 1 hudson 1 huddle 1 hovers 1 hot 1 horrible 1 hoping 1 hood 1 homily 1 homemade 1 homeland 1 home's 1 holly 1 hitched 1 hit 1 hipsters 1 hips 1 highways 1 high 1 hide 1 hidden 1 heros 1 hermit 1 here's 1 helplessly 1 helpless 1 hello 1 heavens 1 heavenly 1 heat 1 heart's 1 heal 1 heading 1 haven't 1 haunts 1 hated 1 harm 1 hardwood 1 harder 1 happier 1 happen 1 hammer 1 hallway 1 hadn't 1 habits 1 habit 1 gutters 1 gutter 1 gust 1 gun 1 guestroom 1 guenivere 1 grown 1 group 1 grounding 1 grooves 1 greyhounds 1 greyhound 1 grettings 1 greetings 1 greet 1 greenery 1 greed 1 greater 1 gray 1 gravitated 1 graves 1 gravel 1 grasp 1 grapevines 1 granite 1 grand 1 grace 1 grabbed 1 gossip 1 goodnight 1 goodbyes 1 glowed 1 glow 1 glove 1 gloomy 1 glitches 1 glimpses 1 gleam 1 glared 1 glances 1 glacial 1 girlie 1 girl's 1 gift 1 giants 1 geography 1 generator's 1 gears 1 gas 1 garbage 1 game 1 gallows 1 gag 1 furrowed 1 fund 1 fumbling 1 fulfilled 1 fuel 1 frozen 1 frowns 1 fronts 1 frolicked 1 fringe 1 frightfully 1 frighteningly 1 frightened 1 friction 1 freshest 1 freeway 1 freckles 1 francisco 1 framing 1 framed 1 fragile 1 foul 1 forwards 1 forth 1 former 1 formed 1 formal 1 forgiveness 1 forewarned 1 footsteps 1 fooled 1 fonder 1 follows 1 folds 1 folding 1 focusing 1 flying 1 flushed 1 flowers 1 flow 1 floors 1 floorboard 1 floes 1 floating 1 flinging 1 fleeting 1 flee 1 fled 1 flaw 1 flattered 1 flatlands 1 flat 1 flashes 1 flashbulbs 1 firsts 1 firm 1 firemen 1 firecrackers 1 finish 1 fingertips 1 fingertip 1 finds 1 finding 1 filthy 1 filter 1 films 1 figurines 1 figures 1 fields 1 fictions 1 fiberoptics 1 fence 1 feed 1 federales 1 fed 1 features 1 feathers 1 fears 1 faulty 1 fate 1 faraway 1 fantasies 1 fanned 1 fallen 1 faking 1 fake 1 faith 1 fail 1 fabric 1 expressions 1 explosions 1 explode 1 explanation 1 expense 1 expel 1 exit 1 exist 1 excuses 1 excited 1 exceptionally 1 exactly 1 everywhere 1 everytime 1 everything's 1 everyday 1 eroding 1 erasing 1 envy 1 envisioned 1 entertained 1 entertain 1 engaged 1 energy 1 endure 1 endlessly 1 encapsulate 1 employee 1 embers 1 embarrassed 1 else's 1 elegantly 1 elegant 1 eiffel 1 egos 1 edge 1 echo 1 eastern 1 dyes 1 dust 1 dumpster 1 dumping 1 dummy 1 dug 1 due 1 dry 1 drunks 1 drum 1 driveway 1 drips 1 drink 1 dresser 1 dreadful 1 drawn 1 drawers 1 drank 1 drama 1 drained 1 drag 1 downturn 1 downslide 1 dotted 1 doom 1 donor 1 dj's 1 divulge 1 division 1 divide 1 distorting 1 dissolving 1 dissolve 1 disruption 1 disputed 1 display 1 dishes 1 disguise 1 disgrace 1 discouraged 1 disconnect 1 disclosure 1 disarray 1 disappearing 1 dirty 1 dirt 1 direness 1 direction 1 dipping 1 dip 1 dinner 1 diminishing 1 diffusing 1 differences 1 difference 1 diet 1 dies 1 dialogs 1 devouring 1 devour 1 devoted 1 destroy 1 destinations 1 destination 1 desperate 1 despair 1 desire 1 deserted 1 descending 1 descended 1 deposit 1 depend 1 denver 1 demons 1 delicate 1 degrees 1 degraded 1 definitely 1 defined 1 define 1 defense 1 defacing 1 deeper 1 deem 1 deck 1 december's 1 deceive 1 deceit 1 decades 1 debt 1 debate 1 dealt 1 dazzling 1 daydreaming 1 dawn 1 daughter's 1 date 1 dash 1 darlin' 1 dangerous 1 dancehall 1 danced 1 dam 1 dakotas 1 cutthroat 1 cuts 1 cute 1 curtains 1 cursing 1 curse 1 current 1 curled 1 cups 1 cupped 1 culver 1 cue 1 crying 1 crust 1 crumbling 1 crumbled 1 crossing 1 crosses 1 crooked 1 crimson 1 crest 1 creek 1 creases 1 creaping 1 cranes 1 cracked 1 crack 1 courting 1 course 1 council's 1 could've 1 corrupting 1 correct 1 cornerbooth 1 core 1 cord 1 convince 1 conviction 1 control 1 continue 1 contest 1 contact 1 constellations 1 constantly 1 console 1 consequence 1 conscious 1 connections 1 congregation 1 confused 1 conduit 1 condos 1 conclude 1 conception 1 concept 1 comprise 1 compress 1 compliment 1 compete 1 compartment 1 compared 1 compare 1 company 1 committing 1 coming 1 comfortable 1 combing 1 colored 1 collision 1 collegiate 1 collapsing 1 colder 1 codes 1 cocktail 1 coats 1 coaster 1 coalinga 1 clove 1 cloth 1 closing 1 cliffs 1 clearly 1 cleansing 1 cleaning 1 classes 1 clasped 1 clanking 1 cityscapes 1 churches 1 church 1 chose 1 chords 1 choose 1 choking 1 choke 1 chock 1 chitter 1 chill 1 childish 1 chicago 1 chest 1 cherry 1 cheer 1 cheeks 1 checked 1 chatter 1 chased 1 charming 1 charmed 1 charity 1 changing 1 changed 1 champagne 1 chalks 1 century 1 centered 1 center 1 cemetery 1 celestial 1 caving 1 cave 1 causing 1 caught 1 catch 1 casualty 1 casual 1 castle 1 cast 1 casino 1 casing 1 case 1 cascading 1 cartoon 1 carry 1 carpet 1 carousel 1 carnival 1 cardigan 1 card 1 capturing 1 captured 1 capture 1 capsizing 1 capsize 1 caps 1 capable 1 cap 1 canyon 1 candid 1 calls 1 called 1 californ 1 calgary 1 cage 1 cafeteria 1 cabin 1 buzzers 1 buying 1 buy 1 butt 1 bury 1 bursting 1 burns 1 buried 1 burden 1 bumper 1 bumming 1 bum 1 bullets 1 bruises 1 bruised 1 bruise 1 brows 1 brought 1 brooklyn 1 brittle 1 bringing 1 brilliant 1 brightly 1 brightest 1 bride 1 bribes 1 breed 1 breaths 1 breathing 1 breath 1 breaking 1 breach 1 braved 1 brave 1 brand 1 brainstem 1 brainless 1 brain's 1 bracing 1 brace 1 boy's 1 boxers 1 box 1 bowties 1 boundaries 1 boulevard 1 bough 1 bottoms 1 bottles 1 bottle's 1 borders 1 bold 1 bodies' 1 bob 1 boats 1 blustery 1 blurred 1 blur 1 bluffs 1 bluer 1 bluebird 1 blossoms 1 blooms 1 blooming 1 blood 1 bloc 1 blissful 1 blips 1 blink 1 blinds 1 blinded 1 blew 1 blessings 1 bless 1 bleeding 1 bled 1 blatant 1 blasting 1 blanks 1 blank 1 blacking 1 blackest 1 bixby 1 bitterness 1 bite 1 bind 1 binary 1 billings 1 billboards 1 bill 1 bike 1 bigger 1 bible 1 beyond 1 betrayed 1 berlin 1 belongs 1 bellow 1 begun 1 begged 1 beer 1 bedroom 1 beating 1 beak 1 beacons 1 beacon 1 bathe 1 bath 1 basically 1 basement 1 based 1 barstools 1 barefoot 1 banks 1 bank 1 bangkok 1 bandwidth 1 backwashed 1 backfired 1 awful 1 awakes 1 autumn's 1 audiences 1 attraction 1 attitudes 1 attitude 1 attic 1 attend 1 attempts 1 attempting 1 attempt 1 attack 1 attached 1 asterisks 1 assuredly 1 assigned 1 asked 1 ashes 1 ascribed 1 ascensions 1 artifacts 1 arriving 1 arrives 1 arrange 1 arguments 1 arches 1 arch 1 appropriate 1 appetites 1 appeared 1 appear 1 anyways 1 answers 1 another's 1 angry 1 angels 1 amputee 1 amplify 1 amphetamines 1 amount 1 amongst 1 ambition 1 amaze 1 aloud 1 alley 1 alibi 1 alcoholic 1 alarmed 1 alarm 1 airport 1 airplanes 1 air's 1 aimless 1 aiming 1 aim 1 agree 1 ages 1 age's 1 afraid 1 advantage 1 addictions 1 actors' 1 ached 1 account 1 accidents 1 abuse 1 absorbing 1 absence 1 abscence 1 able 1 abhor 1 abandon 1 'round
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Movie Review: The Irishman: A gangster’s life and claims - Scorsese Thinks Mob Bosses Really Understand America - 3 Dec 2019

(Official Trailer - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WHXxVmeGQUc )
Directed by Martin Scorsese; written by Steven Zaillian, based on the book by Charles Brandt
Veteran American director Martin Scorsese’s new film The Irishman sets out to dramatize the life of Frank Sheeran (played by Robert De Niro), a member of a Pennsylvania crime family and a Teamsters union official.
Shortly before his death in 2003, Sheeran told author Charles Brandt that he had killed his former boss (and longtime friend) Jimmy Hoffa, the Teamsters president from 1957 to 1971, who disappeared in 1975. Sheeran’s claims have been strenuously and convincingly contested by various sources. (Brandt’s book is I Heard You Paint Houses: Frank “The Irishman” Sheeran and the Closing of the Case on Jimmy Hoffa, 2004). Costing nearly $160 million and with a running time of 209 minutes, The Irishman is Scorsese’s longest and most expensive film.
The new film is being treated by the American media as a significant cultural event. The Irishman took over the 1,000-seat Belasco Theatre in New York City’s theater district in November for a month of screenings, imitating a traditional Broadway schedule, with only eight shows a week. It is now available on Netflix.
The film has received universal praise from critics. Innumerable publications have pronounced it “epic” or a “masterpiece,” or both. The New York Times’ A.O. Scott argues that Scorsese’s work “is long and dark: long like a novel by Dostoyevsky or Dreiser, dark like a painting by Rembrandt.” The critic who differs sharply with these views is very much fighting against the stream.
While not as overtly misanthropic or malicious as The Wolf of Wall Street (2013), Gangs of New York (2002) or Goodfellas (1990), The Irishman is a poor, shallow, trite work, which goes back over territory Scorsese has covered numerous times. It continues and even deepens an unhealthy and tedious obsession with the representation of mob figures as somehow holding the key to understanding modern American life. The fact that the filmmaker goes to such great lengths to make figures who coldly kill for money and power into essentially sympathetic or compelling characters is hardly to his artistic or intellectual credit. (Nor is it to the credit of the critics who succumb to the same attraction.) More importantly, this speaks to the general cultural and political stagnation of the past several decades.
It is one of Scorsese’s misfortunes that he was long ago, to a certain extent by default, proclaimed the “greatest living American filmmaker.” An undoubtedly gifted individual, he has been working, through no fault of his own, during the weakest decades in the history of the American and global cinema, a period when filmmaking in the main has turned its back on the lives, conditions and feelings of the great mass of the population. Moreover, there appears to be no one in or around the circles in which Scorsese travels who offers serious criticism or an objective appraisal of his film work.
The Irishman distinguishes itself somewhat from the rest of Scorsese’s work by its ostensible dealing with political and historical events. The 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion by US-sponsored Cuban exiles to overthrow the Castro regime, the Cuban missile crisis a year later, the assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1963, the Watergate affair in the 1970s and, of course, Hoffa’s murder in 1975 all come in for treatment of a sort, along with a number of prominent “mob hits.”
However, each incident—except for Hoffa’s killing—passes by in a matter of seconds, with virtually no explanation or context provided. One suspects that certain episodes, such as Sheeran’s recognition of E. Howard Hunt (Daniel Jenkins) during the Watergate hearings as one of the men he met years before during his purported participation in the Bay of Pigs plot, will be entirely incomprehensible to most viewers, especially younger ones.
The filmmakers have divorced The Irishman from a serious assessment of Hoffa’s role, the broader evolution of the American labor movement and conditions of life in the US in the mid-20th century. Instead, Scorsese and screenwriter Steve Zaillian offer their audience a rambling, highly repetitive, at times incoherent drama, which presumably depends for its success with critics on a number of extended set pieces involving De Niro, Al Pacino (as Hoffa) and various other performers doing their best impressions of “tough guys.” Reality and history don’t figure largely here. These are impressions working from other impressions arranged according to Method Acting clichés (inspired to an extent by On the Waterfront, directed in 1954 by one of Scorsese’s idols, anti-communist informer Elia Kazan), and not necessarily life.
One of the few solid notions one takes away from the film, at least its final act, is that being alone and isolated while growing old is a terrible fate. Along these lines, Scott in the Times argues that “public affairs and Cosa Nostra chronicles aren’t really what this movie is about.” Its real theme involves “a deeper, sadder lesson that has to do with the inevitability of loss. The loss of life, yes, but also the erosion of meaning that accompanies the fading of experience into memory and memory into nothing.” So the $160 million budget, the re-creation of various locales in the 1950s and beyond, and all the rest are merely scaffolding for a “meditation” on loss? A feeble, unconvincing argument, which, if taken seriously, only underscores the considerable waste of talent and resources involved.
The Irishman opens with an aged Frank Sheeran recounting his time with the Mafia as he lives out his last days in a nursing home. The film is told mostly through flashbacks in a non-linear way. (As an aside, the production uses new “de-aging” technology rendering De Niro (76) and co-stars Pacino (79) and Joe Pesci (76) considerably younger as certain portions of the plot require. A visual effects team, according to one account, “creates a computer-generated, younger version of an actor’s face and then replaces the actor’s real face with the synthetic, animated version.” The technology no doubt has impressive possibilities, but in The Irishman, as a result, we see an impossibly younger De Niro as a World War II veteran and other similar anomalies. One wonders why the production couldn’t have simply hired younger actors.)
In 1950s Pennsylvania, Sheeran works as a truck driver for a meat delivery company. Caught stealing from the company, he is defended by lawyer Bill Bufalino (Ray Romano), who then introduces him to his cousin, Russell Bufalino (Pesci), the head of a northeastern Pennsylvania crime family and a significant national figure.
Sheeran begins doing jobs for Bufalino, eventually including murders. Bufalino hands the telephone at one point to Sheeran, indicating that Hoffa is on the line. “I heard you paint houses,” Hoffa says in their first conversation, a code phrase apparently for carrying out a contract killing.
The Teamsters chief becomes close to Sheeran and his family. In his narration, Sheeran asserts that in the 1950s, Hoffa “was as big as Elvis. In the ’60s, he was like the Beatles. Next to the president, he was like the most powerful man in the country.” Hoffa becomes more and more entangled with mobsters, allowing them to borrow large sums of cash from the Teamsters’ pension fund to build casinos in Las Vegas and finance other projects.
In 1958, Hoffa is questioned by Robert F. Kennedy, then chief counsel of the Senate Labor Rackets Committee, at a public hearing about organized crime. Three years later, the newly elected president John Kennedy appoints his brother as attorney general and the latter organizes a “Get Hoffa” squad of prosecutors and investigators. This concerted effort eventually results in Hoffa’s conviction in 1964—in two separate cases—on jury tampering charges and fraud. Hoffa begins serving his sentence in 1967.
After four years and nine months in prison, Hoffa is pardoned by President Richard Nixon in December 1971. The government adds the restriction that he not run for the presidency of the Teamsters again. Hoffa nonetheless begins to campaign for the post, angering the mobsters with public accusations about his replacement Frank Fitzsimmons’ having sold the union out “to his underworld pals.” Hoffa declares, “The mob controls him, which means it controls our pension fund.” Despite warnings, Hoffa keeps up the demagogic attacks, as well as his megalomaniacal claims, “This is my union!”
In the end, Sheeran reluctantly agrees to participate in getting rid of Hoffa. The latter is never seen again.
The Irishman should end at this point, but it doesn’t, dragging on interminably. Sheeran attempts to reconnect with his estranged daughter Peggy (Anna Paquin), who has abandoned him because of his mob dealings. We watch the elderly Sheeran collapse in his home and be placed in a retirement home. Does Scorsese stage these latter scenes because he recognizes that Sheeran is not an attractive figure and thus a good deal of effort is required to make him seem human and sympathetic before the credits roll?
The one serious opportunity to make something of Sheeran comes early in the film when the De Niro character recounts to Bufalino/Pesci that he spent four years in World War II, including a staggering 411 days in combat. He also describes shooting unarmed and defenseless German prisoners. The picture of brutality in the imperialist slaughterhouse goes a long way toward explaining his and other Mafia soldiers’ indifference to killing and suffering in the postwar era, but Scorsese drops the matter almost as soon as he raises it. Such historical and social concreteness is not his métier.
In any event, there is considerable question as to whether the claims Sheeran made in 1972 to Charles Brandt, the author of I Heard You Paint Houses, about shooting Crazy Joe Gallo—a New York crime figure—and Hoffa, for example, are true. Various journalists, police and FBI officials emphatically reject Sheeran’s confession, although they concede he may have been involved in Hoffa’s killing in some fashion. There is no corroborating evidence to back up the gangster’s extravagant, deathbed contentions.
It seems irresponsible for the filmmakers to have staked so much on such relatively flimsy evidence. But this seems in keeping with Scorsese’s generally cavalier attitude toward historical truth. (One should remember that his Gangs of New York, which passed itself off as incisive socio-cultural history, was based on a collection of tall tales.)
Asked by an interviewer from Entertainment Weekly as to whether he believed “that what you have [in the movie] is what really happened,” Scorsese replied, “No. I don’t really care about that. What would happen if we knew exactly how the JFK assassination was worked out? What does it do? It gives us a couple of good articles, a couple of movies and people talking about [it] at dinner parties. The point is, it’s not about the facts. It’s the world [the characters are] in, the way they behave. It’s about [a character] stuck in a certain situation.”
In fact, if, for instance, official or unofficial CIA involvement in the Kennedy assassination were to be established, it would have a devastating impact on American public opinion.
More significantly, Scorsese has never been drawn to presenting actual history. He has his sights set on “higher” things, mythicized history, the working out under varied circumstances of his particular and unchanging concerns—guilt and redemption, “human evil,” criminality, male friendships, loyalty and betrayal, etc.
The director has done little to add to the public’s knowledge about Jimmy Hoffa or the degeneration of the American labor movement. Pacino’s performance is a collection of physical and vocal mannerisms, apparently uninformed by any study of the Teamsters leader’s history or the meaning of his career.
Hoffa (born in 1913 in Brazil, Indiana), a staunch trade union militant in Detroit from an early age, was trained in union organizing in the 1930s by socialists Farrell Dobbs and the Dunne brothers, members of the Trotskyist movement and leaders of Teamsters Local 544 in Minneapolis. Local 544 spearheaded the organization of the successful general strike in 1934, which, in turn, led to the rapid growth of the Teamsters among long-haul truckers in the Midwest.
In 1941, on the eve of World War II, Teamsters President Dan Tobin set about the destruction of the Trotskyist leadership of Local 544. As the Socialist Workers Party’s leader James P. Cannon explained in his 1947 article, “The Mad Dog of the Labor Movement,” when the rank and file revolted against Tobin’s effort to put the local under receivership, the latter “called the federal cops through his friend President Roosevelt, and simply had the leaders [of the local] thrown into prison.”
Cannon continued, “At the same time, a horde of Tobin’s gangsters [headed by Hoffa], armed with blackjacks and baseball bats, were turned loose on the trucking districts with the open connivance of the city police.”
Hoffa, in his 1970 autobiography, paid tribute to Dobbs as the “the master architect of the Teamsters’ over-the-road operations,” “a crackerjack organizer” and “a brilliant strategist.” However, Hoffa went on, he never had any “patience” with either the Communist Party “or with the Trotskyites of the SWP.” He continued: “Both were Marxist; neither believed in a free-enterprise system; both failed to see that workers who leave the enslavement of capitalistic czars for the enslavement of state-appointed czars are no better off and, in fact, lose great economic and social values in the transition … To me, all communists are nuts.”
In the final analysis, Hoffa’s relationship with the mob was a long-term function of his rejection of socialist politics and embrace of the profit system. His gross opportunism and the moral degeneration bound up with it also cost him his life. In The Irishman, Hoffa simply comes across as irritatingly churlish and stubborn. The viewer is almost encouraged to root for his giving in to Bufalino and company—after all, it will obviously save his life and there doesn’t seem to be any principled reason why he shouldn’t go along with the mobsters.
Critics have more than once commented on Scorsese’s fixation with thugs. The Hollywood Reporter recently took note of the “real-life inspirations” for The Irishman’s “film stars:” Sheeran, an alleged hitman; Bufalino, who hid “a vast domain of criminal activity behind his curtain business;” loan shark and racketeer Felix “Skinny Razor” DiTullio (Bobby Cannavale); Sicilian-American mobster Angelo Bruno (Harvey Keitel); Anthony “Tony Pro” Provenzano (Stephen Graham), a captain in the Genovese crime family and a Teamsters official; Anthony “Fat Tony” Salerno (Domenick Lombardozzi), a New York mobster; and Joseph “Crazy Joe” Gallo (Sebastian Maniscalco), a gangster and part of the Profaci crime family.
Each of these characters, as much as it is within The Irishman ’s power and scope, is given individual and even loving attention. Murderers and psychopaths in many cases, some of whose actions have more than a hint of medieval savagery about them, the foulest and most backward members of society, they are given far more depth and pathos than they possibly deserve.
But what about the Teamsters members themselves? The only scenes in which they are included are ones where Hoffa addresses meetings of drivers (assuming that some of the audience members are drivers and not union officials), who applaud and cheer him on like mindless automatons. No truck driver is singled out for dramatic treatment, only gangsters.
Many scenes in The Irishman are dramatically pointless. Characters argue at length about when it is considered rude to be late or wear shorts to a meeting, etc. This “comic” banality juxtaposed with savage violence (à la Quentin Tarantino) rapidly wears thin. In fact, the banter becomes almost unendurable at a certain point, in part because the lowlife characters themselves and their concerns are not interesting to begin with.
In the narration that opens Scorsese’s Goodfellas, mobster Henry Hill (Ray Liotta) explains, “As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster. To me, being a gangster was better than being president of the United States … To me, it meant being somebody, in a neighborhood full of nobodies. They weren’t like anybody else. They did whatever they wanted. They parked in front of hydrants and never got a ticket. When they played cards all night, nobody ever called the cops.”
This unsavory, juvenile fantasy, which the real-life Hill realized, apparently holds some appeal for Scorsese himself. The filmmaker seems fascinated, like many petty-bourgeois intellectuals, with “strong men,” men with guns or clubs in their hands able to do “whatever they want.” It may not be his intention, but he has, over the course of a number of films, “romanticized the Mafia thug and turned him into a peculiar variety of American folk hero,” as the WSWS argued in a review of Scorsese’s The Aviator in 2005.
Decades in which the “nobodies,” i.e., the working class majority of the population, have been politically, socially and economically suppressed and excluded—thanks in good measure to the suffocating role played by the type of pro-“free-enterprise” trade unionism championed by Hoffa—have had their impact on Scorsese and other artists. They see the active or energetic element in society, malevolent or otherwise, as lying elsewhere. Scorsese’s work reflects these difficulties (or rather wallows in them) without making sense of or grasping their logic. Throughout his career, the director has accepted uncritically and superficially the immediate, retrogressive reality, now in the process of breaking up, as a given.
In recent comments, Scorsese, who has done important work as a producer, curator and preserver of films, has spoken out against large budget, blockbuster films based on comic books. In a New York Times opinion piece in early November, Scorsese repeated a remark he had made to an interviewer in October, to the effect that “Marvel [Comics] movies … seem to me to be closer to theme parks than they are to movies as I’ve known and loved them throughout my life.” He added that, “in the end, I don’t think they’re cinema.”
Scorsese noted further that “for the filmmakers I came to love and respect, for my friends who started making movies around the same time that I did, cinema was about revelation—aesthetic, emotional and spiritual revelation. It was about characters—the complexity of people and their contradictory and sometimes paradoxical natures, the way they can hurt one another and love one another and suddenly come face to face with themselves.”
Scorsese’s criticisms of contemporary Hollywood and the emptiness of its superhero products are entirely appropriate. However, his own efforts, unhappily, do not represent a genuine alternative, but rather the other side of the same deeply unsatisfactory coin. Important “revelations” are all too few and far between in his films, and the director’s conception of the “complexity of people” extends only to a very limited and debased social layer.
If You Like Joe Biden, You'll Love Scorsese's "The Irishman" - by James Delingpole (The Spectator) 7 Dec 2019
According to Nielsen Media’s ratings service, 17 million people watched ‘at least a few minutes’ of Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman on Netflix over its first weekend. Impressive. Rather less impressive, I’m guessing, is the proportion who actually made it to the end of this excruciating ordeal of an embarrassment of a movie. If it was even close to 50 percent, I’d be surprised. Some critics are saying its Scorsese’s best since Goodfellas. Don’t believe the hype. Though it reunites arguably the all time greatest trio of mob movie actors — Joe Pesci, Robert de Niro and Al Pacino — it’s not the performances you notice, but their age. De Niro is 76, Pacino 79 and Pesci 76. Yet they are playing characters who, for much of the film, are supposed to be half that age. In theory this shouldn’t be a problem. A massive chunk of the movie’s eye-wateringly vast budget — $200 million, allegedly, making it by far Scorsese’s most expensive movie — went on pioneering ‘de-aging’ CGI technology. Perhaps it’s too late for Netflix to ask for their money back. Seriously, they’ve been sold a pup.
At first, it’s like an annoying noise in your hotel bedroom that’s keeping you awake: you try to shut it out and pretend it’s not happening. ‘Oh great!’ you think. ‘Classic Scorsese tracking shot. Just like in Casino and Goodfellas and The Wolf of Wall Street’, as the camera tracks through a bustling nursing home before settling on the solitary, very elderly chair-bound figure of — yay! — Robert De Niro.
But while de Niro can more than convincingly pull off ‘Ninetysomething geriatric in chair’, he’s rather less persuasive as ‘Young GI at Anzio’, ‘Driver of a freezer truck in the 1950s’ and ‘Angry dad beating up the proprietor of a grocery store who has disrespected his pubescent daughter’. As de Niro creakily puts the boot in, you’re more worried that the exertion is going to give him a heart attack than you are about the fate of his victim.
Later, having joined the Mob as a hitman, de Niro’s character Frank ‘The Irishman’ Sheehan, becomes the loyal confidant of Teamsters Union boss Jimmy Hoffa, even to the point of sharing hotel bedrooms with him. There’s a scene where the two men are in their pajamas, having some kind of meaningful dialogue which I’m sure was meant to have you thinking ‘This is another of those Heat-style masterclasses’, but which, I’m afraid, just had me going, ‘Ew! Old guys in pajamas. Please, God, don’t let their fly buttons accidentally fall open.’
I hated responding in this way. I’m getting older myself. I want to live in a world where the work keeps rolling in for us wrinklies and we never have to retire. But as Helen Mirren demonstrated so ably in Catherine the Great, there’s nothing dignified or life-affirming about mutton dressing as lamb; well, not until the CGI technology gets a lot, lot better at disguising it, anyway.
What bothers me is that this may be yet another, hideous, politically correct trend that the world of woke luvviedom is seeking to impose on us, whether we like it or not. To teach us not to be racist, we now routinely see black actors inserted anachronistically into period dramas. To force us to celebrate gay/transgendedisability empowerment we’re now told that such parts can no longer be played by straight/cis/able-bodied actors (even though, you might think, that playing characters who aren’t you is kind of the whole point of acting). Now, to ensure that we’re not ageist, we have to sit through three-and-a-half-hour-long Scorsese movies, feigning not to notice that the parade of virile, macho hard-drinking mobsters and their molls look more like refugees from The Walking Dead.
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What's happening around town (Wed, Jul 17th - Tue, Jul 23rd)

Oklahoma City's event list.


Wednesday, Jul 17th

  • 🍴 Anthem Drown Night! (HiLo Club - Oklahoma City) Our local friends at Anthem Brewing Co. have some great beers! Every Wednesday night from 9pm to close enjoy $8 Drown Night! Their Power Pils will be flowing!
  • 🎓 Botanical Balance FREE Yoga (Myriad Botanical Gardens - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 5:45pm Botanical Balance FREE YOGA presented by Fowler Toyota, sponsored by Tinker Federal Credit Union and Stephenson Cancer Center Tuesdays, 5:45 pm and Saturdays, 8 am Check in at the Visitor Center and find out location which changes depending on the season Instructors provided by This Land Yoga Bring a mat, water, and an “open mind”…
  • 🍴 Dope Poetry Night (ICE Event Center - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 7:30pm Every Wednesday night at the Ice Event Center Sports Bar and Grill located at the heart of Oklahoma City! Sign ups begin at 7pm and show begins at 7:30pmish. Free Admission! Free vendor set up! Bar Restaurant
  • Edmond Fire Department: Skin Care (Edmond Senior Center - Edmond) Start Time: 10:00am Sergeant Jesse Benne, Edmond Fire Department, will discuss ways to keep your skin protected from the summer sun.
  • 😂 Gabriel Rutledge (Loony Bin Comedy Club - Oklahoma City) Thru Sat, Jul 20th
  • I the Mighty in Concert (89th Street Collective - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 7:00pm Hear I the Mighty deliver their signature blend of progressive rock through the 89th Street speakers. Head to this…
  • Kids Take Over The Cowboy – Daily Fun for Kids (National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum - Oklahoma City) Thru Fri, Jul 19th Start Time: 10:00am There’s never a bad time to bring your kids to The Cowboy, but July is especially packed with activities that will keep your little ones busy for hours while keeping everyone in the cool indoors. Kids-Only Secret Messages Exploring the Museum has never been more fun! Each kid gets a decoder spy glass which will allow them to “decode”…
  • 🏆 OKC Energy FC vs. Reno 1868 FC (Taft Stadium - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:00pm Experience the excitement of major league soccer in Oklahoma as the Oklahoma City Energy Football Club takes on Reno 1868 FC…
  • SINGO Wednesdays (Lower Bricktown - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 6:30pm Beat the midweek hump with the new bar game that everyone is talking about! SINGO is a new and exciting musical spin on the traditional game of Bingo. Instead of listening for a number, players are listening to their favorite music. Enjoy 1/2 price domestic drafts & discounted appetizers! Plus we will be giving prizes each night to the winners.…
  • 🎨 SONIC Summer Movies (Myriad Botanical Gardens - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 9:00pm Stay tuned for our 2019 line-up!
  • 🎨 SONIC Summer Movies: Wonder (Myriad Botanical Gardens - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:00pm SONIC Summer Movies Wednesday, June 19 – July 24 Devon Lawn and Bandshell 8pm Pre-show festivities; 9pm Movie begins \u202fFREE Thanks to SONIC! SONIC Summer Movies at Myriad Botanical Gardens, a much-loved summer tradition is back. Activities, food and lots of fun returns each Wednesday, July 5 to July 26, on the Great Lawn. Thanks to SONIC…
  • 🎓 Summer Drama Workshop I (University of Central Oklahoma - Edmond) Thru Fri, Jul 19th Start Time: 9:00am Join us for a week of fun! Two tracks available: Youth (ages 7-12) and Teen (Ages 13-18). July 15-19 from 9 am to 5 pm. (Drop off begins at 8:30 am and...
  • 🏆 Summer Nights (Rose State College - Midwest City) Start Time: 6:00pm
  • 🎨 Summer Signature Tour (Western Heritage Museum - Oklahoma City) Thru Fri, Jul 19th Start Time: 1:00pm
  • Weekly Walkups: Reading Wednesdays (Myriad Botanical Gardens - Oklahoma City) Weekly Walkups June 24 – August 9, Monday – Friday, 10am – Noon Children’s Garden Porch Drop-in activities; $2 suggested donation per child Come to the Children’s Garden for some fun activities that explore the world of plants. Groups of 10 or more please contact Lily Christman, at 405-445-5162, for more information about group…
  • Zumbini (Guthrie Library - Guthrie) Start Time: 10:30am

Thursday, Jul 18th

  • $13 Thursdays (Andy Alligator's Fun Park & Water Park - Norman) Start Time: 11:00am Craving fun? We’ve got you covered! Tickets to Andy Alligator’s Water Park are just $13 per person on Thursdays for a limited time. Save up to $7 per person and cool off with a family fun trip to the Water Park!
    Tickets must be purchased at the park. Not available online.
  • 🏃 Arcadia Splash-N-Dash Aquathlon (Spring Creek Park, Arcadia Lake - Edmond) part of the Tri-OKC Splash n Dash Series. Splash-n Dash, or 'Aquathlon' is a swim followed by a run in one exciting sport. This event is ideal for beginners and people who are new to multipart.
  • 🎭 The Comedy Magic & Mentalism of Max Krause 13+ (Max's Magic Theatre - OKC - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 9:15pm 13+ Ages
  • 😂 Gabriel Rutledge (Loony Bin Comedy Club - Oklahoma City) Thru Sat, Jul 20th
  • Kids Take Over The Cowboy – Daily Fun for Kids (National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum - Oklahoma City) 1 day left Start Time: 10:00am There’s never a bad time to bring your kids to The Cowboy, but July is especially packed with activities that will keep your little ones busy for hours while keeping everyone in the cool indoors. Kids-Only Secret Messages Exploring the Museum has never been more fun! Each kid gets a decoder spy glass which will allow them to “decode”…
  • Kyle Dillingham & Horseshoe Road (University of Central Oklahoma - Edmond) Start Time: 7:00pm
  • 🎨 Love's Third Thursday (Oklahoma City Museum of Art - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 5:00pm Love's Third Thursdays are special, creating the perfect opportunity to mingle at the Museum with friends, experience something new, and enjoy the Museum’s latest exhibitions. From 5 to 9 pm, enjoy late night access to the Museum with new activities and experiences planned for each month. During the summer months, enjoy a cocktail on the…
  • Once Upon A Mattress (Mitch Park Amphitheatre - Edmond) Thru Sat, Jul 20th Come to the Mitch Park Amphitheatre in Edmond for a twist on the classic story of the princess and the pea. In "Once…
  • Read the West Book Club: The Virginian: A Horseman of the Plains (Western Heritage Museum - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 6:00pm
  • Saloon Series (Western Heritage Museum - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 6:00pm
  • 🎓 Oklahoma City Small Business & Tech Meetup (Vast - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 6:30pm Are you a business ownemanager? Entrepreneur? Consultant or software developer? This event is for you! Join us at our next event in Oklahoma City and learn how business management software can help your company cut costs, boost sales, and increase business efficiency. Come join us for an evening of presentations, demos, networking, and drinks…
  • 🎓 Summer Drama Workshop I (University of Central Oklahoma - Edmond) 1 day left Start Time: 9:00am Join us for a week of fun! Two tracks available: Youth (ages 7-12) and Teen (Ages 13-18). July 15-19 from 9 am to 5 pm. (Drop off begins at 8:30 am and...
  • 🎨 Summer Signature Tour (Western Heritage Museum - Oklahoma City) 1 day left Start Time: 1:00pm
  • Summer Sizzler (UCO Jazz Lab - Edmond) Start Time: 7:00pm Hideaway Pizza, a cool drink and the sizzlin' tunes of Kyle Dillingham & Horseshoe Road...what a great way to celebrate summer! It may be hot outside,...
  • Weekly Walkups: Think Green Thursdays (Myriad Botanical Gardens - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 10:00am Weekly Walkups June 24 – August 9, Monday – Friday, 10am – Noon Children’s Garden Porch Drop-in activities; $2 suggested donation per child Come to the Children’s Garden for some fun activities that explore the world of plants. Groups of 10 or more please contact Lily Christman, at 405-445-5162, for more information about group…

Friday, Jul 19th

  • 3rd Friday Block pARTy (Downtown - Shawnee) Come join the fun at Shawnee's Downtown Block Party in Celebration of Life park located in historic downtown Shawnee.…
  • 🏆 ATSC: OK x Bells & Whistles Showdown (Remington Park - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 2:00pm
  • 🏆 Cielo Azul v San Antonio Missions (Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark - Oklahoma City) Thru Sun, Jul 21st Start Time: 7:05pm As part of MiLBs Copa de la Diversion, the Dodgers will take the field as Cielo Azul de Oklahoma City and take on Flying Chanclas de San Antonio!
  • Day Care/ Day Camp Summer Break Specials (Western Heritage Museum - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 10:00am Visit the National Cowboy Museum for a fun, interactive experience with your children’s group. Select one of the following programs or choose a self-directed tour. Animals in Art engages children pre-K through second grade in tracking different animals in art and exploring their habitats with the help of verbal cues, animal tracks and fur.…
  • Edible Soil Geology (Myriad Botanical Gardens - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 10:00am Friday, July 19, 10-11:30am The Garden Classroom Member $7; Nonmember $9 Molly Yunker and Stacey Evans, Oklahoma Geological Survey Best for ages 7 to 11 Register by Monday, July 15 REGISTER HERE Learn about the layers of dirt, rock, plants and creatures below your garden as we create our own mini edible landscape. We’ll build each layer as we…
  • 🎓 Free Zumba (Guthrie Library - Guthrie) Start Time: 5:00pm
  • 😂 Gabriel Rutledge (Loony Bin Comedy Club - Oklahoma City) 1 day left
  • Hank Williams Jr. (Firelake Arena - Shawnee) Start Time: 2:00pm IT'S A FULL DAY OF HANK, JULY 19TH! Hank Williams Jr. parties hard at FireLake Arena, July 19th! COME PARTY WITH BOCEPHUS! Doors open at 6:30pm / Show...
  • Hank Williams Jr. (Firelake Arena - Shawnee) Start Time: 6:30pm IT'S A FULL DAY OF HANK, JULY 19TH! Hank Williams Jr. parties hard at FireLake Arena, July 19th! COME PARTY WITH BOCEPHUS! Hank FM Tailgate Party - July 19 Pre-game at the 99.7 Hank FM Tailgate Party starting at 2pm on July 19th! Enjoy live music, good eats, and a rocking start to a full day of Hank! Party starts at 2pm and runs through Hank…
  • 🎭 The Ivy/Smokey Motel/Mad Honey (Opolis Prod - Norman) Start Time: 8:00pm
  • Khalid in Concert (Chesapeake Energy Arena - Oklahoma City) Khalid is bringing his Free Spirit World Tour to the Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma City. This up-and-coming…
  • Khalid Free Spirit World Tour (Chesapeake Energy Arena - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 7:30pm
  • Khalid Meet & Greet Upgrade Package (TICKET NOT INCLUDED) (Chesapeake Energy Arena - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 7:30pm This Meet & Greet VIP upgrade package does not include a ticket to the show. You must already have purchased a ticket if you want to purchase this package. This package does not include a ticket.
  • Kids Take Over The Cowboy – Daily Fun for Kids (National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum - Oklahoma City) Last Day Start Time: 10:00am There’s never a bad time to bring your kids to The Cowboy, but July is especially packed with activities that will keep your little ones busy for hours while keeping everyone in the cool indoors. Kids-Only Secret Messages Exploring the Museum has never been more fun! Each kid gets a decoder spy glass which will allow them to “decode”…
  • 🎡 Looking For Something? (The Blue Door - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:00pm Slaid Cleaves spins stories with a novelist's eye and a poet's heart. Twenty years into his career, the celebrated songwriter's Still Fighting the War spotlights an artist in peak form. Cleaves' seamless new collection delivers vivid snapshots as wildly cinematic as they are carefully chiseled. Dress William Faulkner with faded jeans and a worn…
  • Mike Hosty (Legacy Park - Norman) Start Time: 8:00pm
  • Mike Ryan | OKC (Diamond Ballroom - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:30pm
  • Once Upon A Mattress (Mitch Park Amphitheatre - Edmond) 1 day left Come to the Mitch Park Amphitheatre in Edmond for a twist on the classic story of the princess and the pea. In "Once…
  • Portugal the Man (The Criterion - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:00pm
  • 🎭 The Return of The Golden Girls (The Boom - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:00pm
  • Rod Hamdallah (Blue Note - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 9:00pm
  • RV Parking for Hank Williams Jr. (Firelake Arena - Shawnee) Start Time: 1:00pm IT'S A FULL DAY OF HANK, JULY 19TH! Hank Williams Jr. parties hard at FireLake Arena, July 19th! COME PARTY WITH BOCEPHUS! Hank FM Tailgate Party - July 19 Pre-game at the 99.7 Hank FM Tailgate Party starting at 2pm on July 19th! Enjoy live music, good eats, and a rocking start to a full day of Hank! - Party starts at 2pm and runs through Hank…
  • Slaid Cleaves (The Blue Door - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:00pm
  • Oklahoma City Summer Bead & Jewelry Show (Oklahoma State Fair Park - Oklahoma City) Thru Sun, Jul 21st The Oklahoma City Summer Bead & Jewelry Show is eagerly anticipated by thousands of area residents as a premier showcase…
  • 🎓 Summer Drama Workshop I (University of Central Oklahoma - Edmond) Last Day Start Time: 9:00am Join us for a week of fun! Two tracks available: Youth (ages 7-12) and Teen (Ages 13-18). July 15-19 from 9 am to 5 pm. (Drop off begins at 8:30 am and...
  • 🎨 Summer Signature Tour (Western Heritage Museum - Oklahoma City) Last Day Start Time: 1:00pm
  • Weekly Walkups: Find It Friday (Myriad Botanical Gardens - Oklahoma City) Weekly Walkups June 24 – August 9, Monday – Friday, 10am – Noon Children’s Garden Porch Drop-in activities; $2 suggested donation per child Come to the Children’s Garden for some fun activities that explore the world of plants. Groups of 10 or more please contact Lily Christman, at 405-445-5162, for more information about group…
  • Wheeler Summer Music Series (Oklahoma City) Gather under the Wheeler Ferris Wheel lights as local bands take the stage this summer in Oklahoma City. Make plans to…

Saturday, Jul 20th

  • BrickUniverse LEGO Fan Convention (Cox Convention Center - Oklahoma City) Day 1 of 2 Release your inner builder at BrickUniverse LEGO Fan Convention in Oklahoma City, the ultimate LEGO lover's paradise…
  • Chow Down (45th Infantry Division Memorial Park - Kingfisher) Attend the Chow Down in the Park food truck event for an afternoon spent exploring Hennessey. Head to Memorial Park on Main…
  • 🏆 Cielo Azul v San Antonio Missions (Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark - Oklahoma City) 1 day left Start Time: 7:05pm As part of MiLBs Copa de la Diversion, the Dodgers will take the field as Cielo Azul de Oklahoma City and take on Flying Chanclas de San Antonio!
  • Daughtry in Concert (Starlight Amphitheater @ Frontier City - Oklahoma City) Spend the day splashing in the Renegade Rapids or screaming on the Silver Bullet at Frontier City Theme Park before relaxing…
  • Fort Reno Historic Spirit Tour (Historic Fort Reno - El Reno) At dusk you will tour the historic district at the former and once abandoned military post by lantern light hear of the…
  • 😂 Gabriel Rutledge (Loony Bin Comedy Club - Oklahoma City) Last Day
  • Heard on Hurd (Edmond) On the third Saturday of each month, downtown Edmond hosts a pop-up community celebration called Heard on Hurd. Walk through…
  • Horror Con (Oklahoma State Fair Park - Oklahoma City) Calling all goblins, ghouls and ghosts - gather at Oklahoma State Fair Park for a gloriously spooky weekend at…
  • Once Upon A Mattress (Mitch Park Amphitheatre - Edmond) Last Day Come to the Mitch Park Amphitheatre in Edmond for a twist on the classic story of the princess and the pea. In "Once…
  • Robert Earl Keen in Concert (Riverwind Casino - Norman) Travel to Norman to hear the award-winning voice of Robert Earl Keen at Riverwind Casino. Houston native Robert Earl…
  • Oklahoma City Summer Bead & Jewelry Show (Oklahoma State Fair Park - Oklahoma City) 1 day left The Oklahoma City Summer Bead & Jewelry Show is eagerly anticipated by thousands of area residents as a premier showcase…

Sunday, Jul 21st

  • 🏆 BIG3 (Chesapeake Energy Arena - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 1:00pm
  • BrickUniverse LEGO Fan Convention (Cox Convention Center - Oklahoma City) Day 2 of 2 Release your inner builder at BrickUniverse LEGO Fan Convention in Oklahoma City, the ultimate LEGO lover's paradise…
  • 🏆 Cielo Azul v San Antonio Missions (Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark - Oklahoma City) Last Day Start Time: 7:05pm As part of MiLBs Copa de la Diversion, the Dodgers will take the field as Cielo Azul de Oklahoma City and take on Flying Chanclas de San Antonio!
  • Oklahoma City Summer Bead & Jewelry Show (Oklahoma State Fair Park - Oklahoma City) Last Day The Oklahoma City Summer Bead & Jewelry Show is eagerly anticipated by thousands of area residents as a premier showcase…
  • Sunday Twilight Concert Series (Myriad Botanical Gardens - Oklahoma City) Bring a lawn chair, a picnic and the whole family to the Sunday Twilight Concert Series on the Myriad Botanical…
  • Youth National Arabian & Half-Arabian Championship Horse Show (Oklahoma State Fair Park - Oklahoma City) Thru Sat, Jul 27th

Monday, Jul 22nd

Tuesday, Jul 23rd

  • Titanic (Civic Center Music Hall - Oklahoma City) Thru Sun, Jul 28th Watch the story of 1912 come alive as Lyric Theatre presents: Titanic. This Tony Award-winning musical will feature a 100+…
  • Titanic By Lyric Theatre (Civic Center Music Hall - Oklahoma City) Thru Sun, Jul 28th Start Time: 1:00pm
  • Wheeler Criterium (Oklahoma City) Once the weather starts warming up, gather your crew and head south of the Oklahoma River for the Wheeler Criterium each and…
  • Youth National Arabian & Half-Arabian Championship Horse Show (Oklahoma State Fair Park - Oklahoma City) Thru Sat, Jul 27th

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HAWAIIAN THEME BIRTHDAY PARTY! - YouTube Casino Party Decoration Ideas  DIY Casino Party ... Rakhi outfit ideas under 1200 final  Dresscode Ideas For Teej Theme Kitty Party Steh auf - YouTube Dress Code Events present... 1950's Rock 'n' Roll Party ... Casino Royale - Poker Scene [HD Clip] - YouTube Holiday Party Dresses Lookbook  Mimi Ikonn - YouTube GTA Online: The Diamond Casino & Resort - YouTube What to wear to a Havana Cuban theme Party or Salsa Party ... Casino Royale Opening original - YouTube

Casino Themed Party Dress. Ladies, if you’re wondering what to wear to casino night, read on. You can make a casino theme dress easily with items from your wardrobe. Grab your little black dress. If you have one with gold or silver embellishments, even better. If you want a little more glam, go for a floor-length dress or skirt. Otherwise, one that skims the knees is great. You don’t have ... Casino. Casino theme kitty parties are a fun way to gamble without losing money (instead you could use fake currency notes). Dress Code. Dress in black, white and red colours. Invitation Ideas. You can send invites with “Poker night” written in gold with a black backdrop, or a game card pasted on a chart paper cut-out with the details written in it. Venue Decoration. The venue should be ... Check the casino’s website to see if they have a dress code, which will help you decide what would be appropriate to wear. For example, the casino may have a black tie policy or have a vintage feel. You could also ask the other people in your party what they plan to wear so you can pick an outfit that fits in. For a black tie evening out, wear your most formal clothes, such as a tuxedo with ... A Casino Royale casino theme party lets you recreate James Bond’s famous casino scenes. This is a party with class! Your guests are all dressed to the nines, chandeliers light up the room, and a bartender mixes drinks behind an old oak bar. Waiters make rounds of the room to offer champagne and canapes. Maybe you’ve even invited your frenemies for some 007-style scandal and intrigue! The truth is, most modern casinos are casual places and as long you’re just on the general casino floor, there really isn’t a dress code. However, if you’re entering the VIP section of the casino or an area with a dress code, you will be required to dress a bit more glitzy. There are three basic rules for dressing for gambling and you’ll never be dress inappropriately if you follow ... Casino & Vegas Theme. Red and gold cloth drapes: Giant playing cards, dice, large glittery dollar signs and dollar bills, casino sign, cacti and palm trees, giant palm leaves gold Roman pillars, gambling signs. Go wild for your Vegas themed party, and hire a party planner to make it cool and trendy! There is so much scope here for décor inspiration from slot machines to chips and dollar signs ... Nov 25, 2015 - Finding a perfect casino party outfit . See more ideas about casino dress, casino dress code, casino. Casino Theme Ideas. You may have decided that you want a casino theme, but you still might have decided on what kind of casino theme you want to go for.After all, there are different sorts of casinos (throughout modern times as well as history) and gambling itself is such a broad term that it helps to narrow it down. Bring Vegas to your guests with affordable casino rental packages. Our Casino Party Rentals have classics tables such as roulette wheels, roulette table, craps tables, poker tables, blackjack tables, slot machines, let it ride table, 3 Card Poker Table. We service NY NJ CT LI Call 516-867-1000 Jan 30, 2019 - Explore India Byers's board "Casino theme parties", followed by 185 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about casino theme parties, casino theme, casino.

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Experience Excellence. The Diamond Casino & Resort opens for your enjoyment in the heart of Los Santos this Tuesday, July 23rd.The massive construction proje... About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators ... Provided to YouTube by Universal Music GroupSteh auf · Capital BraCB6℗ Distributed by URBAN; ℗ 2019 Bra MusikReleased on: 2019-04-12Producer: LucryStudio Pe... Hello DIY Queens! Looking for DIY Party Ideas? This DIY Casino theme Centerpiece, and Decorations are going to look amazing at your Casino Theme Party. Item... #RakhiOutfitIdeas #FashionFilesWithShiwangi #BudgetFashionIdeas Here are my four outfits for Rakhi and Teej under 1200. Three of them are from Myntra and one is from Amazon. I normally don't buy ... An evening of swirling petticoats, Elvis quiffs & original rock 'n' roll tunes by John Kerridge of Pulp Friction at The Mill in Salisbury - What an amazing n... New vlogs Monday, Wednesday, Friday and a weekend! SUBSCRIBE and click on the notification bell for new vlog updates: http://goo.gl/q1EwWz Join me on Insta... Hi my beautiful friends! Help me decide which dress I should keep for the Holiday season parties! Let me know in the comments which one of these five dresses... Casino Royale (2006) In this video, Bianca Ornelas shops throughout Victoria Gardens in Rancho Cucamonga California. She looks for an outfit to wear to a "Havana Night" Cuban the...